Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Duty Done

Having done my duty today, raking in the cash by use of my skilled sales patter and free chocolates, having packed up the residue of the now removed latest exhibition, having done my all and chatted up the girls I made my weary way home.  As the afternoon descended into December gloom I wandered round the corner to the nurse for my second visit having exhausted the pills as ordered.  There she examined my now no longer swollen foot, ran her hand over my calf (that reminded me of something but I canny mind what) and allowed me to go my way almost back to normal.
This pleased me as taking tablets that must be taken on an empty stomach is not easy.  The plan is to leave gaps between eating long enough to please the makers but short enough to ensure you get fed properly.  This is not easy as i found when I discovered my head was not working.  I had got confused and forgot to eat again.  This was a small thing in the medical world just imagine what those taking three or more differing tablets each day must go through.  How glad I am also we still have a NHS in spite of the Tories attempts to ruin it!  This would have cost me a small fortune for two visits and a couple of prescriptions, only the conservative Party could consider the US system worth trying!  Just imagine being seriously ill, just ask Jerry!
On the way back I attempted to take one or two pics with the wee camera of the brighter Xmas lights.  Nothing special in the town but I was happy with this one of the buildings across the park.  The world is a different place at night, once the traffic noise dies down and people run for home.  Of course you do get some funny looks from those that do walk the streets at night but I am used to that in the daytime anyway.  



the fly in the web said...

lovely photograph.

I hope the pill taking will soon be over and fully sympathise with the problems of when to take the blasted things!

Lee said...

Yeah! Yeah! A nurse! Yeah! Year! A bit of role playing!!! Yeah! Yeah! That's what you tell us

Adullamite said...

Fly, Yes the last one went down well. Just other little things for a week. Should be over now. Just think of those seriously ill, how do they cope?

Lee, No, no!