Tuesday, 30 April 2019


It is textile time again and the lassies have been working hard at their exhibition.  I saw it for the first time today in between forcing holes in card for the kids next week.  Lucky for us it was a quiet day, the exhibition opened on Saturday and many women came along leaving it quiet for us.  

The picture cannot capture this long work but I thought it the best on show.  The marshes captured with cloth and paint.  I did not check the price but I did admire it.  Some of these girls are very good indeed. 

Not sure if this is intended to represent an actual place, I did not have time to read the blurb, but I thought it very clever, and large about 5 foot across. 

And I spoke to this one twice this morning!

The fact that life has returned to me in many ways is something I am very grateful for.  I still have odd bits hanging around but I am now exercising badly again and feeling guilty about the bad food I have shoved down my gullet.  Time to eat healthily...once that treacle tart that fell into my basket in Tesco today has been dealt with...
The sun shines, the weather will be better for a while, and things look up in the world.  Well apart from the usual floods in Africa, war in Central and South America, corruption in high places and Nigel Farage running another money making scam this time called 'Brexit Party.  Would you buy a used car off this man? 
The local elections soon and we have the usual Muppets appearing plus one or two others and too follow we will soon have EU elections, another money making few months for Farage with little change for us.  Hopefully there is change and even the Brexiteers fail to respond.  
In the meantime there is football....


Sunday, 28 April 2019

Otherwise Occupied...

I may have made a mistake.
The other day I scrutinised the games still to be played and splashed out £30 on a 'Now TV' 'Sky Sports Pass.'  This enables me to see Sky Football coverage on the laptop.  Now as I also have BTS for Scottish football this enabled me to view more than the occasional match.  
Since then I have viewed quite a few.
Yesterday I watched three games and did almost nothing else.
Today I escaped from church a wee bit earlier than I wished, cadged a lift from a young woman and arrived home in time for the Edinburgh derby at 12:15.  This was better than last weeks wimpish offering and questions must be asked why Hibs players are so well liked by referees.  But I'm not one to complain...
After this, while preparing a burnt offering which may be with me for ever, I watched a bit of Burnley v Manchester City, this was disappointing after the proper football from Easter Road and soon I turned on to the Rangers v Aberdeen game where another showing of Glasgow Rangers bias enabled the blue bigots to win by two penalties to none.  Mr Defoe must wonder what he has to do to be sent off!  He not only handled the ball twice he also clouted the goalie and then feigned injury. The ref did not see a blatant assault ten yards ahead of him!
What is more is for the first time I realised that the referee, Don Robertson, is in fact now a FIFA registered ref.  Apart from a friendship with Jim Fleming who heads up Scots refs how on earth did this man get to that level? 
I then caught the second half of the rather poor English offering, Manchester United v Chelsea, a somewhat meaningless game after the first one I had watched.  This contained little emotion and less football but a lot more money.
I considered watching the MLS game from the US after this but wondered if maybe I was becoming hooked on this SKY lark?  As I look around I note lots of empty and half empty cough bottles, rubbish lying around, papers unread, mail unopened, dishes unwashed.  Could it be I need to switch off for a while?  
Surely not... 


Thursday, 25 April 2019

Thursday Tattle

Last night I sauntered out to attend a church AGM type meeting.  You expect such meetings to be endless but this one went through with no complaints, no objections, few queries and satisfaction all round.  This does not always occur in such meetings, some churches have great debates and arguments, we are just doing very well at the moment.  Well led, well behaved and all, mostly, pulling in the same direction.  
The late night sky reminded me of the Edinburgh sky in late autumn, that sky is never quite black and dawn arises before the blue has disappeared.  That is one thing I miss from Edinburgh.  The rain which is more constant I miss not.  I was happy walking back last night as I was feeling so much better than I have for months.  Who knows I might even get fit and get back on the bike soon(ish).

On this day in 1599 as you know Oliver Cromwell came into the world.  He became famous as a war leader and imitation king some time later.  His attempt to amend the nation was well intentioned in some ways however you cannot run a nation by dictatorship as when you die this collapses and folks run back to the lowest common denominator.  You cannot remove one despotic king and replace him with your despotic self unless the whole nation benefits, sadly Oliver failed there.  He might be more popular today if he could take over...
On this day also in 1719 'Robinson Crusoe' was published.  Daniel Defoe operated as a spy for the English government and while he sneaked his way about Scotland he came upon the tale of Alexander Selkirk a young lad who ran away to sea from Wemyss on the Fife coast and good riddance to him said the populace.  He had been a bit of a brat so at 12 he boarded ship and by the time he was 21 he had been dumped alone on a deserted island in the pacific.  I think it took three years before another ship rescued him.  He returned home but was never the same after this.
ANZACs: on this day also the ANZACs, the Australian and New Zealand troops of the 29th Division landed on the Gallipoli peninsula.  Their actions there over the rest of the year is lauded as the beginning of Australia and also New Zealand as an independent nation, and rightly so.  Today Australia commemorates ANZAC Day to remember their men.
On this day also in 2012 the Scots hamlet of 'Dull' was paired with a town in Oregon called 'Boring.'  This appeals to me as that sounds like a hamlet or small town that suits me perfectly.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Tuesday Trawl Through the Day...

The deep intellectual depth that I trawl at the museum is revealed in this picture.  Hour after hour I sat and poked first one small sharp object through a hole, rested, then poked a second, larger, object through the same hole.  The card was piled high in the morning and by noon I was considering enough holes had been poked by me.  
This is for the kids next week, they, bless their little heads, will be poking wool through the holes to create some art that mum will rejoice in receiving, to be placed beside the art made during the holidays slowly dismembering itself on the shelf.  Mum will be pleased and somehow this will teach lids about woollen mills, silk mills, and making clothes from wool or other material.  Textiles will be all the rage for the next month or so, woopee!
At least there was sympathy for my sickness of recent days, the cough remains yet, I was met with cries of "Wimp!" Or "We women suffer and carry on..." and "Where's my Easter Egg?"  A woman's heart...

The world continues to offer news to please, for instance Donald Trump and his 'State visit.'  Already the fans have begun making their 'Go Home Trump' banners, riot police have taken up training for his protection, and parliamentarians (on the alt-right) are ready to receive him willingly.  The people would say take him and don't come back.  Trump will also insult the people of Scotland by visiting one of his failing golf courses, the banner 'Bolt ya Rocket' has already been noticed nearby one of them, and there is no doubt his few days walking in front of the queen, spilling his MacDonald's on her tablecloths and making blunders will fill the pages of the media for a day or two before we return to the Brexit debacle.  Quite who the Prime Minister meeting him will be we as yet do not know.

Today is 'St George's Day' and all over England people are ignoring it.  All that is bar the Brexiteers who are desperate to pretend they have a nation.  I passed a pub, a rather down at heel type of place, with four Engerland flags hanging outside, the bedraggled regulars quenched their thirst with lager (the louts drink) with little understanding of St George or indeed the other nations he represents.  Reading the 'Daily Star' and drinking cheap lager is enough to prove they are English, what else is required.  Those that can spell X will vote soon on a local council election, those at least that remember that is.  They have reason to be proud these English, four English sides made it to the semi finals of the European Cup this year, some even had English players in their squad, although in truth only about seven of these actually played.  

The sun shone over Easter and the photos prove it.  Blue sky, bright flowers and today as I went out into the gray sky and chilly wind I wished such scenes remained with us.  Typical Spring weather, hot one day cold the next.  It never fails to amaze me how many men wander abroad in T-shirts and shorts on days such as this, they saw the sun yesterday and consider it will be warm today, if the sun is shining and a wind chill of minus four is blowing they will claim it is warm.  They can have my virus for a month if they wish, that will cure them.

I was intrigued by those middle class lads and lassies having fun blocking London's main streets while grumbling about the environment.  Many moved off to Hyde Park where they had a cannabis protest also and smoked pot for a day or two.  The environment protesters might have noticed the plastic bottles littering the park afterwards had they not been occupied elsewhere.  
Will this protest which took place while Parliament is closed make any difference?  No.  Those who met MP's or other interested parties will soon understand how double faced and uncaring they are. Nothing will change because the kiddies had a party, just Londoners hating them and their kind as usual.

Over 300 dead in the Sri Lankan outrage, one woman killed by the 'Real IRA' in Londonderry and an apology for this offered by the killers, and much outrage in the media.  At least the media that thought these events worth noting not so much those who put TV celebs first.  It does appear Islamic types were responsible for the Sri Lanka outrage, the quality of equipment owes much to ISIS skill, and this is a worrying but not unexpected introduction to the ISIS strategy from now on.  The latest IRA types are as always known to everyone yet allowed to continue their fight, bomb and gun and terrify the locals is always their way.  Will it work?  No, neither ISIS or any IRA will win this way but they will continue to find those weak enough to join them.


Sunday, 21 April 2019

Easter 2019

The Easter eggs have for the most part gone the way of all chocolate.  The unbelieving public have eaten themselves sick, travelled to family elsewhere, visited the zoo, museums, old houses, parks and gardens, or sat by the sea while turning lobster red.  
The faithful gathered en masse (but not en masse in evangelical circles) to give thanks and worship and distribute eggs.... at least I gave away a few Cadbury's cream eggs to the little hooligans, none of whom refused.  Neither did the women when offered bar one who is banned from eating them by the doctor.  I will have that one later.
Easter was not observed after Jesus died, it does appear to have been around in some places by the end of the first century as I read somewhere John mentions this as to be observed at the Jewish passover.  It was certainly around by the mid second century.
Christians ought to celebrate this daily, not annually.
I note the government has taken time of from Brexit to support Jeremy Hunt's attempt at being Prime minister to protect Christians worldwide.  Jeremy, who as health secretary attempted to privatise the NHS by the back door, has been touring the world recently talking to the main world leaders and has mentioned such problems as Christians suffering persecution with many of them, not the Chinese or Indians as far as I can see however.  I wonder why?  
With the news of over 200 people Christians and tourists being killed in Sri Lanka by suicide bombers Theresa May has spoken of her feelings on the issue.  It is clear the Conservatives are attempting to get back the church vote they have lost over the years.  Quite how they will do this while Brexit is trundling along and they have given us austerity leading to an ever increasing use of Food banks throughout the land is not clear.  It would be terrible if some preacher was to read the Book of Amos to Theresa while she is in church being photographed by the media.  She might get a shock.
Easter is over, although it is not over, Christ is risen and is moving in his world, speak to him tonight, he might surprise you...

Friday, 19 April 2019

Good Friday

'Good Friday' reflects the UK as it is today, folks are either on holiday or shopping!  In the past most would take the day off, today most shops are open, the museum also, and many football matches have taken place.  One or two items re Easter have appeared on the BBC but in very BBC style of course.
Many are enjoying the warmth that has returned for a few days.  Outside the sky is pale blue, the blossoms flourish on tress and greedy birds desperate for forage race around as the breeding season is in full bloom also.  Men dispense with jackets, girls with almost everything and others have crushed their way to the seaside in long lines of cars or busy railways.  Most will travel back in similar fashion.  Why they do this I fail to understand.
I merely ensured I was able to take my remaining cough to St P's this after noon for the 'Hour at the Cross' meditation.  The vicar was praying i would be healthy enough as she had given me a portion to read!  Now I have read this as ordered I suspect the praying will cease and the sickness return!
It is several weeks since I walked that far and I feel it now.  Made worse as too few vehicles are around as many are away so offers of lifts were non existent.
How I suffer!
The weather is warm, the wind light, the knees upset.  
Nothing changes bar the weather.
This meant I lazily made use of a Pizza I had in the freezer, cheaper than 'Pizza Huts,' and fills a large space. 

One BBC offering is David Suchet with 'In the Steps of St Peter.'  This two part programme traced Peter's life from the Sea of Galilee to Rome.  Apart from being too slanted a Roman Catholic offering it was not that bad a programme.  Some points were clearly either wrong or er, misunderstood, but overall it must have been great for him to explore these places and make the programmes.  Hard work at times but fun also.  
One noticeable BBC aspect was the number of women involved.  Almost every 'expert' good and bad, was female,  I suspect when fishing in the Lake the director was upset he had to use a boat full of men rather than one run by women.  For the BBC this was not bad an effort and I quite enjoyed it, especially the bots I could indicate were erroneous!  Great fun.
There is also a programme shown this morning that I missed featuring a large black woman and a male discussing 'Britain's Music Traditions.'  Much more BBC in appearance but I ave not yet watched this and will do so later.  
I am listening to Radio 4's 'Witness: Behind Luke's Story,' with Ernie Rea and the first 15 minute programme, from 2007, was quite good and I have hope for the rest.  Radio 3 has of course relevant music today and Sunday and the Essay has had a few interesting 15 minute programmes also.  So pagan BBC has been reasonably successful so far, not as it ought to be but better than it has been in the past.  
However tonight I will be seeking out BBC Scotland channel for Ayr United v Ross County, life must go on...

Thursday, 18 April 2019


It is policy of Royal mail to deliver three items of junk mail to each and every house throughout the land.  This annoys some, pleases those who send them and irks badly the postie who has to carry 500 or so on top of all the other mail.  They do get a few pence for them, not as much as they did once, RM cut the payment to the postie while the useless union agreed.  It could be worse however, some time back they wanted the postman to carry 9 of these each week, increasing the weight in his sack three fold and adding about an extra half hour a day sorting the junk.  That at least failed.  
Here I have some regulars, the pizza advert being the most popular through the door and one of the worst to deliver.  Small 'Pizza Hut' pizza's start at around £10 -£15. I buy mine for £1 in Tesco.  Who bys these at that price, and how often do they bring them in?  Now I like a pizza now and again, though the nurse insists I don't, but I wonder how many folks laziness make use of home delivered pizzas rather than eating food?  Remember we also have 'Domino's' down the road and other smaller pizza outlets.  Now I like the idea of food delivered to the door, not that I like the price mind, but a cheap Tesco one suits me.  Clearly these leaflets work well when selling pizzas as everybody is dropping them weekly through our door.  
'Specsavers' is another regular one.  Clearly this company is doing well as every three months or so a wee mag drops in cheerfully advertising hugely expensive glasses while the girl is always disappointed when I go as I always plead pensioner poverty and go for the cheapest.  The girls are usually too young to know what that means!  This one I don't mind as I have to go sometime, I ought to go this year, and while today it features nothing relevant you never know.
'Sky' meanwhile are offering me a saving off £150 if I use their mobile.  The mobile on offer is one of those nice Chinese ones, 'Huawei,' you know the people who invest in your technology and pass all your secrets back to Beijing?  Well done 'Sky' that's just what I want, well I might if I had some friends to make phone calls to, which I haven't  so I will save a great deal more by recycling this one.
The beer club might be more popular however.  This one offers a free case off trendy beers, 8 in the case plus magazine and snack, and if you join the club you get the same, with differing beers each month for a mere £24 a go!  Hold on, if I buy in Tesco I get 8 beers for about £14 depending on what I buy.  Why pay more for 8 different drinks in which 6 might be rubbish?  Some might be tempted.  This reminds me of a man I once worked with, he belonged to the 'Whisky a Month club.'  He was so into this that when a friend looked after his house while he and the wife were on holiday (in far off Scotland visiting distilleries) she reported the place awash with bottles.  Each contained some whisky at different levels but they lay about all over the place.  I was not surprised to see him recently as he recovered from what looked like a stroke, I suggest I know a reason for this.    
From a business point of view these leaflets are worth it.  Deliver to 10,000 houses and depending on what you sell you will get enough business to make money.  Continue for ever there after and your business will grow or at least it will if you provide a good service.  Leaflets, junk mail, work!  You and I might dump them but most folks look through them before they are recycled.  That way one will eventually catch the eye and money is spent.  There after the leaflets continue.
My recycling bag likes them...

Tuesday, 16 April 2019


I found it quite strangely hurtful to watch Notre Dame burn yesterday.  Strange as I have never been there but I suppose it was because of the long history of the building and the billion euro's it will cost to repair.  All that history lost in a few moments.
Already both the men renovating the building and a variety of Muslim groups have been unofficially blamed for starting the fire, the source of the blame having no evidence for any blame at any time naturally.  Far too early for anyone to know the reason for the fire although firemen will have quickly worked out where it began and possibly how.  We await the first evidence led report.  This however will not stop alt-right groups blaming Islamic types and if evidence shows otherwise cries of 'whitewash' will follow.
The loss of such buildings brings a variety of reactions, not least from the media who love such disasters.  Those 24 hour rolling news station have much to talk about, and repeat endlessly, all day and all night while waxing lyrical about the findings thereof.  There has been sentimental guff flowing from many sides, much desire to see the 'Crown of Thorns' made safe alongside other treasures from the museum.  Whether the thorns are indeed genuine I know not, if they are I would burn them before people worship them rather than Jesus.  One report emphasised the image of the golden cross above the altar gleaming in the mirk as the firemen posed at the door.  This was given heroic status while at the same time ignoring the real meaning of the cross, that would not sell to the public in the same manner.  
I like and dislike such buildings.  As interesting places to visit they are great, as history they tell us a great deal, especially when you follow the timeline down the years.  However rarely are such places real churches!  Ecclesiastical types who end up running these large buildings often have less interest in God than in ecclesiastical position.  Bishops can indeed know their God but too many are so far from them they ought to be deposed.  Such buildings are more heritage than Christian and a glance at the material sold in the church bookstall usually reveals where the church leaders stand. 
I have been round Westminster Abbey, a marvellous building with many national hero's and kings buried therein but is it a church or a national institution?  Durham Cathedral, where I had a short visit in the 90's is a tremendous sight, the columns just reach up into the heights and give a strange impression when you stare up at them.  If only I had a camera then?  Durham also contains the tomb of Bede the historian and Cuthbert the monk.  Both are worth visiting but are they true churches?  I doubt it.  In the 80's the new Bishop of Durham made clear he did not believe in most biblical doctrines, the Virgin Birth was one given much publicity at the time, yet he was appointed because of his academic talents.  This tells us much.     

Like many Abbey's, cathedrals and churches in the UK this one reaches back probably to a Gaulish pagan site which over the years has had a small church erected upon it, as here a larger then even larger building is erected until in the 1100's this great Cathedral was begun.  This would be dedicated no doubt to the glory of God but in truth such buildings are reflections of power, the Norman's rebuilt wooden Saxon churches in stone for this reason and vast stone cathedrals arose to impress upon the natives that they were the boss.  Most natives would of course be impressed yet their lives would change little, sow, reap and suffer was always their lot.  
As you know during 1185 Heraclius of Jerusalem called for the third crusade from the cathedral, and in 1481 Henry VI of England was crowned King of France here.  Happier news in 1537 James V. King of Scots married Madeline of France while in 1558 Mary, Queen of Scots married the Dauphin, that turned out well.  In 1804 Napoleon had himself crowned emperor by Pope Pius VII though I believe he took the crown and laid it upon his own head.  1831 the Victor Hugo novel about the hunchback was published creating a great interest in the building and leading to restoration work.  This would have included the bells had he stopped swinging on them. 
The vast number of people, clerics, congregation or workers who have passed through the building always impress me.  Some came for God, some obediently, many in desperation, many in anger.  The building has been the target of reformers and extremists with bombs, it has fans worldwide and cynics there also.  The poorest in France will wonder at the millions to be spent on a building while they continue to live as they do.  This building has seen many such societal differences!

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Sunday Suffering

It's bee a rotten few days so far.  The problem with the line was fixed but now the laptop is running slow.  Speed ought to be around 50-60 and is as low as 2 at one point.  Today I have it at 10.  There is a routine to go through and I will do this once the football is over but it is a drag.
I have run all the scans from Avast to check things are not hindered by bugs,  that took hours late last night, and all is clear, the switch off and on routine and search BT is next.  At least the laptop is clear of bad boys.  
On top of this my wee cough was improving and suddenly turned nasty again, much more bronchial than before and meant I have not gone out.  This is worse than before and they wanted me to do two readings later in the week.  They had better pray well to see if this will clear up in time, it is not good, why me I cry while being grateful I do not suffer what others suffer. 

Good news however in that the Heart of Midlothian have reached yet another cup final.  This I was able to enjoy via the laptop yesterday.  How lovely to see the victory, how lovely to see goals for our side.  Sadly however Aberdeen today threw away the game v Celtic and lost, not only by having two men sent off for violent conduct but also having the manager and the assistant manager sent off for things said to officials.  I did not see this game, a thing called 'Premier Sports' has arisen to make money out of Old Firm games and I refuse to be conned by yet another money making scam!
So we look to the end of May when we meet the green bigots in yet another cup final.  We have played them three times in this game, winning twice, and look forward to the great day.

I see that nice Mr Farage has risen to oppose the 'establishment' again.  He has created the 'Brexit Party' to do this, a party including the CEO's of several large businesses and the sister of Jacob Rees-Mogg who has deserted the Conservative Party and boasts of being a mother for eight  years.  She failed to mention the nanny she pinched from Jacob or the private schools however.  So the elite are lining up to fight the er, establishment!
I see a problem here.
This of course is just Farage wanting to get into the EU house again and line his pockets, nothing more.  A cash cow stares him in the face, he will never get into Parliament and the money is his aim.  Add that to what he has made from Brexit and it is no wonder he can afford to smoke.
His new party has nothing to do with UKIP being accused of some £300,000 worth of illegal data being used during the 2016 referendum?  Clearly Farage would know nothing about this?  It would be trying if he and others, such as Boris and Michael, were to be drawn into something uncool would it not?
I await developments.

Friday, 12 April 2019

My BT Problem, Rugby Problems

This contained my BT problem.  This little box and the wire connected to it prevented me from receiving calls from people offering me tax refunds, changing bank accounts and allowing me to buy anti-virus supported by Microsoft.  All this, plus one or two nuisance calls - the family - because one wire was frayed and required replacing.
The new building next door has been awaiting connection to the mainline for some time but nothing could happen until the new telegraph pole (telegraph, what's that?) was installed.  That occurred Sunday and today the BT Outreach man arrived to plug them in.  Last night my great nephew contacted me via facebook, he is now an outreach engineer and he checked the line confirming a fault.  How he did this from near Edinburgh I did not ask as technology is beyond me.
Today I mentioned the fault to the engineer, made an online fault report, and almost immediately everything went dead!
You canny say they are not fast!
Within a short while all returned including the dead phone.
The men had installed the new line next door, found the corrupted wire, replaced this with new wire and all is well.  All in a mornings work.  Well done Outreach.
The internet and the football it contains, sorry I mean contact with friends and family it contains is important.  My life is lived through the web these days.  For instance when it went dead I had just found on Twitter a new relevant to the museum site concerning this area, the web is great for that.
So many good things but while it was down I was so lost I almost cleaned the fridge!
How sad can one get?
Of course now all is well I am not using the phone until tomorrow, when it is free for an hour...

Discrimination is rife in the world of Rugby Union Football.  One Australian player made a, somewhat rough, statement regarding the end for gays, atheists, liars, drunks and others when they die and meet Christ Jesus, reject the offer of life in Christ Jesus and Hell awaits.  This was a simple biblical statement certainly made in a 'straightforward' manner and has naturally brought upon his head the opposition of the gay lobby and the politically correct fear of the rugby authorities who do not wish anyone to attack them.  Israel Folau an Australian  rugby union international may well lose his position as the nations most important player because of his opinion.  In the rush to be seen as innocent of all charges his own team bosses are 'making enquiries' as to the matter.  I short washing their hands Pilate like.  Rugby is a man's game, especially in Australia, what a shame so few men lead the organisation running it and appear to be in charge of his own club.  
Folau has made it clear he will oppose any attempt to fire him from his rugby international contract, quite rightly, and we must now wait and see if the brave men running the game there will stand up for him and his right to free speech or run from the gay lobby and dump him.  
In England, Billy Vunipola, another rugby playing Christian, has defended Folau's right to speak.  He too now finds himself up before the authorities for offering biblical truth to the world led by the gay lobby that would reject truth.
We now live in a world in which biblical truth is pushed aside for 'political correctness,' that is the social pressure led by the gay lobby forcing the people to accept their demand to be accepted as they are, though no Christian has not done so, and bullying anyone, especially Christians who continue to point out God's views on the subject.  We are corralled into accepting their opinion and afraid to speak out against it.  Hitler's Germany had a similar approach to opposition.

What is the biblical view?
All men and women are born sinners, no-one will be saved on the day we face Christ Jesus, not one!
Therefore as we are totally lost God himself came down to earth in human form, lived some 30 years or so on earth facing the same problems we face, never sinned and gave up his own life after being hounded, arrested, beaten, ridiculed, scourged, and crucified, always offering forgiveness to his enemies, and dying on the cross as the price to pay for our, yours and mine, sin.  Our nature put him on the cross, only a perfect man can stand and none exist, Jesus, fully man and fully God took our punishment, was separated from his father, and the Father from him, so you and I could have an opportunity of salvation.
On the third day he rose again, he being sinless could not remain there, our sin could.
When he rose he offered 'repentance' the chance to change our ways and follow him and receive forgiveness and then by his grace the Holy Spirit who will lead us into a new life.  His life is hard but in the end glorious.  Even now it has its moments.  Nothing compares with knowing Christ Jesus, the living God!
Those who ignore or reject this offer then stand alone before God on that day that comes to us all, only their perfection will enable them to stand, and none are perfect.  One sin rejects us, how many have you?    
The chance of a new life is available, Folau and Vinipola have found this life and will suffer for it, all Christians do.  One day God will receive them through Jesus sacrifice, they wish all others, gays, drunks, liars, even politicians, to be save also, we have one life let us make the correct choice.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Wednesday Waffle

This delight was awaiting me as I came home the other day.  Only the Tories and Labour bother with our house.  Clearly they do not know the people within.  It was the phrase 'Conservative Action' that grabbed my attention.  With three years of Brexit inaction, Theresa going back and forth on her knees and the ERG knifing one another in the back there appears to be either no 'action' or too much of the wrong type of 'action' within the Conservative Party.
This area is of course very much a Tory stronghold and always has been, the 'Daily Express' sells well to people in big houses who ought to know better as well as to the 'Working Class Tory' who clearly doesn't!  UKIP made a big mark a few years ago and the people returned to the Tory vote only after an anti-EU showing, many here are not upset with them and with the MP seeking his fortune by keeping in (successfully) with the big names and ignoring his constituents his large majority will soon take a beating.  The upset voter may not bother to vote in this local election, too few do anyway, and with feelings high there is a possibility changes might occur.  
This however may fail as it is impossible to discover any information regarding the few who have put their names down as candidates.  These Tories and the usual losing Labour types apart we know nothing about the independents, it appears 'social media' is beyond them, the 'Green' candidate I have discovered works in some form of environmental work but otherwise nothing, even their very poor website did not mention him!  I say we must vote however with such a choice and such small minded voters it appears the 'democratic' election is going to be a farce.  
Funny how those who don't vote do complain mind.

I was sitting here idly watching some rubbish on the laptop when I realised I had one of these flea things chomping away at my hand.  Where did he come from?  No pets in here, I have not ventured out, so where did this brown beastie come from?  Indeed where did he go?  I flicked him away and ought to have killed him but I am now wondering where he is hiding, I may meet him again, he will not find fodder anywhere else in here.  How exciting, I have never been bitten by fleas before and now I have the chance to obtain Bubonic Plague, how historically interesting!  But stupid!


Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Busy Day.

Over four hundred kids plus mums came through the museum today, over 400!
One of the trails involves the younger ones seeking five different pictures each with a tray of sticky labels to attach to sheet. The stickies had disappeared!  This meant finding the sheets of new ones and cutting them up, but there were too few, someone had forgotten to order them.  Panic cutting while the crowds came in.  Mums pushing pushchairs, childminders with a tribe of tots, Grans and Granddads being hauled along by sweet angelic children, they said, all crowding in while I cut the sheets and attempted to fill the trays while the kids were cheerfully emptying them quicker than I could cut them.
The other trails required pencils, so mums took pencils for all kids, including those who could not write,meaning we had run out of them soon enough.  Someone sought pencils, sharpened others found in strange places (how do kids get them in there?) and one women began to moan in a manner that could have resulted in cynical remarks had she been near me, luckily she was not in my area.  
The exotic animals, snakes, frogs and things were on show but the crowd had to wait and the queue came back into the centre of the museum.  The kids did well while waiting, especially as I kept ploughing through them to fill wee trays with stickies while others went from one event to another.
Just after noon it began to quieten down.  Lunch helped lessen the flow.  
Another decent event, much fun with the kids, they were happy, the mums were happy and the staff exhausted.  Still that is what keeps us going...

Monday, 8 April 2019


I saw a lot of this on Sunday.  I chose to walk home from church, having rejected the offer of a lift as I needed the exercise.  Naturally the rain started soon after and I was fair drookit by the time I got home.  This mood was not eased when shortly after shovelling what passed for lunch down my throat the internet went!
This of course is a disaster, for one I was watching German football and for another it keeps falling out.  On the occasions it returns I find I have had a fault cleared but it keeps coming back, the phone line is also dead and they (that is BT) claim I have an 'Open Fault' while claiming service in my area is OK.  I will therefore have to spend time going through the system to check my end to find it is their end, but will things work?
I did try yesterday to check but this killed the internet for hours as I am wary of intervening until tomorrow or later when I can spend time shouting at it.  It is probably this end but I fail to see how.  The phone matters not as I only use it at weekends and rarely do I get calls but from scammers.  So that can wait but the web must stay alive or I have to actually meet people!  That will never do!

Tonight I must rest, tomorrow is museum day with the Easter holidays upon us.  This means the attraction of parrots and other 'exotic' creatures will bring in hundreds of little ones and bring us to our knees by lunchtime.  I may be back by Wednesday...

Thursday, 4 April 2019

History in Film

The year is 1902and this short film taken outside St James Church, Hull, is full of interest.
The year 1902 saw the end of the Second Boer War and the British Army adopt Khaki Serge instead of Red Coats, Vladimir Lenin was spending a year at the British Museum reading room, a man named Harry Jackson was convicted this year on fingerprint evidence, the first man to be caught this way.  During that year the Royal Navy introduced its first submarine HMS 'Holland,' a device some thought ungentlemanly,  then too Arthur Balfour became Prime Minister for a short while, his education act enabled local councils to build and run schools while Elgar's 'Land of Hope and Glory' had its pompous premier.  That year saw Hibernian win the Scottish Cup and failed to win it again for 114 years, and the Ibrox disaster occurred when wooden planking gave way and 25 were killed falling through the gap with over 500 injured.  A new King was crowned at much expence, Edward VII became monarch after many years of waiting but I suspect he did not give up his many other women just because of the job.  The citizens of Hull would have flown flags and banners, decorated the buildings and had a party to celebrate this great event, and drink a great deal I expect. 
This appears to be a well populated church with those from all classes in attendance.  In 1902 people dressed in their best for church and it is clear many here have the funds to dress well.  Many 'top hats' sit on heads, only the higher classes wore these while the middle class managers wore bowlers or similar.  Note how long it took all those to dress in the morning!  Service at 10 or 11 must have meant getting up at least three hours beforehand for the women.  Just think of the fuss in the morning as they struggled to get ready.  
Vast numbers of children tumble out, all as obedient as kids today I note, each one desperate to be in front of the camera.  Again it appears they are very middle class but behave as all young ones do.  I wonder how many were to read Kipling's 'Just So' stories that year or possibly E Nesbit's 'Five Children and It.' 
Almost all the men wear waistcoats with watch chain showing, some carry sticks, useful in rough areas, but all also wear those itchy 'Long Johns' and 'Granddad' vests as well as shirt, tie, jacket and overcoat!  How comfortable in the sunshine was that?  Most also had moustaches or beards, the 'Gillette Safety Razor' had only recently seen the patent application applied for and would not arrive for four more years.  Some say it was his success in supplying troops during the Great War that saw these razors become standard, most men in the picture would have used an open blade while shaving, hence the beards!  
Would these upright people have read Arnold Bennett's 'Anna of the Five Towns,' or Sherlock Holmes adventure 'The Hound of the Baskervilles?' 
The church was full but how many were there because of social convention?  How many were true believers?  Social pressure ensured full churches and the teaching, if good, affected the way society behaved.  The churches were less full after the Great War when faith was tested to the nth degree.
The church itself was demolished in the 1950's.
How interesting to look at people who no longer exist!  I wonder if they ever saw the film of themselves, what did they make of this new contraption that captured you on film moving about?  The young ones were all interested at the novelty, some old ones clearly disapproved of being filmed, was there a fascination with the wonderful new inventions that kept arriving in those days?  Did they see the future of the world as a glorious experience?  Could they imagine it all going wrong a few years later?    

The Blurb on YouTube is this:-
Gy Jones.
This is a congregation leaving St. James Church in Hull, England in 1902. A rare view right into the turn of the century (most of the films from this time are in extremely murky condition). Set at a natural speed with some added sound ambience to give it the feel of a looking through a time machine. The film is from the Mitchell and Kenyon collection.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Tired Tuesday

You may not have noticed but as far as I can make out the Brexit thing is still ongoing.  As I write the PM, someone called May, has locked her cabinet in Downing Street, removing their phones, shoelaces, belts, sharp objects and not allowing them to contact a lawyer while she decides what they are thinking.  It appears that the PM might make an appearance soon, late enough to avoid the 6 O'clock news, so fewer people notice it, then she will tell the world what her cabinet has decided and how wonderful it is to be 'Strong and Stable' and that she intends to reign as sovereign for life.   
This may not be good.

'Breaking!  The 'Daily Mail' has a new headline.  "Theresa May says Brexit will be delayed AGAIN after epic nine-hour Cabinet stand-off as she promises talks with Jeremy Corbyn on joint plan for final UK-EU relationship."

More bull this time involving Corbyn.  So a 6, 7, 8, 9 hour cabinet meeting (depending which paper you read) leads to nothing.  I am surprised. 

Elsewhere other MPs are resigning from cabinet, Parties or the local coffee shop as the caffeine is not helping them keep calm while in the House.  Instead they have turned to the House bars where cheap booze helps them sleep.  
In the real world murder, rape, theft, speeding cars, divorcing/marrying celebs/royals fill the gutter press and help most of the population ignore what is happening in No 10.  I suppose some people prefer celebs to reality, I understand there are also an increasing number of royal stalkers, the ones who follow the royals and whom the police have decided are just a little over the top.  I suspect most who follow royals or empty celebs are a wee bit over the top myself.
Being over the top in normal in our liberal society, a society in which we make up the rules as we go along and in the end have nothing but a glorious mess.  One result is the violence offered, through social media, by those who disagree with you!
I read this in the 'Scotsman.'   "Joan McAlpine, who chairs the Holyrood committee which is scrutinising the Census Bill for the 2021 census, has been called a “transphobe”, “trash” and told to “f*** off” for raising concerns around the deficiencies in the way the consultation was carried out around planned changes to the sex question, which was being conflated with gender identity."
Nothing new these days in such a response.
The whole 'gender' issue is such that we are not allowed an opinion today instead we must accept what 'they' decide is normal.  Add to this politicians rush to accept every daftie in the world to show they are on their side leaves us with a law, written and unwritten, that is impossible for many to accept, for lawyers and police to implement and one that will bring many decent people into trouble.  The SNP member is one such.   
Christians must state clearly we are born male and female, there is no other!  It is not possible to be born in the wrong body as science has proved and those who believe they have been, if they really believe this, require help nit justification.  However it is difficult to state this publicly as situations as seen above result.  Lobby groups composed of such people insist we must obey and threaten violence, very similar to Brexiteers placing items on rail lines offering to disrupt society as seen today. 
Where does this hate come from?
The loss of Christina values, often feeble taught but generally accepted to some extent, the liberal approach that says 'if it feels good do it,' and an attitude that no-one can tell you what to do becomes the norm.  Confusion and disaster is the norm.
Oh and climate change is happening also, sleep well....