Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Harvest Moon Plus


Harvest Moon time again, at 20:21 BST the equinox occurs, not at midnight as I thought.  Thus indicating that today is the first day of Autumn, that season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.  However, because of lorry driver shortage that may mean less fruitfulness than usual.  I tried a shot of the bright yellow moon last night, but the brightness did not come out well in the Lumix.  Large and bright the moon was but several settings could not reproduce the colour.  Of course it was not easy to catch through the kitchen window, especially as it was trying to hide behind the beam.  I would have waited half an hour and tried again but my feet were turing into ice and so I manfully gave up.  I may try again tonight, clouds willing.

In other news, Boris has fallen flat on his face in the US.  President Joe Biden, wide awake and ready, slammed down his attempt to make a trade deal. Fix Northern Ireland first says Joe leaving Boris to walk away stumped.  I suspect he is lying to himself about a new deal he can invent.  At the moment he is making 'incremental steps' towards what once was a 'trade deal' caused by the UK being  'first in line' for. 
Elsewhere the middle classes have sat outside in the sunshine blocking the streets in a fanciful attempt at forcing the government to do something about climate change.  Personally, in love, I would drive my lorry over them, if I had one, as this dos nothing but annoy the man in the street, as it were.
Pritti Patel is going through the courts to have them jailed.  So outside the Home Office many are now blocking her street.  Not that the street is that busy anyway.
Dominic Raab, as Deputy PM stood in for Boris at PMQs today and was told to go back to his sunlounger by the Labour opponent whatshername.  Comparing the £20 being removed from the poor to the cost of a room at his hotel in Crete, and she emphasised peoples troubles with poverty encouraged by his government while he argues about the 'Grace & Favour' mansion Liz Truss ought to have.  
Nice comparison.
The usual 'celebs' acting hurt, anxious, pained, or just 'baring all' again for the camera.  Age is catching up on many.  I know, I had a good look.
Lional Messi, at £1 million a week is taken off during a game.  He refused to shake the managers hand.  I think he may find he is not the boss at PSG.  However the diving Neymar, the Brazilian genius is reported to be on near half a million a month to keep quiet about Jesus.  Like many Brazilians he has a connection to a Pentecostal church back home.  It appears he is keeping quiet and getting rich. Hmmm.
A scrap man, with a farm or two, died leaving £4 million or so in his will.  The son and daughter argue over this and possibly will continue to hate and bite for years to come.  This does not happen in Scotland.  There, the fortune, around £10:47 in my case, is shared equaly between the next of kin.  No arguments allowed as far as I can see.  Saves court time, saves public fight, all get what there is.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Bad Facebook and Spam

It's a disgrace!
I mean being banned from facebook for little things that offend no-one but facebook algorythms is bad enough, but today I was immediately banned for speaking the truth - again!  The anti-maskers/anti-vacciners were out in force today, all of them being from the USA, as you might expect.  So, quite correctly, I posted that 'All Americans were stupid!'  How can that be seen as offensive when the evidence was right in front of them?  Had facebook, which happily allows many such posts opposing the vaccine and mask wearing, all on the basis of 'freedom,' not banned me I would have posted the link to Kristin Lowery, a US mother of 4 who refused the vaccine, refused to wear a mask, and spoke out strongly against both.  She died of Covid!  'Give a voice to the vaccine uninjured' is the poster she held.  Now 4 schoolkids have no mother!  Those who encourage opposition to vaccines ought to be jailed.
This has led to me being banned for 3 days by facebook.  The post removed by facebook, and the Yanks involved free to continue spouting nonsense.  If this goes on I may dump facebook or they may dump me.  
Twitter is not so uptight, though I have myself reported several sites that were offensive, usually white supremacists, Old Firm fans, or Tory liars.  I never block decent people who I disagree with.  The hypocrisy of facebook knows no end.  I suspect however, they will continue to listen in to all the other things I do on here...

I have been getting a few if these things on facebook recently.  Usually a girl has decided that she must use this and passes it on so all her readers can join in.  They are all cons gathering info, and soon dumping adverts and who knows what onto your screen.  Naturally facebook does not stop them, I suspect they may send them out, but I never find them on Twitter.  Possibly this is because Twitter has a higher class of psychotic inebriate than facebook, possibly they just do not land on my page.  
I glanced at one email offering this morning with something 'FREE' in a bright yellow shade.  However, I dumped it to quick to take note who it was from.  Usually email is a scammer using others hacked address book, with the sending email always obscure.  
Scams appearing to be from E-bay and Amazon have passed through, and in the distant past when I knew nothing I enter details into one page thinking it genuine (about 20 years ago) and had 10 years of email spam, often 20-30 a day, for a long time afterwards.  Changing ISP ended that.  
I suppose after porn the easiest way to get rich quick is spam, or hacking into an account.  I still think getting a job safer mind.

Sunday, 19 September 2021

Sunday Rain

By Gods grace I was given a lift to the Kirk this morning, and indeed back home again.  I needed the lift today.  It was however, a good morning, it is indeed nice to be welcomed, nice to have young women come to me and chat, and nice to meet new people passing through.  All in all I enjoyed the day and indeed felt lonely afterwards.  I did however, have the Dundee derby to entertain me, though entertain in a derby is a rarety.  
Rain had been threatened and in the middle of the afternood it came, bucketing down, sending pools across the street as the drains overflowed, and irritating drivers who had not watched the weather forecast.  
Those who work ourside, postmen, road diggers, farmers, soldiers, sailors, airmen, and dustmen, always check the weather before they go to work.  That way they can be prepared.  Too many others look out the window, see the sun, leave off the coat and wander out.  They can often be standing under trees while the lightning flashes around them, tee hee.
God is good, and I am off to sleep.

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Saturday Breakfast

Hazy sun slowly lifts away as I ctoss the park this morning during my five mile jog.  'The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' or at least something like that someone who didn't have to work for a living wrote.  I had fruit this morning, and again for lunch.  The early fruit came via the breakfast cereal the nurse has demanded I eat instead of food.  Sainsburys 'Blueberry Wheats' it says, though how much actual Blueberry is contained within is always to be doubted.  Much stress these days on 'power foods,' though cabbage is better for you, supplies all the same requirements and is considerably cheaper.  I had this cereal with Nescafe Instant Cappuccino, and I mean with Cappuccino!  I use an old very large mug which has long lost the handle for cereal, and placed this next to the coffee cup.  Blueberry wheats inserted in mug, milk added, kettle boiled, and I grabbed the scissors in my bleary early morn state, cut open the coffee sachet and placed the ingrediants into the cereal bowl!!!  There followed several minutes of struggle with a teaspoon to attempt to remove coffee from mug and place in correct mug while the mug himself invented new swear words to encourage himself.  Soon, I sat browsing the depressing online press while eating cereal tasting of cappuccino and drinking coffee filled with shreds of Blueberry wheat!  I then had to visit Sainsburys for more milk and cappuccino, hence the hazy foto, which is I found today is actually cheaper there than in Tesco!  That rarely happens!  Lunch was a tin of Polish Mackeral (cheap) with lettuce and the scrag ends of bread.  No coffee allowed near.

Friday, 17 September 2021

Fake History

Otto English writes this book to expose what he considers to be an understanding of History that is incorrect.  He is also having a go at Boris and his fans, which is quite clear throughout.  In Otto's mind we are all believing historical facts that are not facts at all, his mission is to seek out the true situation behind such History.
Obviously some of us with an interest in History will have discovered the truth is never found at first sight, this is even more obvious where a war situation is concerned.  Propaganda, good and bad, is always to the fore during a war.  People's experience, and evidence on the ground added to an individuals knowledge of the war and the situation in which they find themselves concerned means people are not fooled as often as Otto appears to believe.
However, that said it is a book worth reading.
Churchill is naturally the first under review, Flat earth follows, Columbus and all that, War propaganda, the Royals, Curry and other foodstuffs, the Conquistadors and Abraham Lincoln are among the subjects interrogated.  Obviously Churchill is the starting point.  The target of this book other than Boris are the tabloid readers, and hacks, who perpetuate the idea of Winston as the 'Greatest Prime Minister.'  Various people have written about Churchill, including himself of course.  After the war he collected material from the conflict and produced his History of the 'Second World War,' in which he comes over as the great leader, the wise strategist, and the man who won the war.  Lord Alanbrooke of course, who had been Chief of the Imperial General Staff and the man who actually won the war, was not impressed to be mentioned only thrice!  Still, it made money and built Winston's fame, and thatw as what mattered.  Boris Johnson, the fantasist who is now Prime Minister because of the nations sin, also wrote a book about Churchill, poor at that by all accounts.  Roy Jenkins scribbled a fast moving one reviewed on these pages, and no doubt many more will appear.  
English makes every attempt to break into the tabloid fantasy of Churchill and offer the unwritten (in his mind) side of things.  From my memory the 'unwritten' did not require writing as most people during the war well understood Churchill, 'Warmonger' was the general impression I heard, but Otto is writing for the tabloid reader of today, few of whom have read much other than their 'Daily Express' over the last 70 years and are happy with an image that does not demand they think, nor lose their nationalistic fantasy.
Each chapter does swerve away from the main subject thereby allowing a wide variety of stories, usually relevant, to appear.  These are often humerous, always interesting, but not all are surprising to me.  Most people with a History interest will have glanced at such tales before, however, it is good to see so many put in one place.  I enjoyed a great many of them.
However, there are failures.
The writier, born and educated at an Essex public school and now living in gentrified south east London, reveals all the arrogance and self importance of such a background.  Otto, as seen on his Twitter account, does not like opposition, nor does he like to think he might be wrong.  Wrong however he is.  His lack of understanding of the Christian Church is obvious, he reflects the ignorance of the Guardian reader here.  His Essex knowledge of Scotland, one I am well aware off, is as limited as might be expected. To Otto nationalism is dangerous, full of terrors and to be avoided.  Such an attitude can only be found in an Englishman living in England.  His writing re Charles Stuart falls down here also, prevaded as it is with English imperialism throughout.  Charles of course is considered a joke by most Scots.  
Far too much time is taken up by his diatribe on Adolf Hitler not being an artist.  Pages are wasted on Otto's dislike of Adolf.  We have all seen his paintings, nice but not deep, and why so much is written here I fail to understand, a page or two only was required.  Abraham Lincoln also is offered as a man at variance with the public image, and we are left wondering if Otto really cares about this or if he is just attacking people because they are hero's to some?  Indeed a chapter is included concerning Ghenghis Khan as if he was the subject of much discussion in the world today!  When did you last discuss Khan and his empire?  No, not me either.  Much has been written about him but rarely is he mentioned outside of those studying that particular era.  
This is however, a good book, well worth a read.  The 'Daily Mail' reader, who will not read it, is the target of these pages.  And I suspect many of Otto's fans will enjoy this book as they too are ignorant of the tales enclosed.  History is not well taught in schools it appears, however, it is a wide ranging subject which causes many arguements (just ask in Europe 'Who started the Great War?' and see what I mean).  The EU has schools for the children of those working there, no History however, is taught unless by your own countrymen!   I bet Scots History was not taught there!  
It is worth reading, the stories entertain, the facts are usually good (but historians everywhere will pick fault as they do) and a good book for adolescent schoolkids as it is an easy read and I suspect will hold their attention.
Otto English, real name Andrew Scott, is a journalist who has written for many papers.  However, he is also one of those middle class Liberals who does not get out and about much, and is limited in his experiences by mixing with his own Ken.  Such men as you know fail to comprehend things those who have to work for a living have known for years.  Otto's views on life are repeated by his friends and upheld by his Twitter fans, yet they fail to see the world as it is all too often in my view.  I suggest for his next book he travels the nation.  Partly this is because I like such travel books, it is always interesting to see peoples views of what is actually there in the UK and not what they already believe, but also he will meet a wider range of views, some which will surprise him, some shock him, but he will produce another book worth reading.    

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

More Tuesday Twaddle

As I stepped out towards the Liberal Club last night I was entranced by the summer like evening.  The warmth in the air, the aroma from the grasses in the park, the setting sun, and the evening light.  All marvellous, though the phone camera is not good enough to record this well.  

On  the way home, under a somewhat darker sky, I attempted to catch the light from the Club window.  There is something attractive about light shining in the darkness, almost but not quite swallowed up by it.  
I did not attempt photos today with any device.  It rained, it rained and it rained.  Therefore I took to other objectives, doing two loads of washing, ironing the shirts, I had used the last yesterday evening, and worked through my emails and other items.  The 'to do' list was touched, but not by much!  The house, because of drying washing, now stinks!  It is however warm...

Monday, 13 September 2021

Monday Spiel


Monday Spiel is unavailable as I have been at the Spam meeting at the liberal Club drinking Guiness from tin cans... 

Sunday, 12 September 2021

Sunday Spiel

A quite good day today.
I began the day by doing a bit of Trolling.  I went over to the Hibernian FC site on Twitter where they were parading the usual guff before todays Edinburgh football derby against the Heart of Midlothian, I thought I would troll.
Innocently I posted the Historical facts, all the important ones.
Since 1875.  651 Derbies.
Heart of Midlothian won: 286  Hibs 206 Draws 153
6 Abandonded when Hibs went homs in a huff.
Goals: Heart of Midlothian 1100  Hibs 925.

Natural order.

'Natural Order' is a term also used to troll Hibbys.  The number of games has obviously increased by one.  It goes without saying that soon I was inveloped by a crowd of Leith citizens wearing an affronted, sullen and resentful countenance.  I answered all their er, questions, by repeating the statistics for them, some found these unpalatable it appears.  
This did make me laugh.
By the time it came to leave for church I was heading towards a record response for a tweet.  Indeed, many happy Heart of Midlothian individuals also joined me in offering good wishes to the lower orders, but again the response was a wee bit disappointing.
I left them to it.     
With the big game kicking off at noon I wished to leave the church in good time to walk home.  As expected the meeting was slow.  A presentation to the vicar, a celebration for a couples 50th anniversary, then readings, and a sermon, longer than required I say (almost 25 minutes) followed by prayers, followed by slow communion.  After this I looked to the clock, but no, the kids then had something to say, the clock said 'too bad' and I slipped out and hobbled, faster than usual, up the road arriving with two minutes to spare before Kick Off.  Phew!
The great hope I had was that the Heart of Midlothian was easily deal with the foul few from the eastern side.  Had we lost it would not have been a happy time for me on Twitter, a few hundred 'BLOCK' cases might have been called for.  As it is just the residue remains after a 0-0 draw, the fault of a ref who did not help us.  Just why he is a referee I have never understood, he does not know the Laws, does not know the game, and just does not know.  I suspect he is one who votes Conservative.
Anyway, while grabbing poor nourishment for a Sunday I attempted to watch two other games, both English.  However, these mean little and the emotions of a derby day means English football is worthless.
So, the day done I must away and attempt to work my way through the magazine pile that is awaiting my attention.  So much to read, magazines and books as well as online stuff, I just have not got the time.  Of course, I could just be getting slow...

Thursday, 9 September 2021

The Lying Press


How depressing are the British press? 
With Boris destroying the nation, the press look the other way and continue to lie to the people and suppoty the bumbling dictator.  Here the 'Express' ignore Boris raising money from the poorest by increasing National Insurance and returns to the usual migrants lie. Now owned by the 'Daily Mirror' we could have expected this rag to be amended and become a newspaper once again.  However, the editor has persisted with the angle that sells, even though few who work there agree with the result. 
The other media also did their best to flannel their way through the day and it is clear a disaster lies ahead for this nation and the majority have their heads in the clouds while judgement is poured out. 
The false morality of the PC mob, the murder of millions of unborn children, same-sex marriage seen as normal, Trans also regarded as normal, a government with no morals whatsoever and no policies bar looking after No 1, with absolutely no opposition bar that from the SNP in Westminster, all leading to a disaster unknown before in this nation.  
The poorest suffering in such a manner which soon will read like the Victorian age has returned, the NHS about to be sold off with the people voting for the party that kills it the worst sufferers from the insurance debacle that will follow, social services dying or dead, press controlled by the dictator, and opposition, even from the legal services, soon to be curbed.
It is not migrants we need worry about, it is fascism and the Good Lord is allowing this to happen as judgement.  The end may or may not be nigh but total collapse of the UK is near.  

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Motor Show III

 You can come out now, this is the last from the Motor Show!

Now some people think this weird.
Not I.
This reminds me of some of my relatives! 
The man told me he had not polished it recently.

An Eddie Cochrane sang songs all the while.

I believe Clem Attlee used to go on holiday.
Driving around the south west with his wife, alone, in one of these. 
This was after the war, when Prime Minister, and without escort.