Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Xmas Shop

Christmas Shopping  
    Poem by Jim Yerman

This year getting in the Christmas spirit might have seemed a little quirky
As some people headed out to shop before finishing Thanksgiving turkey.

Stores tried luring in customers, (it’s a strategy that worked, I must say) .
By extending Black Friday from Thursday morning until well into Saturday.

Perhaps they didn’t understand to our initial confusion and eventual laughter
That Friday cannot start the day before itself or extend till the day after.

I know they did this to spawn interest and generate humongous lines
I wonder if it’s the same concept as happy hour from 5 to 9?

Why I even saw a story about a woman who missed Thanksgiving not because she was poor
Or stranded in an because she was camped out in front of a store!

She decided giving up time with her family, enjoying the turkey, the togetherness, the quaff
Was worth it if she could buy Christmas presents at 50 to 70 percent off!

The doors spring open and the crowd rushes in, hordes of people determined not to fail
The biggest drawback to their success...there are only 5 Big Screen TV’s up for sale.

So they elbow one another aside, they push and they shove and deceive
In order to share some Christmas spirit...with their family on Christmas Eve.

We stand in awe as these Christmas shoppers attack, they kick, they hit and they bite
We’re not witnessing a Christmas miracle, we’re ringside at a Christmas fight.

I imagine those who won the fight for the TV’s (after all isn’t that what Christmas is all about?)
Can go home, plug them in and watch reruns on the news of one another duking it out.

Why, there are even reports of people shooting each other in the stores and out on the street
Who would have thought besides your purse or your wallet you need to be packing heat!

I harbor a false hope every year that this fighting will come to a stop
When they realize their children are watching and they’re teaching them how to shop.

I hope these people are church goers because as this Christmas season begins
If they can’t rationalize their behavior...they can at least be forgiven for their sins.

And if you think this Christmas embarrassment is the worst one you’ve ever seen
Just wait till Black Friday welcomes in next Christmas season...the day after Halloween.

Jim Yerman

Poem Hunter


Lee said...

I will never understand the panic and greed so many display over shopping. I don't understand it...and it disgusts me. They're an embarrassment.

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas, Adullamite. I hope your Christmas is filled with happiness, love, goodwill (and perhaps a nip or two of Scotch)! Enjoy your day whatever way you chose to spend it. Take wishes. :)

Jenny Woolf said...

Just don't mention Black Friday to me. Just a celebration of greed. But christmas has a wonderful message and I hope you will have a good, peaceful and happy one!

Kay G. said...

Last year when I was shopping at a local store just before Christmas, two women began yelling at each other quite loudly. Everyone was very startled but no one did or said anything. I spoke up, PEACE ON EARTH, MAN, PEACE ON EARTH." and then, walked away.
Don't know if it did any good but I didn't hear any more yelling. (They could have been wrestling on the ground very quietly for all I know!) And with that lovely image,I will leave you and wish you a happy Christmas! :-)

Adullamite said...

Lee, Thank you, I hope your day today is a good one!

Jenny, Thank you, the message to you is 'all the best!'

Kay, Kay, Well done you! Smart thinking and it clearly worked. However in our High Street you were needed tonight! Ha!