Sunday, 26 March 2006

'Digging up Jerusalem'

Just finished this book by Kathleen M Kenyon, its a review of the dig in Jerusalem in the years 1961-67. This book was published in 1974, bought about ten years ago, and I have just got around to reading it! I am on top of things here I am!
I find some fascination about digging up such places, be they famous old cities or little houses and business areas such as those features in 'Time Team' on Channel 4. Standing on a piece of ground, however unkempt it may now be, which has some connection to an event from the past which has had a an impact on my life, or indeed is just famous for whatever reason, has always made a deep impression on me. Having wandered around Jerusalem some fifteen years ago,and therefore able to comprehend better the subject of this book I found the archeological evidence for the city of David and Solomon fascinating. Clearly, being written in the early seventies the information re dating etc has moved on, however, the details of the study are well worth a read for those interested in ancient Jerusalem.
What I liked most about this book was the steady, clear writing. Kathleen tells the story in a clear manner, detailing what is needed and missing out much that would be superfluous. detailing first the history of the attempts to investigate the ancient 'City of David' and in a chronological manner telling the history as revealed by the finds themselves.
The pre Israeli city inhabited by the Jebusites, until taken by David the king around the 7th century B.C. still has remnants of the walls remaining. Alterations by the Kings following, especially Solomon and his temple platform, are indicated by the masonry and pot sherds that still abound in the slopes of the old city. That is the old city of David, as opposed to the present 'old city.'
The story follows through the times of Judah, the Babylonian sacking of the city, the return from exile some seventy years later, the times of the Hellenistic influence, the Maccabees, and the rebuilding by Herod the Great. He of course had to do things in great style, so the temple platform as we now find it was his creation.
Herod, famous for killing the chidren, but less well known for his monumental works. This tells us something about how we perceive people I feel! Without the tale of the child killing, in a vain attempt to stop another king taking his place, we would no doubt acknowledge Herod the Great, as Herod the great builder. Jerusalem , Masada, and Ceaserea to name some of his accomplishments. As it is, he is just a murderer, and a power mad thug. Which, in truth, he was!
following the Jewish war of 66-70, the Romans destroyed the temple to fulfill Jesus words that, 'Not one stone would stand on another.' Today, some of those very stones can be seen under what is called 'Robinsons Arch.' In some places skulls were found, without bodies it seems, from the time of this destruction. Not one of Jerusalems better moments!
The Romans of course rebuilt Jerusalem after the rebellious Jews tried another upset in A.D.135. This time they called the new city Aelia Capitolina, a name which stuck for a while.
Finds reveal a little of the city after this time, and the story passes through the Moslem, Crusader times and after Saladin rebuilt the walls the outline of the city has remained almost unchanged.

In short, a dated book, well written and full of information based on the remnants of walls and pottery found after much strenuous digging. An excellent story which only encourages the seeker to search the web for more info on the finds, and be grateful to those who search so diligently.

Friday, 24 March 2006


You can tell it's Springtime. Folks everywhere are running around complaining that it's cold, that it's wet, there is snow falling, hail also, and dull gray clouds overhead!
'Why it is so?' they ask?
Because it is Spring and this is the UK! That is why! It is like this EVERY YEAR!
It never fails to be like this yet, they still complain and moan and ask daft questions!

No doubt they will soon be complaining about the heat, the water shortages and sun burn.
Why? They will ask, because it is SUMMER numpty! To be followed by winter and questions about blocked roads when the snows come in earnest.

The United Kingdom is overrun by folk who complain about the weather. The weather that has remained unchanged, in spite of global warming, for thousands of years. Will this questioning ever change? NO! Complaining about the obvious is hereditary in this land.

Thursday, 23 March 2006

Bush & Afghan

At least Dubya has made an attempt to do something about a Christian man threatened with death in a country his, and our, troops and giving succour to! Time Blair followed suit!
If our troops go there, they have to listen to us, or lose out!
Come on Blair, speak up for justice.
I still await the outrage from the secular left, wonder why they are quiet?

Wednesday, 22 March 2006


"41-year-old Abdul Rahman was arrested last month after his family accused him of becoming a Christian, Judge Ansarullah Mawlavezada told The Associated Press in an interview. Rahman was charged with rejecting Islam and his trial started Thursday.
During the one-day hearing, the defendant confessed that he converted from Islam to Christianity 16 years ago while working as a medical aid worker for an international Christian group helping Afghan refugees in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, Mawlavezada said." (AP)

Strict islam will kill those who reject it, especially if they become Christians.
We are sending 3000 men to stave off the Taliban, will it make any difference to Rahman?
Should we be there while this man is sentenced to death for his beliefs?

Funny how the secular liberals are not shouting about this eh?
Christianity has led to a tolerance of other beliefs in the UK. However much it is abused by the secular fascists. But such democracy and tolerance is unlikely in many Islamic nations.
Tony Blair and Bush must ensure this type of behaviour is stopped!

Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Women eh?

Things they say.

When watching the news on TV, the announcer speaks of war and rumours of war, of death and destruction, earthquakes and violence, storms and drought.
She says,'Look at your hair darling!' Or, 'What is she wearing now?'

Passing someone we know in the street she will comment,'She is depressed.'
'How do you know, she seemed fine to me?'
'Her fringe is over her eyes.' ????? Fringe over her eyes??? This means she is depressed???
Bald men cannot get depressed then?

Another is 'You ought to have known I was in a bad mood!'
'I was wearing red!' ?????? Red???? Eh?

Trainilng through a department store we can go upstairs to the top floor via every department in the building to reach the chosen land. Grabbing a piece of cloth in between her fingers she will stoke it for a nanosecond and murmur, 'Hmmmm.' Then say 'Let's go.'
Hours spent wandering around a store to say, 'Hmmmm!'
Asked why, the reply is, 'Because.'
'Because!' ?????

We have spent the last thirty years being lied to by feminists. Each one saying different things about women's needs. Each one attempting to say women and men are the same. How glad I am that many women are realising they are not. They are meant to be different, that is how it works! Anyone who cannot see that has chosen to be blind, for reasons of her own.
Women's logic? There's no such thing!

Monday, 13 March 2006

Essex the driest county?

When I landed here ten years ago I was informed that this was the driest county in England. Note, that is England, and not the UK as a whole. It is not possible for there to be a dry county anywhere in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland! Being in the South East, and further East than any other part of the mainland, means that the winds, mostly from the West, bring the rain in from the Atlantic and deposit it cheerily on everyone else.
This I have to say, I don't mind in the least!

However, along with the other lie, the one that tells you how flat Essex is, I have discovered, especially since becoming a postman, that it rains quite a lot in Essex! Not only does this town have several hills far too steep for my liking, but there has been occasions when attempting to cycle up them with a heavy bag in a downpour has made me wonder at the aridity of the region.
I can go so far as to say that only a year or two ago they were talking of how wet it was, and how could this be? People blamed global warming! Somewhat earlier, in the first year or two since my arrival, the weather had been very hot and dry. People blamed global warming!
Since becoming a postman, the English around me have blamed me, because 'You are used to this sort of thing!' I am not actually! I have spent more time here than in Edinburgh! And even if I was, I still dislike coming home with boots squelching, and having my outfit drying all around the house. Worse is the morning after when nothing is completely dry.

Today another county has announced a hosepipe ban. The water folk have asked people to shower instead of bath, and to use water carefully. They themselves are going to be kind enough to attempt to stop the water leaks which account for a third of all lost water.
A THIRD! A third of water is lost throughout leaks!
May I suggest a lowering of profits while these anomalies are attended to!

Meanwhile Essex may have to have such a ban imposed, not that it will affect me, I have no garden, just a couple of dying plants here on the window. I suppose I could do my bit to save water by sharing a bath with someone, that would help. Wanted, female for back scrubbing, any takers?

Saturday, 11 March 2006

How to be an Idiot

First, buy glasses. The old pair are of course broken by being dropped carelessly on a hard floor. Take a trip to the best optician in town. Be open to the suggestion of having 'Varifocal' lenses. Pay large sums for what seems a good idea. At first sight it works! Hooray!
Within a week you realise, it doesn't! Booooo!

Buy a laptop! Super idea. Great for trips up north to Edinburgh, and using back there. Discover modem don't work. New modem sent, no instructions on how to fix it. Discover old modem works on Com 6, but new one uses com 5! Why? Don't know, but doesn't work either. E-mail tech. 'Use the disk to put it right.' OK. Disk says, 'use DOS.' DOS says, 'Insert diskette.'
THERE IS NO DISKETTE! So that don't work. Explain why to tech. 'Use disk,' they say.
%$"@!#* say I.
Like a weegie it still don't work......

So, the bath is separating from the tiles on the wall. Simple. Buy some of that white stuff in a tube, and apply. Well, first buy the gun to actually get the stuff out of the tube, then apply. When finished going around the bath, putting the loose tiles back, and breaking in...or two, leave it to slowly begin setting while I do the same in the kitchen. Return to the bath to smooth it all out and tidy the work. Find it has already dried hard! No-one mentioned it was quick drying! Oh, we will fix that....tomorrow......

Get Freeview TV. Buy box. Spend hours fixing the 'simple' cables. Discover it doesn't work!
Decide a new ariel is needed. Rush to Argos. The slowest moving company in the world. Watch headless chickens run around in the back shop, while NONE attend to the ever growing mass of people rushing to the collection point at the bodyless instructions behest. Hours later, receive new ariel. Spend afternoon building it, then rebuilding it properly. Doesn't work! It does not pick up the digital signal! Visit Tesco. Buy cheap indoor ariel, which works. Also buy connector box to bring Tv, Freeview box and VCR onto one control point. Video does not work! Wrong box.
Burst into tears.........

Support the Heart of Midlothian. Wait forty to fifty years for success. Be inspired when George Burley is brought in buy new Lithuanian multi millionaire, and success dawns! Burley sacked when top of the league and many points clear. New man, Rix, brought in amidst recriminations and crocodile tears. Rix lets slip the fact that Vlad insists on picking team. Outcry! Again world about to collapse. Remain in second spot even now, awaiting the defeat of Hibernian in the semi final of the cup, glory is just around the corner. We know what that means eh!

Just back from Tesco. No need to buy anything till Monday. Then I will do the main shop. Great, Saturday with the shops full makes for no pleasure whatsoever!
Discover I have forgotten the bread!
Burst into tears again........

How to be an idiot? Easy, very easy.....

Saturday, 4 March 2006

Saturday night

All over the nation people are out there! Yes, out there! Not sitting at home wondering where the energy has gone, wondering why a social life is a thing of the past. Now many people in my position are wondering this. For me it started the day I became a postman. From that day, and very early in that day, my social life died. From the moment I get home my existence comprises eating, sleeping and trotting round Sainsburys or Tescos looking for cheap stuff to eat and drink! By the time I have eaten whatever I found it's time for bed!
Life? Not any more.
The desire to go anywhere has long gone. Now when younger I just could not stand being indoors at night. Every evening was for some form of socialising, I mean life was out there. It still is, but now I just don't care any more.
To tell the truth, I am happy enough. If I have the energy I have the desire to read the many books I am working through. I have the p.c. my door to the world. I have the radio and the CDs which fill the background. I must say, I could do with much more in the energy stakes. This would help greatly, but this lifestyle of early rising and working physically is too wearing for me.
The weekends are the worst. If I do have time and will to do something it leaves me hating the idea of returning to work. From joy to despair in one early rising! Wooppeedoo!
Do you feel the same? I can tell you do! You fell asleep long ago reading this. And I think I might have done also zzzzzzzzzzzzz