Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Holocaust, Abortion

While we rightly remember the Holocaust in which 5 million Jews and over a million others were gassed, let us not forget other Holocausts such as the Armenian one, nor forget the nine million children murdered by abortion since 1967 in the UK alone. All human life has value, all!


Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Free Press


I note that Rupert Murdoch, who recently opened 'Times Radio' in an attempt to create a 'Fox 2' has been unhappy with the squalid output.  He may be happier with Andrew Neil, one man who can ask questions of politicians properly, in his new venture of a 'Fox TV' station.  The problem with Andrew is his far-right views, his connection to 'The Spectator,' and his UK 'British' station being paid for by foreign money, plus UK money based in the Cayman Islands.  This does not to me imply independent journalism.  I suggest what we will oeffered is another failing attempt at 'Fox News' style coverage with a UK branding.  You will recall they tried 'Fox Tv' here for a while but this failed, the US scene was of little interest to the 'Daily Mail' viewer, however a UK based TV station will reach the 'Daily Express' and 'Telegraph' reader, although I suspect the man who reads the 'Sun' may be left out somewhat with the big words.  
Whenever this station begins the audience will be there for it.  Whether they can keep that audience will be interesting.  Another problem may be advertising.  They will require the dumb adverts for lawyers, Life Insurance, dog charities and the like to pay for the station, but these people can no longer afford to advertise on TV, Covid has dented their income also.  I hope those Arab sheiks have lots to offer Andrew.
Not too much done today, having got up late again, finished a burnt breakfast, then the study, such as it was, there was little time left to start something before the van came.  Then I spent some time cramming all the pies into the freezer and fridge.  One went on lunch and now it is time for tea, lucky me.


Monday, 25 January 2021

Soup, Burns and Woke.

Epitaph for James Smith
LAMENT him, Mauchline husbands a',
He aften did assist ye;
For had ye staid hale weeks awa,
Your wives they ne'er had miss'd ye.

Ye Mauchline bairns, as on ye press
To school in bands thegither,
O tread ye lightly on his grass,—
Perhaps he was your father! 
Rabbie Burns

Poem Hunter 

On 'Burns Night' it is the thing to celebrate the Bards birth by eating haggis, reciting 'Address to a Haggis,' and gulping down whisky all night.  Whichever one is the most important aspect varies from house to house.  I suspect however the majority of Scots have not purchased a Haggis for tonight, though some have the whisky, and many a Scots child is refusing haggis and choosing instead a home made 'MacDonald's' for tea instead.  Personally I had a haggis over the weekend and did not find it very enjoyable.  Too dry, I did not find it gave me energy, and I was somewhat disappointed with it.  Maybe my Forres butcher makes a better one?  Anyway tonight, having spent time breaking apart the chicken bought from Tesco, I should have killed it first, and then making soup, better than last weeks but not great, I cared little for haggis, or indeed anything else.  So chicken and chips flung together with scraping of veg had to suffice.  It was not great.  I would like to hear Rabbies poem based on that!

There is something to be said for that cartoon.
I took time out from my busy day to upset the 'woke.'  
The Urban Dictionary describes 'Woke' as being:
'The act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue.'

Now I am not saying these people do not care but I am saying their care was not 'Love.' 
This came re an item about those searching Edinburgh for people involved in the slave trade in the distant past.  Now we all agree, today at least, that this was a repugnant occurrence.  We also agree that many in Scotland, especially in Glasgow, were involved.  However, I am not one who is convinced those pointing out, indeed writing books and leading tours, round houses built or lived in by those benefiting from such trade is done for the correct reasons.  Some wish to remove statues, some wish to knock down houses, others want the present day descendents to 'cough up the cash.'  Fat chance! 
You cannot change History, you cannot forget it.  However, this History was not taught when I was young, though the slave trade was abhorred.
Naturally lots of white, middle class 'woke' are jumping on the bandwagon.  These I encountered today.  I indicated that Scots miners, my family among them, were enslaved by the Lairds of their day.  This of course was rejected as irelevant or off a 'different hue.'  I am not sure my folks in Fife digging coal deep down with no prospects to speak off would agree however.  
The point that annoys is the eagerness to join the mob, not from love of black slaves, white slaves exist also, but belonging to the right crowd is what matters.
These folks share the same causes, join the same protests, believe the same things, none of them stopping to really consider what they are doing, indeed their limited world does not allow this.
Of course we have all done similar in past times, that is why we see it for what it is.  I have joined the cause, then realised it was the wrong way to do things or indeed a wrong cause.  Have we not all been there?  I am left wondering how many of these anti-slavers will pay money to those fighting slavery today?  It never fails to amaze me how such enthusiasm disappears when cash is required.  
Another example comes to mind.  For long years a protest stood outside the South African embassy in London.  Fight for freedom they said, free the black man in South Africa.  After Mandella was released they all went home.  However, when Zimbabwe leaders were killing black and white men no protest appeared.  Black led nations could go to war, no protest was found.  Why was this?  Because these people did not 'love their neighbour' they just took up a popular cause.  
When they gather together to stop todays holocaust, the murders of the unborn child, then I will believe they really care about slavery or any other cause today.

Saturday, 23 January 2021

Boring Saturday

When I crossed the park yesterday the chill wond tore through those brave enough to exercise in the sunshine.  They claimed it was 50% I say it was 5%!  Today however it is much warmer, and the cloud cover keeps away the frost while depressing those venturing outside.  
Another Lockdown Saturday, another day with no end in sight.  This is managed well enough in my house but the media is convinced half the population are going mental.  Maybe it is just those in the media?  
This morning I braved the cloud cover to once again, against my better judgement, head for Tesco as I needed bulbs for the lamp.  This leaves me clear to do nothing for the weekend but watch three football matches tonight, and one or two tomorrow.  Whether they will be as interesting as Arbroath and Dundee last night we have to wait and see.  However, as I have just paid £18 to watch the Heart of Midlothian on PPV it had better be worth it or the manager will hear about it!
We play them again on Tuesday, what a grubby system.  I realise that arranging games under Covid is difficult, I understand the pressures, but playing the same team so close together is not wise in my eyes.

Bumbling Boris has been to see the floods up north, though I see no photographs of this.  Possibly he remembers the last time he visited a flood plain late, he got cat called from all sides and ran away.  Maybe he went at night when none could see him?  The environment secretary did visit flooded areas, but will he listen?  Will it make any difference?  Will money arrive for new defences?  No, is the simple answer, it always is.
Meanwhile, while fighting the new 'English' variant of the virus Matt Hancock now tells the world the 'South African' variant is much, much worse!  Ah, that light at the end of the tunnel, it is the 13:47 express after all!
The 'Spy Bill' is going through the Commons at this time, yet little is said about it in the English based Tory controlled press.  I wonder why?  Joanna Cherry, an SNP MP has been making noises in parliament about this, naturally the Tory government ignore her.  She may one day lead the SNP, we might need to know more about her.  
The Peoples AS30 case in the Court of Session has begun.  This is an attempt to prove Scotland does not require permission from Westminster for an Indy referendum.  Good luck with reading the reports.

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Another Day...


Another day of joy and happiness has passed by.  An early trip to Tesco, so early half the staff had not arrived yet.  A few masked individuals sauntered around, most on the way to what work is still working these days.  Having gathered all I could carry home the nice lady at the checkout took as much cash from me as she could with a smile, then sent me on my way.  
A good time to shop in Tesco, not in Sainsburys as their bread is always late.  Few people, the sky lightening, birds singing, little traffic, not counting that involved in the never ending new road layout and needless 'white elephant' hotel building works.  The feeling is a new day ahead, except for those working obviously.  All day lies before us, the sun appears lifting our minds, the rain does not fall, enough fell during the night, and nothing bar the grumpy bus drivers steeling themselves for the day disappoints.
Then I get home and realise what I forgot!
I had a list!  Everything was on the list!  But open the fridge door and find spaces unfilled.  Too much trouble to go out again, sun or no sun.  My knees said no, breakfast awaits, what?  No breakfast?  Bacon still in freezer?  Sadly the energy did not return, the laundry required doing instead.  
Suddenly, in spite of careful observation it was tea time!  How did that happen?  A moment ago it was light, now it is darkening.  Lunch was being considered and suddenly it's tea!  What was I doing while all this time passed?

Clearly it is time I had a maid!
Someone to control the food stocks, shop, cook the dinner, wash and iron the clothes, dust the house, and all those other things women were made for.  This could only benefit my health.  Better feeding, cleaner atmosphere, no life wasted worrying about what to eat like the birds have to do.  I can only benefit from this.
Do the council supply them?  I wonder if I can get a grant?  Mind you, she would have to shift when the football is on.  We do not want interference in important things.

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

New President

So, Biden takes charge.  Much work to do worldwide to change the image of the USA.  Much work to do at home to deal with the Freedom loving, Flag waving white supremacists who range across the wild west, usually in the less populated states.  A President for all people, but half the nation do not want him, many are armed, many still believe in QAnon and its lies.  Reason will not help here.
The biggest problem worldwide is China.  How to establish an equal footing there.  The biggest problem at home other than racists is the virus.  The say 400,000 US dead, many more to come, many not obeying the medical advice, many still thinking this is a hoax.  China is easy in comparison I think.
Soon the President will visit the EU, Merkel (why was she not born in the UK?) and Mr Johnson also I expect.  With the PM he will possibly mention Boris claiming Obama was born in Kenya, then he will visit Ireland again as US presidents must.  He must however go to China, he cannot wait for the Chinese Emperor coming to him.  
Now we await the impeachment exhibition for Mr Trump.  We also await his new Twitter ramblings on Russian backed forums.  We await the many legal niceities that may come forward for him, many goverment ministries investigations and who knows what will come from under the carpets in the White House?  His wife can now take advantage and dump him before she is jailed.
I watched the ceremony, more to see the Qanon revolution taking place, however this did not happen, the Marines did not arrest the leaders, no show trial is taking place, and no Police unit baton charged the Biden hordes.  All very disappointing really...

Monday, 18 January 2021

Women's Work!


The brief glimpse of sunshine that entered via the grubby kitchen window today revealed the dust that not only swirled in the air as I walked but also lay in thick layers on various items of furniture.  This surprised me as I dusted, hoovered, swept and polished two weeks before christmas and cannot imagine how it became so dusty this quickly.
So, instead of doing useful things like reading and playing solitaire I splashed bleach across the bathroom, 'Brillo Padded' the sink, and much of the floor, rubbed, pushed, sweated and struggled until it was half clean.  The Loo floor, where much rubbish landed, can wait.
The dust was scraped from the unused TV and the various bits attached, much to the spiders dislike.  Dust circles around me still!  Tops dusted, here, there and everywhere, and only the hoovering to do to make the place look habitable.  However, as I have lost one piece from a new Jig-saw that my niece gave at Christmas, this comprised an old photogrpah she found turned into a jig-saw, I therefore cannot hoover until I get down on my hands and knees and search all the floor first.  This could take some time.  
Ironing, it can wait, though it does require dusting again...
Then it was the kitchen, the Hob was polished, the metal shelving inside the cooker was scrubbed with the wire thingy, and the cooker itself will be done soon, honestly.  
So, where are all the women helpers?
My back aches, my arms ache, everything else wabbles a bit, and there is still much to do.
Do you remember the 'Flash' advert in the late 50s?  Here a woman with a black and white tiled floor pushed a mop in a straight line across the floor.  A clear distinction was noted between the bit 'Flash' cleaned and the grubby floor around.  Many women fell for this, even if they did not have such floors.
Of course the stuff did not clean any better than what other cleaners offered, and today I saw this in action.  Another powerful cleaner that, if left for 15 minutes, will clean the grubbiest grime.  
No it will not!
They forget to remind you about the muscular effort required!
Even then it is not perfect.
These things are all the same, only the amount of detergent or soap bubbles varies, the results depend on your effort and the regularity of use.  
That however, explains the bath...

Parliament Square is choc-a-bloc with Scottish fishing Lorries protesting about the death of their trade caused by Boris and his 'treaty.'  He has been on promising delights in 5 years time, money to support now, and once again lying in his teeth as another aspect of his work falls apart.  Still, the media will support him, Brexiteers will swallow this, especially those living in France and Spain!
On facebook, that source of knowledge not found anywhere else, I placed a picture of two books I wanted for Christmas. This was good as soon one of these books arrived, then another, and today a third copy of the same book!  How do you keep this from three people?
Three copies, and Mike Smith did not write any of them, sitting proudly on the shelf.  The book is good, I finished it quickly, and the photos were wonderful, however I do think families ought to communicate together better. 
Anyway, the other book is still missing...

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Snow Saturday


As promised, we had a touch of snow today.  Nothing like that experienced in Scotland of course, still, this little lot will cause havoc with the local traffic.  This did not stop me reaching Sainsburys however, but it does encourage me to sit by the ehater all day watching football and reading books.
Unfotunately, I was unable to read books today.  Instead I made soup, probably one of the worst soups I have ever made.  Lots of veg involved so it is healthy, taste wise it reminds me of hot dishwater after use.  I was forced to eat two servings while it was still in the pot so I do not have to eat it every day this week.  What started as a good idea did not finish that way.

The football did its job, eventually.  While some cynical types considered our team a wee bit wan and empty when the teamsheet was announced I was always confident in victory.  This confidence evaporated as the game went on.  Eventually however we managed to secure another win and fool ourselves into thinking we are about to be champions.  I suspect we may be but clearly 'Must do better,' needs to be written on the report cards here.

A quick look out the window shows just how much I need to clean them.  It also reveals the rain has taken the place of the snow and soon all that white stuff will vanish again.  No loss I say, bring me sunshine not snow, warmth, not cold, gentle breeze, not the north east wind shaking the windows.

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Icy Rain

I had hoped to step out early this morning and wander round the corner to Tesco and check the vegetable stocks.  However, I was hindered by an inability to get out of bed until almost eight!  When I did draw back the manky curtains I noted the rain, which had poured down all night, was still pouring down at lunchtime and would continue until this evening.  Indeed, it was supposed to turn into sleet, then snow, then dry up for a bit.  I think the roads will be icy tomorrow, whatever it turns into tonight.
However, I perambulated around to Tesco in the afternoon, as the rain was deciding whether to be rain, sleet or snow, and found it had lessened while it made up its mind.
Tesco shocked me, the vegetable shelves were heaving as always, this when the Northern Irish shops have been dumping rotten fruit and veg!  Clearly we are at the moment obtaining supplies, possibly by rail, flight, or containers at Felixstowe Docks.  Most other items were in stock, at least all I wanted, but for how long?  
I noticed the EU lorries were changing 1.50 Euro an hour but have raised this to 10 Euros as their lorries take so long at the border checking paperwork and delaying them.  I can understand why they react this way. 
Meanwhile, the 'British' fishermen, who sold what they caught to the EU, are not able to sell into the EU because of paperwork problems.  One man has lost £40,000 worth of stock, many more are going under.  The French I saw on one news item are struggling to find the fish they wish.  EU boats, often in 'British' waters, sell their fish to the UK!  At least they would if the paperwork is filled out properly.  The Customs do not know what needs to be on the forms, how can the fishermen?
Some of course indicate the fishermen voted for Brexit so they could make a killing.  They, like the farners who have also been lied to, may not deserve much sympathy for not thinking about what Brexit meant.
This is Boris at his best.  It appears today that he has not read the Treaty he rushed through the House, surely no-one can be surprised at this news.
I obtained some fish, how old I ask?  And plenty of veg, including frozen, just in case, and am set to restart the diet regime that lost me half a stone before Christmas, but which has returned somehow since.  Fish, in tins, veg, proper meat, and exercise.  
I give it till Saturday! 

Last night, in search of proper football, I have had enough of the English, Spanish and Italian dross, I made use of Livingstone's PPV to watch their game against Aberdeen.  This PPV is the way to go with football, dump Sky and the hangers on and use PPV to get the money for the clubs.  Livingstone charge £20 a go for the pleasure.  I was a bit doubtful re the price, however, when looking at what else was available I spent my money and sat back and awaited the game.
It never happened.
When I tuned in I saw the referee running around the pitch, accompanied by the 'Fourth Official' as they tested the pitch for its health.  Heavy rain hammered down as he did so, the same cloud that covered us probably, and it was clear there were problems with the pitch.  Livi have an artificial pitch, something many dislike, however the water usually disappears quickly.  This time however a layer of ice had formed all across the pitch and the sudden heavy downpour meant the rain lay on top if this ice and the water could not disperse and thus lay in puddles everywhere.  The ball could not bounce, the ball did not run well over ten yards and it was clear this was not playable, add to this the danger to players giving their all!  So the game was off, so were the media, and so was I.  
£20 to watch a referee postpone a game.  I thought I had lost the cash.  When I used to enter Tynecastle Park, the 'theatre of dreams' above the doors at the Wheatfield entrance were the clear words, "BEWARE OF PICKPOCKETS," and "NO MONEY REFUNDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES."
However, today I recieved an email from Livi returning the £20 I had donated to them, and ensuring it will be in my account as soon as the banks have stopped using it for their own bonuses.
So well done Livi!  I wonder if all clubs would do this today?  Is it law?  Is it an SPFL order, surely not, is it only Livi that do this?  Whatever, well done to them for efficiency.

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Advertising Brexit Success


Browsing the 'Daily Mail' on my expensive (for me) mobile phone I was irked by the constant adverts at the bottom of the page as well as the large ads in between each and every story.  The 'Mail' has always included 'advertorials' on the page as it likes to make money and is happy to lie to the readers.  Such subliminal advertising is something I abhor and wish it would cease.  It is always possible to be caught out by such sleekie behaviour and end up losing money, and that would never do.  
The items I read in the 'Mail' were little different from what I used to read in years past, the schools have problems, blame the teacher unions, shock, horror naked woman story, 18 pictures inside, Boris fumbling but avoid the issue (the editor does not like Boris but canny say so as his readers do), and an item on healthy eating, if you are rich enough and can find such things in the supermarket as Brexit has stopped them arriving here.  I could not go on, finding something worth reading bar football in the media is very difficult.  I have become quite intrested in the 'Byline Times' however, not an easy read, they use lots of words, but it employs journalists for the most part.  Worth a try even when you disagree with them.

The success of Brexit has been revealed in supermarkets everywhere.  No veg!  The Northern Ireland Tesco had to dump oranges as by the time the delivery got through the paperwork the goods were days old.  All went into the skip!  I made a mistake last time I was in Sainsburys, I did not buy all the tinned veg I could carry, that may all be gone by now.  Empty shelves, angry fishermen, angry farmers, and Bumbling Boris not knowing what to do about the virus, it all adds up to another year of Brexit suffering ahead.  If you have a garden grow your own.  I might start planting potatoes in the park opposite.

Saturday, 9 January 2021

Saturday Toddle...

The unsual sight of sunshine today brought out the locals into the park.  The institue of Tier 4 and many warnings re the increase in the virus in this locale has led to a much stricter use of the six feet distancing on the whole.  So much so that the woman walking in front of me in the park left 60 feet between her and the dog walker ahead!  Once near the shops this lessened considerably I noticed.  In Iceland distancing was not easy and some ignored the need.  (I only wanted bread, some fool had eaten all mine!)

With lockdown and gray misty weather not much has happened anywhere.  The world is in a slow routine, blown apart only by those marching to oppose lockdown and mask wearing, some blocking nursing staff from entering hospitals, and of course those who think they will never catch it.  The young, desparate to enjoy life, also take risks under the delusion it will not hit them, the latest mutant version certainly does.  
I see no change in my exciting life.  Out today, the first time in three days, only because the sun shone.  Some I know are becoming institutionalised by remaining indoors, they might never walk outside again!  

With no news worth mentioning, it's all Covid deaths, people protesting about wearing masks, and Boris and co hiding.  Occasional comment re what Donald will do next, he has several large gathering soon, and hopefully he will be declared insane before then.  Nothing to do but watch all the football that is on today.  I suppose I can cope with that...

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Thursday Blether

It has not taken the Tories long to respond to last nights outrages in the USA.  Boris (who once suggested the Nobel Peace Prize for Donald) offered a mumbling statement condemning violence, possibly written by Donald.  Priti Patel managed not to condemn Donald and muttered away, Michael Gove, Donalds friend, said nothing, Rees-Mogg, once delighted to work with Donald, has not posted on his Twitter feed, possibly he has not seen the news.  At best the insurrection is played down, while most laugh and cheer off camera and hope it happens here also.
A Welsh Tory suggested that those opposing Brexit could riot in such manner, on Twitter, Unionists, possibly Tory members, are claiming similar actions will occur if Scotland seeks independence, others claim SNP independence seekers will behave this way (make up your mind).   
It is clear to all, bar those who thought this was a genuine revolution under way, that Trump has done this just to keep a grasp of power.  When he loses power he can then be brought to account for his crimes, mostly dating back to long before 2016.  No wonder he lies in a desparate manner.
Soon Boris it will be your turn surely?
'Lock Down' will have an effect similar to the last ones.  My hair needs cut, this may not happen until March, Priti Patel wishes people to be ordered off the streets by Police, fined if they do not obey, and shops will run out of so many things under Brexit that soon panic buying will return.  
I have avoided going out, not that I wished to go anywhere, but in the dark, before 7:30 I wandered round to Tesco, coughing all the way and scaring several people heading for work as I passed.  This gave me a laugh and forced them to walk well over 6 feet away from me.  The early morning cough is just that, but they don't know!
Once again I thought I am here choosing bread, once more I collect milk, not the out of date stuff going cheap, once more I ransack the same shelves as before, almost always choosing the same items with only an occasional bright experiment attempted.  
When at school I was jealous of those wandering the streets while I was locked up not learning anything.  It seemed good to be outside wandering to and fro whenever you liked, I looked forward to the time I could join them.  However, I was disappointed greatly to discover that such freedom as I had imagined was brief if it actually existed, work, wages and a hundred other things imprison all of us daily.  
When young life is bright, the future tempts with excitement and pleasures, travel, strange places, new temptations, new pleasures, new people, and adventure moulded to the individuals needs, or so I thought.  Reality was not the same.  Being an adult did not bring much bar wondering what was for tea that night?  What shall I eat tomorrow?  Where can I buy cheap the required clothes?  And so on.  Living in London people spoke of the many wonderful places to visit, the shows to see, the stars, the pleasures available, yes indeed some were tasted, however, travel across London takes time, pleasures are expensive, work tiring and most do not spend their time enjoying the city, they are too busy just living.
Then, suddenly, one day you are a grandfather.  Not that you are a grandfather, it is just that you are old!  In your mind you are 25, in the body 30 years have been added.  The need for distant pleasures fades somewhat, those you once laughed at sitting, possibly in the car, staring out at sea, you no longer laugh at because you are one of them, chomping on sandwiches while staring at the sea suddenly is fun.  The bright lights are faded in your eyes, the joys empty, the pleasures too expensive and not worth much.  Rather the smile of a child in the family, a dogs wagging tail or a cat sitting on the laptop appear more interesting and the joy longer lasting.
This of course does not mean you are dead!  Indeed no, programmes like 'Last of the Summer Wine' which many disliked as the humour was stinted, reflect many a gang of elderly statesmen who, in one way or another, behave in similar style.  The potential for trouble, as any wife will inform you, from the men seeking excitement can suddenly appear.  Those who volunteer in some capacity will always find ways to have fun.  Before the virus many groups aimed at the elderly abounded for those who cared to try them, not me, and aged adventure could be attended to.  Especially if there were three or four silly men involved.  Most such men must be bored now.

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Book: 'Edinburgh at War'


I have just finished the first book of the year, 'Edinburgh at War,' by Craig Armstrong.  
In spite of being brought up in Edinburgh after the war (long after) I had little knowledge of events that occurred there during seven long years of service.  Obviously there were little stories that leaked out, tales of woe or funny situations, occasional photographs and the tales my dad offered re his wartime service.  However no details as such of the changes that occurred during this time.  This book goes a long way to answering the questions I was to stupid to consider asking.
Taking the war year by year the author offers tales from the media of what events appeared important, the building of defences, the formation of defence forces, in fire and medical areas, the rise of the Home Guard, and the results of enemy action.
All these things changed as the war passed.  Here we read of the grumbles, early was confusions re sirens and blackout, the council (Corporation actually at this time) action or lack off, and of course the cost of war.  Men in action if France, Dunkirk, Middle East, Far East, and once again in France and Germany.  Actions in the air, the first attacks from the air were on shipping in the Firth of Forth, the reaction to this, other bombing raids, those killed, damage caused.  Action at sea, in the air and on land involved men from this area, and all the while industry boomed making war equipment, Leith docks created many a vessel for action.  
Not surprisingly much attention is given to celebrations at wars end and royal visits.  While quaint in some eyes these reports speak of the attitudes of the day, reflected in many who were children at the time, the language used in the reports take us into the time, for those like me much is recognisable and other aspects explain the attitudes of parents for many years.
Simple things remained, the siren gave out the 'all clear' once or twice a year just to test them I suppose, treats offered kids in war, such as a rhubarb stick with some sugar, was current when we were kids also.  'Make do and mend' remained throughout the 50s and well into the 60's, in this house it remains still!   
I learned a great deal from this book, and it comes with relevant photogrpahs which can only help.  I recommend it to one and all.   
'Pen and Sword Books' cover many other towns and cities in this series, from Aberdeen to London, including 'Cardiff and the Valleys.'

Monday, 4 January 2021

Saturday, 2 January 2021

Normal Saturday

Life is returning to normal.  The holiday for most is over, Monday brings a return to the dismal norm for England and Wales, Scotland however will return on Tuesday as always, Monday being a compensation for Jan 2nd being a Saturday.
A lazy day.
Nothing to do but watch football and sleep, often during the game.
In the real world the hospitals are overflowing and medical staff are working all the hours of the day.  Naturally, both the Prime Minister and the Health Secretary have disappeared. 
Outside St Thomas's Hospital, where many are in the ICU fighting to the death Covid 19, a crowd gathers claiming 'The Virus is a hoax!'  Many, right wingers, Tories and Trump followers, spend time on Twitter and elsewhere pushing this evil lie.  Who pays for them?  What are they getting for this lie?  Why are they not stopped?  Could it be Brexit has allowed these people to step up their opposition to the NHS and begin the foul introduction of the disgusting US style insurance based health system?  This
seems to me to be the underlying intention.  These people will stop at nothing to destroy the NHS. 
We must not let them.

Friday, 1 January 2021

Happy New Year 2021

      Happy New Year
         From an old Grouse. 
          Life will go on, live it carefully
          All the best to you and yours 


Thursday, 31 December 2020

Hogmanay 2020


Hogmanay, as you know, is not New Year!
Hogmanay is the day before the New Year, it remains Hogmanay until midnight on the 31st and at the first 'dong' of the midnight chime the New Year has begun.  Out side of the Free World people these days wish one another a Happy New Year days in advance of the time.  Typical English, never get anything right.  
In oor hoose, Hogmanay was merely the time to gather the family and occasional friend, ensure everything was ready, piles of drinks for young and old, it was the only time my folks drank and my folks did not get drunk.  Although I have just remembered my sisters giving mum 'Brandy & Babycham' one year and had her giggling all night over nothing.  Dad was wary of drink, in spite of twice being in the army, his dad had been too accustomed to the beer and lost jobs several times because of this.  Dad had not forgotten his mothers warnings.  Mind you, mum always said she liked a drink anyway, that is where Granddad and her first met, in a pub!
After midnight, we await the first foot.  This tall, dark, handsome person (sorry I am unavailable) will be the 'first foot,' and bring you good luck.  He will also bring coal, to ensure you are warm, Black Bun and whisky to ensure you are fed.  I accidentally stepped out one year and back in, thus being our 'first foot.'  "You will not bring us luck!" was the cry - and they were right!  
It is also important to clean the house, this dates back to the idea of clearing out the devil before the new year comes.  Such superstitions are nonsense so I just no longer clean up before New Year.  No change there!

Sadly, while the 'Viking' whisky arrived the Black Bun has been unobtainable this year, another result of Covid.  However, while Tesco Christmas Cake sits in for Black Bun my niece sent, by 'Hermes' messenger no less, one small forgotten portion of my Christmas, a 'Lump  of Coal' soap!  She knows how I live!  Noticeable that he was an Englishman.  These days unemployment is forcing men to work for 'Hermes' and other delivery vans, the Romanians and Bulgarians will not be best pleased. 

Following Dave's command to get out I wandered, frozen, across the frost covered park this morning, my fingers nipping in the cold air.  Very New Year weather.  We are lucky, up north a couple of inches of snow lies all around, endangering folks like me and other sensible ones who hate the cold, slippery stuff.  
Almost all England is now Tier 4, the rest will follow soon, and 'Lock Down' after that, so the town was quiet with one or two awaiting entrance at Banks and the like.  I actually entered the Bank, when the young lady freezing on guard let me, to make use of a machine and insert a cheque given at Christmas. This is about the only time I enter this bank, the 'Hole in the Wall' machine (invented by a Scotsman) does the job for me usually.
Few people around, though some queued at Tesco as it is closed tomorrow, Sainsburys will be open. Usually one opens while the other closes at such times.  Nothing apart from Muslim corner shops will open in Scotland tomorrow!   I hobbled home, picked up the mail struggled up the stairs, all Dave's fault, and soon after was fast asleep.  All this exercise at years end, it's tiring.

This year has been bad for us all.  I started with that cold that began in December, lasted until April come May and then 'Lock Down' had begun.  On top of this there was the laptop explosion, the trouble with replacements, the trouble with this one and eventually some form of peace.  Once all began to settle the washing machine went bang, well, 'crack' actually.  So in the end all the money I saved by buying less during 'Lock Down,' the money saved by not going anywhere and spending on shiney things was all lost on both Christmas, the Laptop and the new washing machine.  Good job I'm not one to complain!  
The church is once again closed up for the duration, people with sense are in fear of the virus, and most now put their hopes in this vaccine, if it works.  However, if it works it is unlikely this government in England will be able to distribute it to those in need properly, already the second dose has been postponed, causing much trouble for surgeries.  
For me the year ends well, Jesus has made it clear I must be in St Paul's, this means they may not be happy of course, and the future with him looks bright, this usually means someone will oppose us, Halleluiah!  

May you all have a better year next year...

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Moon Wednesday

This 'impressionist' capture of the moon (by 'impressionist' I mean 'blurred.') Is the only photo today.  Apart from a run to a busy Tesco, never go near at lunchtime, for milk I have not had the energy today to do anything.  All the overeating has caught up with me.  The half stone I had lost has halved and weight is gaining on me, not that the Christmas cake had anything to do with that, it was only a small one, well, both of them were, but too much of the chicken has affected me.
Many are back at work yet the county is quiet.  Most remain indoors, but will they do so next week when almost normal life returns?  I think my neighbours are working but many have closed down for the week.  

This scruffy creature is the man responsible for the new 'Deal' which from January 1st will make this nation poorer.  No PM since Walpole has gone out of his way to make the country impoverished rather than wealthier than this man.  All this for his ego, all this just to be PM!  This liar, this fraud, this cheat has destroyed the lives of millions by his selfish gain.  I look forward to Scotland's coming independence, to Northern Ireland joining the Republic, and Boris running (with his cash) for the nearest fridge in which to hide.
The Commons voted for the Deal like Lemmings going over the cliff by 521 to 73.  Labour, or 'Tory 2' as they ought to be called, went along with their gangster pals and fell at Boris's feet.  No matter that opposing the Deal meant little, they ought to have stood up against it.  One day they will have a Leader, One day they will have a policy.