Saturday, 26 September 2020

Where Does Your Belief Come From?


The dafties are out again.  
Several things are noticeable.  For one they are once again almost entirely white, and this in the centre of London. Only one or two non white faces appear.  
For another thing the posters are all self made.  If you watch demonstrations you will find the 'Socialist Workers Party' printing presses have been hard at work furnishing posters for 'the people on the street!'  That middle class led 'workers' movement is not to be seen here, and that is interesting.
Bill Gates, 5G and the vaccine are to be condemned by these folks, the folks who have come to listen to David Icke, one time goalkeeper and present day 'heid the ba,' who opposes Lock Down, Government and asks that the Lizard creatures who impersonate the royal family are removed.  
The only differnce between this lot and Trumps rally's are the guns carried by Trumps followers.
The impression given is that these people believe something.  The information reaching them contradicts what medical people have been saying as well as the dubious English government statements that in truth, are always difficult to believe.  
But what do they believe?  Do they believe the same things?  Are they opposing one thing and not the others? Do they really think Bill Gates will inject them and take over their minds?   The internet has already done that.  Do the really think 5G is killing them?
The web is a great place to put lies, as President Putin knows too well.  Already he has been placing ideas in social media in an effort to have Trump re-elected, I canny think why.  Lies repeated, whether big or small, will always find a home, especially if repeated often enough.  Paul Dacre did that with the 'Daily Mail' for thirty years.  
Who started the lies about Bill Gates?  Who offered evidence that the vaccine is mind control?  Who can give facts re 5G or indeed 4G also?  Those working in the business at the ground level appear not too concerned, why are these non engineers worried?   
To be honest there are not that many people at the protest, more are to be found in shopping centres, wearing masks and avoiding the winter flu, colds and coronovirus that is floating about.  Reminds me of the story in one paper today about the man on holiday refusing to believe the virus was dangerous, now he is in the ICU regretting things.  

What makes people believe such things?  What evidence have they seen?  What 'expert' do the listen to?  Erik von Daniken published several books in the 60's offering 'evidence' that aliens had been on the planet.  All was quickly debunked but people continued, and still continue to believe such thngs.  Never a day goes past when a tabloid publishes a picture of a spacecraft somewhere, usually over the USA, proving aliens visit us.  Not one astronomer, professional or amateur, has ever mentioned space craft.  What is it in these, seemingly ordinary people, that makes them seek to travel, maskless, to London, for a protest?   A protest that will do nothing, as most attempt to follow the script, even if they doubt the leaderships ability and much of what they read.  They do however look to medical opinion, not the David Ickes of this world for information.  
How can you be sure your beliefs are correct?

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Self-Service Tills

I'm tense these days.  Two months of fighting laptops which have minds of their own, and are still expressing them, are not helped by having to reach Sainsburys at lunchtime.  Many people enjoy wasting a day and a half queueing up at checkouts, I am not one of them.  Many people enjoy the crowds pushing and shoving, all wearing masks of course, while wondering why the shop has changed the layout and moved the one thing you require to a far distant shore. I am not one of them.
Once you have evaded the monstrous mass you find the checkouts, at least those with staff, have a long queue, mostly six feet apart, and with trolleys stuffed to the brim with things they really do not need. A change to 'Own Brand' rather than the expensive brands bought would save some people £30 a shop in my view.  I learned not only that the taste is not much different but 'Shops own brands,' which today go under various names, often contain less unhealthy stuff, and are much cheaper.  
The waiting proletariat looked set for the duration, panic buying for 'Lock Down' has begun, and so I went to the self service checkout.  
These machines, brought in to save the company money on staff costs, are supposed to ensure you can leave quickly, this is a lie!  My experience of Technology recently encourages me to avoid such beasts, today I had to use one.  It did not take long until I was banging my head on the scanner, just like the two men behind me and the woman at the far end.  The one member of staff on call to deal with all these tills stood screaming 'HELP!' at the rear  while waving a white flag, meanwhile the manager, with the help of another fresh member of staff and the security guard popped Valium into customers mouths. 
Eventually we made it up the road.
I noticed one man, one of those behind me, walking somewhat dazed, not as dazed as he will be when he gets home and discovered he has a car waiting at the supermarket car park still.   Another was seen to have half finished his cheap Brandy bottle, bought I suspect, in case he had to use the checkout by hmself.
There were still lines of people, the same ones, at the checkouts as I left.

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Indoor Musings


I am thinking of renaming this blog 'The View From My Window.'  It appears that for the next six months that may be all I see.  Now I am happy enough hiding from virus's, 'Lock Down' in my view is better than pubs and street raves, football grounds and cafes filled with folks sharing Coronovirus freely, but it is a drag.
The view is quite good here, however, the rust is beginning to show on the leaves, Autumn arrived today, and with no leaves I get a better view, but mostly of rain.  Very misty last night, cleared by the time I rose, a sign of Autumn if nothing else is.

Feeling great yesterday after some exercise I got up early to visit Tesco.  This was a mistake.  Feeling good yesterday has left my knees aching today.  How does that work?  This limited my shopping as I am beginning to stock up for Brexit Day, January 1st 2021.  The Brexiteers claim all will be well, however, I noted yesterday that those Englanders living in the EU will find their cash blocked by the banks because of some 'administrative' problems in London.  I tried not to laugh.  Those who wanted Brexit while living in France and Spain do not encourage sympathy.  
I will however continue to stockpile against the wishes of the government who claim all will be well, it will be for them, lining their pockets on Russian Rubles, and I only hope the Butcher can continue to provide sheep for lunch in January.

This indoor life has encouraged tea drinking.  It appears to me the cup is never empty.  As it has occasionally been quite warm the tea drinking has escalated, surely this cannot be good for me.  This reminds me of my mother and her friends who could drink pots of tea, with a pot of hot water standing by to refill teapot, all day.  I use no teapot, I do have one, bought in an attempt to save cash by reusing teabags.  This was OK for a while but six old bags can either be too strong, or too weak, depending on bags.  I may have to look at this again to save money.

Of course being trapped indoors means there is plenty of time to do all those wee jobs ignored for the past 'wee while.'  This is of course true and I assure you I have every intention of doing them, tomorrow.
In fact some jobs have been done, others have been noted, and materials obtained for the work in some cases.  Several weeks of laptop problems have interfered somewhat with this and now the problems ease I must begin to fix things broken since Adam was a boy.  Almost everything I possess is either second hand, broken, or aged, just like me.  I was asked a while ago regarding the age of a jacket I was wearing, "About 20 years or so, just like the shirt," I replied.  The poor woman had a fit.  Wearing something that old was beyond her ability to comprehend.  Good job she does not see what is in the cupboards.  I suspect nothing she owned was more than a year old.  'If it works use it, if it wears well, use it' I say.  Modern stuff may be fun but do we actually require the latest technology?  Do we not just require the technology we use?  New clothes are good, if we need them and they are available in the charity shop.  Charity shops are struggling also these days, too little gifted during 'Lock Down' and now too much handed in at the first opportunity.  It is also difficult to get into one with the limitations on numbers allowed inside.
We are however much better off than many, we do not suffer war, or even Civil War like the USA will soon endure.  We are fed while others use Food Banks, we can walk while others cannot.  I give thanks I can see blue sky and sunshine, open spaces and birds singing in the trees.  Some people cannot see these things, I am well off.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

A Walk in the Park...


Saturday morning I hobbled around the Public Gardens, donated by Sydney Courtauld in 1888.  The Braintree and Bocking Public Gardens website says this:-

From the time of his entry into the business, Sydney rose to be in charge of Engineering at the Bocking and Braintree factories. From 1886 – 98 the business suffered a serious downturn such that had never been experienced before, but this was the moment when Sydney decided to give his garden to the people of Braintree.  Living at Bocking Place, he conceived a great idea. Although he built a new house on the same site in 1887, the garden was the same.

Across the Causeway road was another part of the garden of Bocking Place and Sydney seeing the thundering horse drawn traffic up the Causeway, determined to make an area for people, particularly children, could walk more safely and “whither the tired mechanic could resort, with his wife and children and where the industrious tradesman could escape for a brief spell from his cares and worries of business”. What we see today is his legacy to the people of Braintree & Bocking.
The place is awash with trees of all sorts and a vast array of plants, now tended by who knows who?  The onsite gardener is no more and costs must be cut.  I know many volunteer to work there, I am not one of them!

When opened the people celebrated by a cheering crowd wandering around the town and at night lighting a great bonfire on the open spaces along the road.  Much fun was had, no TV in those days, and no little beer was drunk that night.

 The trick of course is to go in early, before mum and the wee ones beging running around screaming and yelling, the kids not the mums.  Mostly peaceful, birds singing, Bees buzzing, and far too many midge like creatures hovering unexpectedly where I walk.  Only one woman appeared, she exercising by walking around the perimeter and turneg back again, once she saw me.  

This may be the last weekend of proper sunshine for some time.  Autumn begins officially on Tuesday 22nd and the leaves are already turning brown and falling in piles from the trees.  Ideal for kids to run through but a horrid forewarning of winters approach.

Today we are confronted with a shameless Matt Hancock offering a future 'Lock Down' and indicating that if it happens it is all your fault.  No shame fro the failing 'Serco' Test & Trace system, a system which tells people to travel 500 miles for a test, no shame for giving a friend, who gave him £100,000 for his constituency, no shame for incompetence.  
Life is Good under the Tories.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Saturday Lock Down

There ought to have been a COBRA meeting today.  
Nicola wanted one, the Mayor of London wanted one, several others wanted one, none came.  
There has been no Cobra meeting since MAY!  
The PM has not spoken to the Mayor of London since May 10th, he tries not to speak to Nicola who ensures she speaks to him or one of his lackeys.
We are in the middle of a Pandemic, the second wave, expected some say since 1919, is under way, though the woman supposedly fighting the virus did not expect this.  Some parts of the nations are under 'curfew' or 'Lock Down,' and gangs of youths gather together without a care in the world, at the moment.
On top of this the dafties are once again blocking London while claiming the virus is a hoax, that the vaccine will inject Bill Gates computer chips into you so he can follow you everywhere (though phones do this already), and fighting with police is commonplace.  
Interesting that all the pictures I saw were of white people, not a dark skin to be seen.  The middle classes joining the working class Tories to disbelieve medics?
In this part of the world people are gathering in small groups, careful not to go over 6 in number, and attempting to avoid disaster.  Elsewhere pubs are crowded, buses full of schoolkids crushed together go by and in school corridors many kids crush together also.
Boris has now made it clear a second wave is upon us, while he is more worried about trying to work out how to pay for four children, two wives and a new child all on a measly £150,000 a year, and ensuring Dominic is keeping the cabinet in its place.  
I've just had a thought, imagine if they removed Boris and replaced him with Hancock?
Ha Ha Ha, I'm going mad!!!

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Blogger Troubles and Nothing Happening


Blogger has been a pain!
The new site has not been allowing me to change the font size, it insists that 'paragraph' rather than 'normal' is the heading, and has annoyed me tremendously.
As I write I note changes, it looks like the font might change after all, so it was worth using the 'feedback' button. Ha!  It now works, well done Blogger!!!
Whether I have actuaqlly got something to say is of course another thing.  This 'Lock Down' maay have eased slightly but we are still limited on our outdoor adventures.  Tesco and Sainsburys are as far as we get.  Walking to church was tiring, especially as I have not done that for five months, and therefore with little to see in this town there is not much to post.
Of course things happen, someone got knocked down up the road, out of my sight however, another gets robbed way over there, an illegal gathering occurs on edge of town, all the excitement out of reach.  Though what excitement that causes is debatable.    
The only pictures I have taken are failed photos of Mars in the middle of the night. My neighbour wondering what I am doing with a camera at three in the morning..
And on top of this I do not wish to look at the news as Boris and his inept mates fill that.  Like so many others I find it hard to watch these days.  Once more Boris is torn apart at PMQs and the papers talk about something else, once more the NHS is let down, the papers ignore that.  What a government, how did people vote for this?
Oh and there is no spellchecker!


Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Tuesday Mutterings

You would think, looking at the Anglican Church, St Margaret of Antioch, in the village of Stanford-le-Hope, that you were in a 'typical' English village.  Certainly not far away lie fields, and indeed a river, but the river is the River Thames, which carries the new 'London Gateway' container port terminal just down the road from this village.  Once an Essex rural site now it has become at best commuter land for the big city or the huge works nearby, both industrial and shopping.  
St Margaret herself goes back around a thousand years as such churches tend to do.  Rebuilt and added to many times it has seen Essex life grow around it.  Rural deprivation, nearby 'Fobbing' was a centre of the Peasants Revolt not long after the great plague.  The usual upheavals, a war memorial in town centre, and now commuter land and a rising number of houses, many since the 50's and 60's.  Not much of a village today but elements remain.
St Margaret herself was supposedly martyred in 304, if, that is, she actually exisited.  Some of these 'saints' are not what they were you know.
From here UPS despached their van at 6:30 this morning to rush a parcel to me.  Where once such vans encountered a long line of traffic heading into London now they meet a long line of parcel delivery vans rushing back and forth, all seeking to deliver too many parcels in too short a time.
I went through several links before I found the UPS page that informed me when the delivery would be made.  DPD, if you remember, gave me not only a one hour slot when the delivery may arrive but a wee map showing the drivers progress.  UPS, when I eventually got to the page having 'signed in' again, told me the package was 'Out on delivery' and would arrive, 'near days end.'  Very helpful!  As it was the driver, who made me feel slim, told me he attempted to finish his individual drops by lunch time, and he arrived at around 12:30, and clearly was happy to almost be finished.  'How is Stanford?' I asked, 'Bloody Hot,' he replied.  It was very hot outside today.
I remained busy indoors.

In spite of 'Lock Down' or indeed this more open regime I still find how little I am reading books.  Quite why I do not know, but they not only pile up all over the place, half read, unopened, or just gathering dust, but there is little desire to look inside at the moment.  Latop problems do not help, weariness that has hung over me does not help, but just getting involved in the books remains difficult.  Those with small fonts and 700 pages of big words can be easy to ignore.  However, even those written easily are hard to pick up.  My weaak brain is dying, I think it is the lack of football has bruised it somewhat.

I found this cartoon quite revealing.  How the media have used this lie for many years.  While the nation is standing on the beaches with Farage repelling asylum seekers in rubber rafts the Press Barons continue to lien their pockets, move the goalposts, inform Prime Ministers what they are to do, and sit happily surrounded by lackeys yet with no life, in spite of their money and power.  
Spending your life being important and powerful might bring a thrill but if it rots the world around you it leaves nothing behind.  I did read one portion of Paul Theroux travelling in China some years ago.  He went to Chairman Mao's birthplace and found it deserted.  While some years before the Red Guards had flocked in their thousands to his birthplace it was now a lonely museum, even the shop had no postcards of him, nor any of his 'Little Red Books.'
Ozymandius came to mind.  
Great power can change the world for good or it can destroy it.  Mao, in spite of the present 'Communist Party' name has been forgotten and discredited.  His understanding, and cruelty, challenged millions but it was his successors who turned China back into a really powerful state.  His legacy is empty.  The Press Barons end will be the same.

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Cars, Furniture and Fire

Why are car ads so bad?
I rarely watch TV but the ads offered in between football or cricket bare little resemblance to the car on offer.  On one, a female ballet dances around for no good reason while the car putters about.  What is it saying?  Cultured car?  Take up dancing?  What does this tell us about the vehicle itself?
Another features a man, in slow motion, diving into a swimming pool, why?  Is this saying watch out you have driven into the pond? 
All is image, and all image is meaningless to me.  
Possibly there are people out there highly influenced by these ads, I suggest they get themselves a life.  I wonder if anyone who actually knows about cars is impressed by the ads?  Certainly those who think themselves important, those 'on the up' will be impressed if an ad featured a 'big car' driven by a 'Big man,' they will buy one as this shows them they have made it.  Poor fools.    
Nothing wrong with the car of your dreams, I await my Landrover arriving, I have waited a long time, and nothing wrong with succeeding and having such cars.  However, all cars are sold by image, what then does that say about people who are impressed by car adverts?  What sort of life are they hoping for?

Sir Terence Conran has died.  He was the man who gave us the 'Habitat' shops and they say, 'revolutionised the way we live.'  Hmmm.  I wandered through the Chelmsford shop a few years ago and found myself checking the high prices and wondering in the 'Habi' part of the name was required. On show was a lot of cheap furniture, made out of cheap wood, fancy designs occasionally, but always with a big, needless, price tag.  Was it because it became fashionable it 'revolutionised our lives?'  Or was it for the actual style on offer?  I am afraid hs shop made me look at the 'Sue Ryder charity shop furniture section' for better quality and longer lasting furniture.  Indeed, my house is almost all second hand, rather like my humour...

One thing that caught my eye was the sight of small US towns obliterated by the fires hanging over Oregon.  I grumble about laptops or the milk being off while others are looking at a pile of ash and wondering where their house has gone.  Small town America would never be my idea of home, but we must sympathise with those who no longer have a home, who may have lost all insurance documents, and who may have lost friends or even family in the fire.  
Our life is not so bad after all.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

WORD, Politics, Stress


Laptops keep you busy. Once you have worked out the ins and outs you then have to work out the programmes you place upon it. WORD has been bothering me. Microsoft have updated this one, the system I used before was simple enough and worked well, so naturally now all goes via the ‘One Drive’ and is no longer what I was happily used to. So, a search for an alternative began.I tried ‘Apache Open Office,’ an ‘Open Source’ system I used years ago which is good but I could not get the text to remain as I wished. Also ‘Free Office’ from ‘SoftMaker’ which did not word wrap the page and had no spellchecker, which in my ignorance I require. There are others, each with good and bad points, like WORD itself, and for the moment I am using ‘Libre’ which spellchecks, look at all the red bits, and the page is better. This also does not require the entire Browser and is therefore more suitable for me keeping pages on the Desktop, ready for use. This appeals to me at the moment so I am left wondering what will go wrong next.
The laptop works fine but gave Beeps when switching on. 3 beeps, four times, was worrying. I followed the lead and yesterday ran the Diagnostic. This ran from 7:30 to 8:30, offered me more test that ‘May take 30 minutes,’ and so I ran them. 3 and a bit hours later the machine told me all was well, nothing to worry about, all tests were passed.
As I switched on today I got 5 beeps! 
That can be fixed tomorrow. 
I also had to move everything to allow the plumber in. The handyman, John, working on the empty flat below, told me he was coming even though they had not warned me. So, all was moved to give him space. 
When he arrived he was wanted the flat next door. 
However, moving things indicated it was time to make use of the expensive Meile vacuum and move the dust thickening the carpets. 
So ends another day of excitement in this house.

I keep reading of people breaking down under ‘Lock Down’ and find myself unsurprised. Those who have no person to discuss things with must be under a real strain. I would think lonely old women, unable to get to coffee mornings and the like may be the most likely to suffer, bar those with real mental stress.
My own stress will be great tonight as no football can be found. Having watched it hourly since Friday I may have overdosed. So many games, most forgettable, and I can no longer remember who played who. With changes of shirts to avoid clashing it is not always possible to recognise who is who and which team is which these days. Consider also, ‘old’ and ‘veteran’ players are in their mid thirties! Possibly this is why the co-commentator spent last nights game, who was playing again? Calling almost every player ‘youngster.’ I could not decide if he was condescending or jealous. He was certainly irritation. I have just remembered, it was Iceland and Belgium. All the Icelanders names ended in ‘...sson’ and considering what the Belgians under thon King of theirs did to the ‘Belgian Congo’ in days past it was surprising to see so many players of African decent lining up for what is without a shadow of doubt the best team in the world just now.

In other news Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize! How do you spell ‘Gasp!’

No gasp is required when you hear a government minister informing the House the government will ‘Break the Law!’ No gasp either when Boris tries to kill devolution by stealth. Fascism is with us once again. No press scrutiny, no investigation anywhere except by the small ‘Bylines’ operation, and a crowd of lackey MPs who vote with the government, even against policies that were intended to prevent another tower block catching fire.  The local world is heading for a fall, don't say I did not warn you...

Monday, 7 September 2020

Bleary Eyed Monday


This football is tiring!
I was forced to watch 4 very poor games yesterday, though I confess to falling asleep in one, and ought to have done in the others also.  On top of that I just watched two ex-Soviet sides failing to impress and now I have to prepare emotionally for Scotland playing against an unknown Czech side.  
This sort of thing leads to PTSD you know!
What with the virus, Lock Down, and silly players catching the virus when they ought to be at home there is always a backlog of games to play.  However, the men in suits have forced this tournament upon us which means crowding lots of games into a few days.  This is not good when so few players have had any games behind them at this time, even Belarus, who I just watched, were looking unfit by the end of the game.  Possibly as their season did not stop they may be worn out, but that was not a good sign.
Once more unto the viewer we go...

Boris, seen here with what he calls the 'British Flag, has been caught out again.  The 'Financial Times' discovered he was threatening to dump the Brexit withdrawsl agreement, in spite of the cost, and now is claiming it was a lie.  The story may change by the time I finish this.  I note the media are downplaying this, on instructions I suspect. 
Where are journalists today?  Where are the people in the mainstream media questioning this government?  The BBC, with the new Tory chairman, SKY, ITV and the papers do not question?  Not at all!  No government has such an easy run, especially when it is so inept.
Christmas and Brexit are close.  Stock up now!

Saturday, 5 September 2020


 I read this morning that the total known number of Coronovirus victims was 26,696,160 with the deaths recorded at 876,149.  Some 25,000 or so died when dumped on Care Homes by the English government clearing the NHS to deal with the virus.  The number of NHS and Care Home staff who have died from this disease I know not.  Now we know some figures are disputed, 46,000 or so as a UK total appears small say some, but clearly people are dying from this disease, Health workers tell us this, doctors and nurses, people in that world at all levels indicate this pandemic is real and still some do not believe it.
This lot for instance, in Edinburgh, indicating paedophiles are more dangerous than Covid 19, a lie that began in the USA where all such absurd theories begin.  They refuse to wear masksbecause TV Lies!
Now weare all aware of TV lies, the Tory party runs most of the press lies in this country, but Doctors and research workers whostudy such virus types are less likely to inform the public of a lie than any media mogul.
Such protests have occurred in several places, along side the virtue signaling XP environment protesters looking for a day out. Emotion, as always lies at the root of such demonstrations.  Tell the people to fear, offer scientific sounding information, shout loud and keepit simple stupid and the followers will come.
It is as if all thought today has been replaced with emotion.  Considered professional opinion, not always correct to be sure, is ignored for the far fetched and fearful offerings from a few.  I see David Icke, who thinks the royal family are descended from alian lizards I believe, is once again out and about.  His walking about spouting such stuff is one thing people believing him is what worries me, they might live next door!
Without God people need something to believe, politics, lifestyle, even a dog or cat or football team can fill that need, but it always fails.  Those protesters catching virus's of various types from one another will surely inform the wolrd of their sickness and how they caught it, will they not?

Friday, 4 September 2020

'Dell Boy' and Meat!


This morning DPD, a proper courier service delivered to me, as one of his 132 drops, and that before he starts collecting, this 'refurbished' laptop.  So far, this appears faster than my struggling old one, less crumb filled than my bust other one, and almost all has been added that is requred.  Indeed some things have arrived I did not know I still possessed.  One problem was the Microsoft licence sticker was missing from the bottom.  However, a short phone call and the young lad at the other end fixed this via something called 'Team Viewer,' which I had never heard off.  This allowed him to do all that was required fromhis end, quicker and more correct in the end.  
Costing only £239 I did not expect much, however, the service was as required, the laptop is much cleaner than Grade 2 normally is, and my phone call was quick and easy but I pay for it!  Almost next day delivery, the adaptor arrived but the laptop took two more days.  It all appears professional and efficient. If this old thing lasts me one year I will be happy, and all looks OK so far.
The empty fridge reminded me that meat was required.  So I trotted off to Tesco but passing the butcher, the only real one left in town, I noticed he had several varieties of 'specials' on the go.  So I went in, spent just over £40 on a bag of meat that will last at least a month if not longer.  The freezer is now stuffed full of sausages, chicken, spiced meats and no vegan will be near me for a while!  

I have done little but glance at the news today, I noted fake £20 notes are going around, these are the type used in TV and films, they look real bar from little things like the word 'POOND' on the reverse, which some folks in Aberdeen might not notice.  The biggest brothel in Europe is closing because of the Corono Virus, I am not sure why, 'Sickly Come Dancing' returns soon and an exciting horde of people I have never heard off will be participating, are you pleased?  'Bread and Circus's' for the masses I say.  Trump stands accused (There's phrase you often hear) of calling dead US soldiers 'Losers,' amongst other things, that could affect his vote more than police brutality.  A married teacher is accused of having it off with a 15 year old pupil.  Where were such teachers when I was at school?  And there are people confused, say the English press, and it is all English owned, people are confused because Scotland says one thing re quarantine and virus, England another.  Why confused?  Follow Scots lead, you will find it is the safer option.        

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Nosy, me?


Now as you know I am not nosy, but I wonder what is going on in the park? 
When crowds of kids gather there it is either a drugs party, a gang fight or loud music sufficient to wake the dead.  As I have no interest in being woken I am left wondering what is happening?  
It does look like a school 'do' of some sort, several overfed teachers/assistants standing about gossiping while mothers delights wander about attempting to get nearer their favoured boy/girl, or indeed to escape the less favoured ones.  
Balloons aplenty can be seen, hydrogen filled, no music is heard, no excessive use of the skatepark, no obvious leader announcing this that or the other.  This is annoying, as one renowned for not being nosy I do wish to be informed  regarding events occurring outside my door.  
Ah 'Lock Down,' it makes the small things in life exciting!

On my way back from Sainsburys I noticed the crowd had gathered closer together and were listening to a man with a mike muttering things.  Not possible to hear what was said, it reminded me of the old Tannoy system at Waverley Station.  The high pitched voice of the wel educated woman would resound around the station, bouncing off the high glass ceiling above, echoing from one wall to another and leaving everyone completely baffled and rushing to the nearest porter to ask about their train.  

I believe it was PMQs again today.  I did not bother to watch.  Too many lies, unwillingness to answer questions, no facts to be heard, and all interest lost thanks to this inept man and his hordes.  How soon until he goes?

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Once in a Corn Moon...

They are at it again.
Once more we have a 'Corn Moon,' also known as a 'Harvest Moon,' which I thought we had earlier? Maybe that was a year ago?  One man claimed this is also the 'Blue Moon' and I am getting confused.  So is my camera, the brute was a yellowish green last night, though squeezing out through the kitchen window did not leave much room for playing with camera bits.
At least the clouds cleared long enough to see the thing.  Now, late in the day, I notice the sun is almost shining.  I must manage to get out into it sometime...

Donald is at it again.  Heading into a town where he is not wanted, surrounded by protection he intends to encourage #White Supremacist' style individuals in the hope of getting votes.  The deliberate desire to cause division may be reprehensible but our Donald knows how to succeed.  He, like Dominic and Boris, clearly are following the Hitler propaganda book.  Divide and rule, point the finger at an easy enemy, fix them and all will be well.  Worked well for Adolf but in the long term it failed.  Donald, like Boris, does not think long term however, today counts, nothing else.  The papers will be full of it tomorrow...


Monday, 31 August 2020

Nothing Happened Again...


Usual routine, rain, high winds, storm warnings, gales, today cold sunshine.  Typical August weather.  With today being a Bank Holiday in England, one of the most important ones, we ought to expect rain and cold, it's the usual thing.  Often people complain, as if this is abnormal weather.  Quite normal, just annoying as the northerly wind comes right through my window and freezes me no matter what I do.

Call me cynical if you will but I think something is afoot.
Hints keep appearing that Boris will step down.  This is inevitable after Brexit when he would run away and leave others to clear up his mess.  However there are rumblings amongst Tory MPs who are unhappy at the confused state of affairs: Boris is being blamed.  Hmmm... blame Boris while Dominic hides?  However even the 'Daily Telegraph,' Boris's own hand out sheet, has begun to criticise the Virus handling situation, this is not a good happening for Boris.
So, is he making a run for it early?  Is Dominic under orders to remove him?  When the press are fed such stories you know the situation in the Halls of Power (Dominic's office) is changing.  
Where is Boris...on a Scottish Photo shoot again...?

The 'Byline Times,' one of the better reads for important stories, offers this non surprising fact, Brexit is inspired, if not run by, Hedge Fund Managers lining their pockets.  Who would have thought it?  Greedy people at the top are risking the economy to get rich, no surprise there.  So, proof positive that No Deal is where we will end up, economic collapse and who will pay for it?  The Brexiteers will!