Monday, 2 August 2021

Clever Dog and Unclever Media

To be a Police Dog these days you need good training, good food, a good handler and an ability to spot a devious, untrustworthy individual at one hundred yards.  Here we see an example of such a dog operating at close quarters.  
Priti Patel is looking on wondering if she can have the dog deported, he is after all an 'Alsatian,' or if you prefer, and she does not, 'German Shepherd,' therefore from the EU, and so clearly foreign, not English and must be removed. 
I would much prefer if the handler just let go..
Looking for interesting news is difficult today, there is none available.  The once 'left of centre' and Labour Party paper the 'Daily Mirror,' is now, according to the badly updated online service, not a place for news.  Today we are offered bribes for young folks to take 'the jab,' 'Love Island rocked by juiceiest episode...' varieties of sick people and their pains, celebs and their broken lives and a pub selling beer in 'two pint' glasses.  Nothing that could be called 'news,' nothing but 'soft news' to appeal to the public.  What you could call 'Bread & Circus' stuff.  
With such a corrupt and incompetent government why does the 'Mirror' of all papers not lead on said corruption?  Where are the items showing Boris and his cabal up for what they are?  Why is such news not considered worth chasing?  Has the 'Mirror' forgotten the readers, or does it instead pander to the readers unwillingness to face the facts about Boris and wish just to survive?
The opportunity to create a proper newspaper at the 'Daily Express' has been missed.  Instead of turning the 'Express' into a newspaper the company, now called 'Reach,' has spent much time slashing the number of staff, reporters and all else.  The idea of turning both papers into anti-Tory papers has not been taken, losses continue, income falls, what a waste of an opportunity.  Or can it be the media that attacks this incompetent government will not survive?  What then does that say of the reading public?

Saturday, 31 July 2021

Saturday Delight


Saturday, a day of rest for many, of shopping for others.  
I managed to avoid the crowds by joining the crowds yesterday when the bread ran out.  This was a mistake.  Still, it would be worse today.  I fail to comprehend people who always shop on a Saturday when it is busy.  Surely they can find another time?  These big stores are open till 8 in the evening, five days a week, sometimes they open till nine or later!  How come everyone arrives at the same time on Saturday?  

However, proper football begins tonight, in the meantime we have the Blue bigots playing Livingstone. This was a poor game, especially as the blue bigots won.
This will have to do until later, whem we begin against the Green bigots.  8 pm on a Saturday night?  What a strange time to play football, some of the younger players may enter the field holding their phones and Lager bottles by mistake.
That church in the picture has been there for at least 800 years, possibly longer.  The pub, or a pub, has stood on that spot since at least the Saxons I reckon.  A building nearby has a beam that was dated to 1392 I think the man said. This is because this was the road from London to Norwich, and at Bury St Edmunds lay St Edmunds, so a popular pilgrimage route began, and money was taken...
So, at the ridiculous time of 8 pm we 'entertained' Celtic in the opening game of the new league season.  While it is true they are not at their best, neither are we, indeed that showed in the first half.  However, after taking the lead, we allowed them back in.  Tsk!  Still, improving in the 2nd half and after losing an undeserved equaliser we changed the shape and finished them off with a great John Soutar header a minute from time.  Add to that two saves in the Jim Cruickshank mould in the last minute of added time from captain Craig Gordon and the job was complete.  Heart of Midlothian win by two goals to one and it ought to have been more.  Even the ref was quite good for a change!

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

First LIne of Defence

During 1941 Adolf Hitler considered crossing the channel and invading the UK.  Operation Sea Lion was prepared.  He had not succeeded with the Luftwaffe attacks in the 'Battle of Britain,' he was very wary of the Royal Navy that patrolled the coast, and was well aware of the defences onshore.  Pill boxes, barbed wire, anti-landing craft devices, and pools of oil deliberately set alight awaited his men.  However, on noticing a long line of desks spaced out along each beachead he understood that the landing could not go ahead.  On each desk was placed a formidable Doctor's Receptionist, and the head of Germany realised nothing he possessed could get past one of those!
Today, I attempted to get past one of those.
At the end of the queue, attended late morning when the crowd had dispersed.
I waited.  
One by one patients were slapped down into place.  
Eventually I got to the window.  
I say window because under Covid we stand outside in all weathers and talk though a window to the Stasi representitive inside.  No consideration given regarding the weather.  
I enquired about the 'Shingles Jab' on offer to those pver er, 32, and also regarding seeing the nurse.  I was given a time, exact time, that afternoon for the jab and my questions ignored.  Regarding the nurse I was told "Phone up at 8 am in the morning to book."  The fact that 50 others will be doing the same was not emphasised!  
So I may be back at the window tomorrow before I am awake.
Not long before ten minutes to three I was back at the window, waiting. 
Someone was taking a while, a woman looked at me and her eyes over her mask indicated a sense of despair, he was taking a long time at the window.  Eventually he went, the next woman wasted my time as we despaired on the queue.  
I was saved by the Stasi asking if anyone had an appointment.
"ME!" I almost cried, and I jumped the queue.
"Indoors, use hand stuff, Waiting Room 'B.'" ordered the Gauleiter.
Off I trot.  The locked door is unlocked and I enter sloshing my hands in the magic liquid.
I find 'waiting room 'B.'' and wait.
I wait.
I wait again.
A nurse looks out from a door and asks why I am there, she walks down corridor, returns, says nothing and goes away.
A nurse comes up said corridor and passes by.
Sounds from corridor of talking and laughter.
I wait.
Eventually a woman of certain age comes out, and leaves by the outside door, the nurse turns and looks through me.
I wait.
My options are considered, however, just then the screen on the wall demands that no violence if offered to clinical staff.  This, it claims, is not right.
I wait.
Another, different, nurse appears from the corridor and ignores me.
A man enters, sits himself down without noticing me.
Such attitudes are not uncommon here these days.  I blame the London overspill.
I wait.
I continue waiting muttering about how busy NHS staff are and being happy to take my place and wait while more important people go before me.
I wait.
Shortly afterwards the first nurse reappears, calls the new man and he enters her door.
I wait, muttering about being first.
I wait.
An er, chubby nurse appears, ignores me, goes to fridge and removes what to me looks like the injection I am awaiting.  
Hope is kindled.
She passes me by and says nothing.
I wait again.
I have been stood standing here, all this time.  I did not wish to sit and be forced up quickly.  Pah!
I wait.
Then, glory be!  Chubby calls my name indistinctly.  I rush to her room.
She is pleasant. competent, asks all the right questions, by reading them of the screen I noticed, and talks amiably.  She prepares the needle, injects cheerfully, and throws me out by another door, happily informing me that it is raining.
Take away the wait and we have a smart, efficient system.  A good practice, well run, with good staff.
Oh yes, and the Stasi at the desk!
I may be back tomorrow to see the nurse...

Monday, 26 July 2021

Technology Bah!


Another day of technology success.
While Google and I are struggling to fix 'robots' and 'validate' and 'crawl' the blog I have at least fixed (I think) the other little local difficulty.
My war memorial was not being found and I thought I had found a fix tonight, and indeed it has worked!  Learning Portugese swear words while working in the hospital years ago has paid off.  The trouble with such things is a failure to comprehend the language, American, in use, and those many little things not noticed or ignored which bring everything to a shuddering halt.  However, I think that is a job well completed.
The failure to search the blog properly is a worry.  Fix the 'robots' it said though I have no idea what they are, but when I tried nothing happened, why?  
Because their machine does not fix their blog!  I await the result of the present fix attempt.  Bah!
And, now I have altered the 'sounds' on my phone the annoying rasping call has been replaced with a gentle plop.  Very much healthier.

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Sunday Blether

The Bees and the beasties have been making the most of the times.  The gardens are full of bright coloured flowers inviting them to feed and investigate.  They are also full of midge like flies and kids, I am not sure which is worse.  
In between the thunder, lightning and rain we see blue sky around here.  Up north they are melting in the heat, fires are seen in woodland areas, not helped by idiot campers and their fires, and firemen are busy everywhere.  
London meanwhile is again flooded, the thunder round here was the edge of the storm, we were lucky.  In the south east heavy rain filled rivers and streams, underground passages flooded, as indeed did railway stations and the Underground.  The heavy rain we saw passed away quickly enough.

Climate change is real, whatever people say, and worldwide we are facing heat, rain and conditions which we are unable to control.  Russia suffers forest fires and soaring heat, Germany endure heavy rain and floods, all unusual for the time.  Whatever the cause it is time we opened our eyes to the problem, but as usual money talks.

Heading home as rain began to fall these three RAF aircraft flew over in formation.  I think these are 'Chipmunk' aircraft, they used to be the first line in RAF training but things may have changed.  It is also possible these are overflying some event (can you under fly an event?) and may no longer be official RAF planes.  Nice to see however, though I noticed the passing women gave no thought to the craft above, tsk!

I have had problems with the Blogs.  Some of the War Memorials cannot be found, though I can reach them.  Google tells me this is a problem they can fix.  However, as it involved the mobile phone this meant I had to reset the thing.  This has been having problems recently, I lost all my numbers, and other things fell apart, so a reset was required.  Naturally, since getting the phone they have altered everything and it took ages to work out what I was doing, much still has to be done.  Tomorrow I need to investigate the 'robots' problem, whatever that is, which needs fixing also.  This would be easy if I knew what they were talking about!  I am in an area of which I know nothing.  With my technical ability I could lose everything, especially my mind, by nightfall.  

Friday, 23 July 2021

Signs of the Times

So many things about Boris Johnson remind me of Hitler.
Both had broken families, both had bad fathers, both Hitler and Boris put themselves before anything else.  Neither were as they appeared, both were actors for the crowd.  They both put themselves first, all else can be manipulated to their desire.
Add to this the influence of political shicanary from both the well known Dominic Cummings and the less well known Steve Bannon.  Dominic's approach has been one of both arrogance and efficiency, he got Boris elected.  Steve Bannon while unknown to many is far more dangerous.  His influence has aided Donald Trump to get into the White House, an influence which appeared to end when he disagreed with the bumbling president.  Who knows whether an influence remains.  Bannon however, has influence behind the scenes in many places, all following the Far-Right approach to life.  He attempted to establish a centre in Italy to propagate his opinions, this was refused, and now an appeal through the courts is under way.  The last thing Italians require is another Far-Right organisation.  Bannon has influenced Boris greatly.  Look at how Boris has used his power.
Boris used the queen to stop parliament debating his bills.  Boris, like Adolf, has the media on hs side, the BBC now controlled by his placements, other influential positions are being given to his donors, friends, supporters and those using him for their advancement, just like in 1930's Germany.  The media not asking questions in print or on TV means the vast majority do not understand what is being done to the nation.  One Bill going through parliament could lead to investigative reporters being jailed as spies for treason if they question government policy!  How fascist is this?  The courts which have ruled against many of his, or his cabals Bills, are threatened with losing the right to question.  Another Far-Right move, suggested by Bannon perhaps? 
The public, like the Germans in the 30's, supports moves to halt immigration and get out of the EU because they have been told lies about both for 30 years.  The constant repeat of the lies, blatant in places, leads to many more than willing to support Boris and his government.  A complaint majority, however slight, a 'culture war' that neither Boris or his followers understand, can easily go wrong.  There are many forces at work in the UK today, none of them pretty, and few comprehend how near to a fascist state we are becoming.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Royal Spam

If there is one thing the editors of the grubby press know it is that the Royal Family sell!
There is an unquenched desire to know the secret dealings within 'Buck House' and other royal accomodation, the nation wants to 'doff the cap' yet know how their 'betters' live.  This has always been true, loyalty to the throne lies deep in the mind of many in the UK, usually it is just a mythical view that is grasped.
Since Diana was stupidly married by Charles, he needed a son or two, rather than Camilla, a woman he liked and who liked and understood him.  Instead we have the pantomime of Diana, now continuing under her demented son (who is the father we ask?).  While Kate and William, a man with his mothers brain, follow a PR exercise appealing to the nation as kind, thoughtful people who cause no trouble, an ideal King some say, but in truth as false as all the rest.  Harry and his woman, clearly she is the brains in that outfit, continues to draw fire from all around by putting his foot in it rather than keeping his head down and seeking good PR.  Not for Harry common sense (too 'common' perhaps) and consideration, instead a book, his life's story, but who will write this, him or her?  
The 'Daily Star' famed for the less than considerate headlines, offers a glimpse into the book, and indeed a glimpse of the reviews still to come.  We wait and see.
This will all end in tears, and many sales for the dying gutter press.
I have been getting lots of spam recently, all identical, all informing me I can make various amounts, usually around $1300 montly.
It is the spelling of 'montly' that makes me wonder about these posts.
Each one from a different name, each offering such success, each offering success 'montly.'
Two or three come through each day and I am left wondering if anyone actually falls for such clear Spam?  I suppose someone with little English might fall for it, I wonder if it pays?
Maybe I ought to try this myself, maybe I ought to send out millions of Spam and get rich....! 

Monday, 19 July 2021

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Saturday, 17 July 2021


Fear and alarm spread through the town yesterday.
People stood around, pointing skywards.
"It's an alien," said one.
"It looks like a spaceship," cried another.
A man carrying a sign saying 'Repent! The end of the world is Nigh!' walked across the park, mumbling.
"Who is 'nigh?' asked one woman,"Isn't that a Welsh name?"
"Yeah," said her friend,"He was that Welsh bloke that made the NHS, remember?"
The police were out in droves, much use of radio, personal phones and waving truncheons to keep back the panic stricken mob.
Eventually, dressed in all his robes, the vicar appeared standing on a van roof.
"Worry not my children," he cried. "The bright shiny thing is the sun!"
"Wot?" cried one man, "the one Murdoch owns? It can't be, I got one in me pocket, it don't shine like that."
"No,not that one. Nothing shines in that one.  This is the real sun, the one that heats the earth."
"Ooooooh!"  Cried the gathered crowd by now full of wonderment. 
"Who pays for it?" asked one. This is a Tory area.
"Nobody pays for it,the Good Lord gave it to us to keep us warm."
"The who?" came a shout.
"No, not the 'Who,' the Good Lord!"
 "So why does it never show, why always behind clouds, rain, hail, and mist?"
"Because you are here in the UK and not in Africa," said the preacher.  By this time he was beginning to wonder why he had come here.  "I may pop down to Maldon Quay and see if there is a banana boat going somewhere," he thought.  
The congregation was beginning to disperse.  Fear was eased, the sunglasses and T-shirts emblazened with unfunny slogans and adverts appeared.  
Then the English did what they do best, they went to the pub and had drunken fights with one another.

Thursday, 15 July 2021

Useless, Me?

At last!  A toy that speaks for me!
I've been looking for this for many years!  
All I need now is a 'Man at work' with him suitably not working in any manner.  That would sum up my long years of work.  
OK, I have no idea where this can be found, I came across it on Twitter.  
But it is realistic,innit?
Boris Johnson made an announcement regarding 'Leveling up,' I ignored it.  There would be lies, more lies, distortion and lots of balloons, but nothing actually making a difference.  He has however, forced the 'Second Reading' of the NHS Bill that would allow him to sell of the NHS to his privatising US friends.
Much anger, all ignored. 
The Nazi takeover of this country is well under way.  


Tuesday, 13 July 2021



I opened the bin this morning and found many of these inside!  
All those bluebottles that have plagued me recently have been laying their eggs and now attempting to take over.  
This is not what I wish to see early in the morning.
I had fish last week, this left a stink around the kitchen.  I cleaned up as you do, but the stink remained.
On Sunday morning I cleaned the bin as it still stank somewhat, unwillingly as I do not work at weekends to avoid irking neighbours.  The bin was fine, the new bag clean.
This morning I opened the bin and found dozens of beasties there!
So another bag required, maggotts, fine in hospitals where they still have a use, but not in my house, now flushed down the bath plughole.  The kitchen now cleansed again properly, new bag, clean smell, and awaiting sausage roll for lunch.
I could do without this in the mornings.
A walk up to the shops produced more cleaning stuff and a small bottle of Lavender pong.  This is supposed to drive flies and such like away.  So, now the place pongs indeed.  The window's have been dabbed, the lampshades, the kitchen areas and bins, all the places the beasties may like.  Hopefully that will put them off.  So far it appears to work, though whether that is coincidence I will soon find out.   

Monday, 12 July 2021

Saved from English Crowing by Roberto!


What the weather girls, in doors in a nice studio, call 'light rain showers,' have been falling for the last 24 hours on and off.  Late last night I had to check it was indeed rain that had water sweeping its way down the gutters rather than the tears of the loud English fans wending their way home.
Not long after the game ended I could hear shouting outside.  Individuals, groups of two or three, larger groups also, heading home under the influence and none too chuffed about the result.  
Indoors I was laughing! 
Twitter and I, plus a couple of million 'Jocks,' Welsh and Irish, were rejoicing at the end of the English imperialist dream of success.  Much wit was in evidence, and not a little smugness also.  This, not without reason.
Having England and the English as a neighbour has not made Scotland's life easy.  Since time began, let's say about a thousand years ago, the southern bullies have tried to steal what is now Scotland for their own personal glory.  It is probable that we can begin this in the reign of the big bully boy Edward I.  Being over 6ft tall at a time when most were not anywhere near that height gave him the ability to throw his weaight around.  As King of England he wished to subject Scotland to his rule also.  We refused, and while Edward tricked John Balliol, then King of Scots, into a prison cell and false subjugation, and while William Wallace led the opposition to the brute, Scotland remained free.  (Note, you can be King of England, but not King of Scotland.  You can only be 'King of Scots.'  If you fail the Scots democratically chop your head off.)  Having chopped up Wallace in 1305 Edward thought he was getting his Scotland at last.  However, by Edwards gracious death in 1307 Scotland was set to be a totally independent and efficient country in its own right.  
There were many attempts by the bully boys down south but none succeeded until the Lairds were bribed and threatened with loss if they did not sign Scotland over to what became laughingly known as 'Great Britain in 1707.'  This was rejected  by the people and still is.  This 'Great Britain' was soon to be seen as nothing more than 'Greater England,' and Scotland and Wales comprise England's last colonies.  
Add to this the  smug arrogance of the said English at all times.  Most recently under this Conservative government, no matter which PM, in which Scotland has been, like Wales and Northern Ireland, considered irrelevant in Brexit or indeed anything else.  Bully boy tactics do not make for peace.
English fans, led by the media who know what the readers want to see, have emphasised their dominance over all others, a truly xenophobic jingoism which pervades England, even among the 'nicer people.'  It is deep in their heart, the English consider themselves better than all others.  Facts do not intrude here, reality is not required.  An ill-thought vague view of History tells them they once ruled the world and therefore have a right to rule it again.  Hence Brexit!  The stupid idea that if you leave a successfull union and 'go it alone' you will succeed because 'You are English!'  This is turning out to be false, but they do not yet accept this.
All this adds up to Scotland, amongst other nations, despising England.  It is easy to like many of them, we have lots in common, but the attitude that prevails is 'England first' the rest are our colonies.  
You know what they can do with that!
So last night, a half decent, but lacking fire up front, England side, played a half decent, but not the best version of Italy in the Euro 2020 final.  Italy dominated after England's lucky goal in the first minute.  Had that goal not gone in we would all have been done and dusted before ten O'clock, as it was Italy, full of the usual style, lacked the flair we usually see to break through England's defence.  The goal came eventually, from a 'British' style corner that England failed to deal with, and somehow England survived until the end of extra time.  
Penalties are not the best way to win a cup final, however there is no alternative that makes sense.  With penalties there is no good in being clever, just do not look at the goalie, possibly glance at the opposing corner you are aiming for, and just hit it had into a corner, low or high.  Several players tried to be smart.  This rarely works.  Sure some talented players do this and make it look easy, it isn't, and it showed last night.  There have been many, mostly, but not only, young players who have failed at penalties in this competition.  I doubt they will fail next time.  It is good, once the manager has stopped hitting them, that he picks them up and rebuilds their personal belief.  One or two however could do with being whipped first!
There were many jumping on the bandwagon before the game, now they jump on the detractor bandwagon or disappear into the gloom.  Politicians abounded in praise of their team, even if they were not sure what shirt they were wearing.  Today they remain silent, except for the usual backbench Tory spouting gentle racism.  
The Brexit mentallity showed yesterday, England fans in various parts of the country, including Leicester Square, were fighting with one another, bottles thrown, near riots preveailing.  All this while TV folk spoke of the team 'Bringing the nation together.'
Tee Hee.
Not long after midnight, the cries of the departing fans ringing out in the darkness outside, we saw Blue flashing lights as police cars left the station behind me to 'investigate' parties of failed celebrants.  No stories from these have been released sadly.  The rain did not deter the cries, and I was too cowardly to open the window and shout "Forza Italia!"  The landlord would not like his windows removed.
From the time the penalties were missed the three Black players who missed theirs have been subject to clear racist abuse.  I noticed one man on Twitter, named MALIK, telling Mr Sako to, 'Get out of my country!'  I thought that interesting.  Much worse was seen and some published in the press will be costing a few their jobs today.  Even the 'Met' police will be investigating this.  This was to be expected, just under the surface of the English lies a 'white only England,' and it takes little for this to emerge into view.
We can all understand how easy it is to be racist if the world in which you are brought up changes, especially when it appears to change so fast.  The governments of the day ignoring the 'white working class,' and indeed recently encouraging them to believe they are being robbed by immigrants, have all led to such attitudes deepening.  There is no easy answer to this, and Brexit has multiplied the xenophobia greatly.  
Italy however, with masses more immigrants than the UK, celebrate in style.  Many grateful for Scotland's support, and all Italians resident in the UK wary about their windows being put in.  None round here it appears.  
Today all was normal, the media trying to avoid stabbing players in the back, but that will come, and a quick trip to Tesco offered no comment from anyone re the game.  Tee Hee again!
I have tried to get people to offer manager Roberto Mancini the 'Freedom of Edinburgh' for his work in saving Scotland, Wales and Ireland, from the arrogant crowing an England victory would have thrust upon us.  Such service to mankind deserves a reward, and Scotland must not be slow to offer this I say.    

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Season's Greetings...

The proper football season did indeed begin last night, and it was quite good, as indeed expected.  Today, a stuttering first half was improved by the second and victory won, also as expected.  So the season is under way, football shorts are being bought, beer-belly or not, and money spent on PPV live coverage of the game, £10 today for Peterhead.  
However, the media ignored this for the most part and concentrated on the nonsense game at Wembley tomorrow night.  Twitter 'Trending' reflects the English nations desires well, they list 'Wimbledon,' 'Nazi Germany,' and 'Bobby Charlton,' as the top three!  A genuine, honest insight into the English mentality!  "We are superior, we won the war, we beat the Nazi's!"  
All this of course from people born after 1945.  Still, their History was taught to them by the 'Daily Mail,' 'Sun,' and 'Daily Express,' so you cannot expect them to understand what actually happened.
It is to be hoped, according to the Twitter discussions I have had in the last 24 hours, that Italia win by a vastly superior margin than usual.  Only that way will common decency return to the media, Twitter, and English life, once they have been released from prison that is.

Friday, 9 July 2021

Rain, Football

I am not the suspicious, cynical type as you know, however, when I wake to bright skies and sunshine, the warm air penetrating even into this dim lair, I expect it all to go wrong.  I know not why, living in this nation possibly is the reason, cynicism grows when the weather changes from baking sun to storm downpour every half hour.  
Living at the edge of Europe, cast out into the Atlantic, we receive the joy of west winds bringing rain all the way from the Americas.  Just take note of the hurricane season in Florida and a few days or so later that same storm will be dying out somewhere over Edinburgh.
With the joy of an east wind in winter, beginning in the Arctic circle, wending its way through Siberia and Poland and ending coming up my trouser leg, it is not to be surprised we are the people we are.
Southern winds are the opposite of cold northern winds, from the south comes Saharan heat, usually bringing sand with it, though only the very southern reaches notice this.  They might notice the little red Ladybirds that often accompany such wind, and they certainly notice the warmish southern rain from the Bay of Biscay.  As if we needed that!
Today the sunshines and the BBC tell us that rain, from the south, will follow on later.  How nice of them.  The people who lived in Doggerland would have known such things long ago.   I bet a swift sniff of the air told them almost as accurately as the powerful computers at the weather man's house can tell us today what the weather would be.  I am convinced that amongst the Mammoth tusks, spears and cooking utensils discovered on Dogger Bank there are also many umbrellas to be found.  They were not daft then.
We have not even finished last years Euro 2020 as yet but tonight next seasons Scottish Football begins!  Kelty Hearts play Dundee United in the first Scottish League Cup game, this while last season has just finished!
In times past, we ended the season with the Scottish Cup Final, followed by the Scotland v England game.  That would usually be the end of April or early May.  There would follow all of June and most of July with no football whatsoever.  As a kid I hated this time!  Euro Championships were not shown at all, nor the World Cup shown until 1966, and the long wait for the season was too long for me then.  Today, I am tired of too much football without a break.  Covid meant Euro 2020 had to be put back a year, this means the next World Cup will be in 2022, next year!  This also means disruption as it is being held in Novemmber in Qatar and to avoid the heat it will be held in the dark!   Covid has not died, Bumbling Boris has failed to control the Johnson Variant, and all our football will be disrupted by the World Cup at that time.  What a shambles it will be.  Maybe we will get two weeks off next Spring before it all begins, but then that will be under LockDown again!

Telt ye!
Here I was, sitting here recovering after walking up the road, when I noticed it was raining.
This rain is coming straight down, stair rod fashion.
As I looked Twitter informed of a weather warning.
'Danger! Heavy Rain from, well, from Now until Then!' 
They could have warned me earlier.
Already the streets are swimming and the 'rush hour' is splashing its way slowly through the puddles.
Hee hee, I will not be out again today.

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Tea, Deaf, Boris

I am sat here chock full of tea.
My favourite, best looking, and most intelligent niece, sent me a gift of tea and biscuits from the 'taverymuch' company.   The biscuits are frowned on by my highly specialised diet but were accidentally eaten just the same.  The chosen tea was also a change from the normal Sainsburys 'Red Label' stuff, and very welcome it was.
That this is the only gift my family have scraped together for my, er..32nd, birthday says something.  Most of them could not even get round to sending a card on time.  One of my good looking and highly intelligent niece's did manage to get a card, forgot to write it, then her daughter took her for a day out so it did not get posted, and I only got to see it when the daughter, also good looking and highly intelligent, posted it on facebook!  The other two favourite and good looking women both managed a card, three days late! 
It is not that I require anything from them, it is just nice if they get the dates right.  One niece managed to send everybody a Xmas card one year, nobody was missed out as was normally the case with her.  We enquired as to her efficiency, "It's because I forgot to post them last year" she said.  My brother got my Xmas present from her one year!  He did not send it on.  
On top of this shambles I have gone deaf.
Washing the other day left me deaf in the left ear.  Nothing I have done since has moved it.  Surely it is wax that is the cause, but the proper stuff to clear it has not made a difference yet.  Another week and I will annoy the doctor, well the nurse probably, just in case something has gone wrong.
Using only one ear is a huge disadvantage.  Nothing sounds the same, everything is different.  Noises appear from all around and are difficult to distinguish with only one ear.  I am amazed at how different things sound, and how much I cannot actually hear, the right ear being no longer as young as it was.  How those totally deaf manage I know not.

Boris has been at work again.  This time announcing the end of lockdown to go ahead, in spite of the increase in the Indian variant numbers.  Boris and his pals are telling everyone to return to normal even though the variant is out of control.  Vaccinations are not catching up and even the new Health Minister Savid Javid says we can expect 100,000 to be hit by this virus.  These people are playing with the nation.  'Herd immunity' is being tried by not vaccinating the schools.  All their press supports this stance yet the health experts say vaccinating schools ought to be done.  The privately educated scholars may get vaccinated, you wait and see.

Saturday, 3 July 2021



Cycling is a great activity.  The freedom found moving three times faster than normal walking while on those country back roads is an excellent experience.  Convenient in towns also, bar the psychotic drivers, environmentally healthy, relatively cheap, good for fitness and just good fun.  A great experience cycling.  
However, I watched a few mnutes of this years Tour de France and soon found myself exhausted.  How do they ride uphill at 30 mph?  I could not do that downhill, I had to get off and push.  Today they race on through the rain, lycra hidden behind rain jackets, helmets dripping and roads slippy.  I await the crashes on those white lines at busy junctions.  In fact it was the downhill in the forest that brought the first accident.  Rubbed down by the Medics and his bike replaced off he went, slowly. 
I used to watch this every year, I remember the Spaniard, name forgotten, attempting to win five times in a row, failing sadly at the end, but what an effort.  Since then I have watched much less.  Most of the time I was not interested in the race at all, I was looking at the world around them.  French landscapes pass by, the Alps offer great views, chateau's, castle's, church's, war graves, memorials, housing of various styles, villages and ancient towns, rivers, and their contents, wildlife, and the people desperate to see the 'Tour' go through their town.
In fact I was losing interest I no longer fantasised that I was the break away hero seven miles ahead of the chasing pack, desperate to reach the final before they catch up, and always, always failing.  
Today, I care not.  In fact I find myself wondering why these men do this?   I can understand the need to prove your fitness, to 'be a man,' to 'beat your previous time,' and play your part in the team, after all this is how they make a living.  However, I just find myself thinking, "Slow down, enjoy the view, you might never see this again."  Racing along at high speeds in a crowd these men see nothing of the country they pass through.  I begin to wonder what is the point?  Of course I may be jealous, not getting out much is annoying, and as I see them climbing through a forest, uphill, it causes me pain.  The fitness levels are high among these men, not to say the drug consumption.  Don't say that!
Then there are the motorcyles.  Cameramen, standing up to catch the pictures while going round wet corners, a variety of other bikes for TV or security, photographers, who knows what.  Then there is the Skoda team cars to supply drinks and food and bits of bike, and the crowds along the way.  No matter how obscure the area, no matter how high the mountain, people will be standing along the route, sometimes having waited there since late yesterday evening.  Would you?  I would certainly watch if it came by, though when it did a few years ago it remained two miles from here, but clambering several thousand feet high to watch them go by?  Not me.  How long does it take for the parade to end?  Several minutes, including those trailing after falls, but not long enough for me.  
Now I want to get the bike fixed and get out, maybe one day soon.


Friday, 2 July 2021

Psalm 24



Psalm 24

My reading this morning led me to wonder about this God who created all things yet seeks wretched sinners like us.  The King of Glory in particular struck a cord for me.

v1-2. ‘The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof.’ 
A reminder that God is creator, we are created, we and this earth belong to him alone. 
v3-6. Those who worship God can only do so when they reflect Gods holiness. 
So many churches today do not do this. I fail miserably.
v7-10. The King of Glory, Yahweh, the Lord almighty, he is the King of Glory. 
His Glory is his Holiness and his Love.  You cannot get one without the other.
This 'King of Glory,' one perfect in every way. His Holiness is not the empty holiness of humans who bear this title, his Holiness is real and powerful.  
Nothing that is unacceptable can approach him.  
Yet he reaches down to the sinful people on earth, the ones he has created, the ones who ignore him and fail to even consider his existence.  This God, this loving God is so desperate to gather people to himself to share an eternal existence with him.  
This God is so keen to have us with him he takes human form, spends some 30 or so years amongst us, unrecognised by the majority, and lays down his life on a cross just so we could be with him.  
And the majority still are unmoved.
God basically asks and requests, people to receive him.  
How low can a God go? 
This is Almighty God coming to his people and offering life abundant! What love is this that takes our place on the cross? He took our sin nature, and again calls us to turn around, offer ourselves to him and walk his way.
He himself will be always with us, why do we linger? 
Why do we hinder or doubt his love for us?  Why?