Thursday, 20 October 2005

Tory MP's

Why is it that they change the leadership of their party, but not the attitude?
Just listening now to the comments regarding the fight for the top job. None of those speaking can be trusted, the women in particular speaking with no sincerity whatsoever.
'Lepoards and spots' comes to mind.
When you speak you tell us about yourself, not by your words, but by they way you say them.
Insincere, is the Tory way.
Disgraceful, yet that is how it has always been.
Politicians always spin the news. They always have and always will.
But the Tory folk are less honest than any others, in appearance at least.

Could this new leader be the end of the party?

Tuesday, 18 October 2005


How wonderful are communications today?
We take them for granted that we can see football matches and parliament at work, that news worldwide reaches us within minutes of the happening, and that our leisure time is filled with gutrenchingly bad reality program's. But we can't have everything we want can we?
How things have changed since the two channel black and white sets that dominated until the mid seventies!
Thirty years ago the telephone was a big black thing. Well, actually red ones were becoming available, and we had the 60's 'trimfone' that soon fell out of favour. Often because the starlings soon picked up the sound and irritated folks by imitating the ringtone!
But now everyone has a mobile! This is a good thing in that I use mine for emergencies, others use theirs for work, and kids can send each other pics of things mum and dad must never see! Well, I think in spite of that, they are still a good idea.
Even fifteen years ago the idea of a computer in every other house was laughed at. Now people carry them around and work on trains, at cafe's, at football matches and up mountains!

Some say these things are a blight. Maybe so, but they are more of a blessing to us all. Certainly they can be abused, but no more than anything else, and we need not abuse them need we? I am grateful for them all, especially 'Freeview' TV that enables me to see documetaries instead of 'pap!' And brings me up to date with news and football latest.
What more could you want?

Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Put your faith....

In Jesus.

Yes Jesus, the man from Nazareth, known as the Messiah, the Christ.
That's the one.

He came down for Heaven, spent around thirty years here on earth as a small town builder.
Wandered around for three years teaching a small group of men, and a larger group of mixed followers, about the 'kingdom of God. That is, what God and his life really is all about.

Because we are basically bad people, I know we have some good bits, sometimes really heroic bits, but deep down we all do so much damage to each other and ourself, he offered himself as a sacrifice to put us right with God.

He died for me, and you, and all those around us. Each and every one!

That is why it is written in the letters of the new testament, 'We love, because he first loved us.'
This is not that soft, sentimental 'love' offered in some television programs, but a love that knows the depth of our depravity, that knows how bad we are, yet loved us, individually, enough to die for us. 'This is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us!'

I commend this to you. He who died for us, offers you and me, us! a new life if only we will receive it. As he died for us, so he rose for our justification and new opportunities of life!
Life! Abundant LIFE! Not an easy way out of problems, but truth! The truth about ourselves and the truth about the world around us. A truth that sets us free from all that destroys.
Not an easy walk, but one that will be glorious one day, and can taste better each day of our life.
NOT EASY! But we will see great things with this Jesus walking with us.

Please let him take your life and make it new.
Consider the truth of his love for you, and let him set you free, bring you a life that 'tastes' and satisfies!

What have you got to lose?

All the best

Sunday, 2 October 2005


Sunday, the day Christians set apart to worship God. Ignore the fact that he ought to be worshipped daily of course, but on this day, by mid morning, millions world wide come together and attempt to worship God in some way or other.
Why do they come?
Because Jesus has reached down into their lives and they have responded with some degree of positivity, because they have seen a life before them that they could never have imagined at one time, because they have problems and want his help. Many come out of habit, many reluctantly. Some would prefer to indulge their favourite sin rather than be there in front of him so to speak, and sit guiltily looking the other way in case he notices them.

I think of the cartoon in a reformed magazine aimed at pastors and ministers of churches. from the pulpit the minister looks out over his flock and above each one is a word balloon. In one it says 'Love me!' another 'Help me!' the next says, 'Lonely' alongside the next reads, 'Desperate.'
A good image of what a pastor sees when the church gathers together.
The image of a 'Walton' like group meeting in churches is so false and far from the truth it amazes me that some want to believe that this represents the church. But people prefer to believe the half truth and myth rather that the real facts. They are to demanding!

In a 'Barnabas' cartoon strip their is one featuring the monks gathering before God. God reaches down and points to an empty seat, 'Where is Barnabas?' he asks. 'I miss him when he is not here!' Now that speaks volumes of God and his attitude to us, bad as we are.

World wide people gather. Different churches worship in varied forms. Nothing wrong with that as long as it is real worship of the living God. But so few in comparison to the numbers around them. Millions more follow false gods, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists etc. Serious people often, but missing out on the one who claimed 'I am the way, the truth, and the life! No one comes to the father, but by me!' Not a claim anyone else has made, or could.

Those who sincerely follow their faiths are often likeable and good people, most are at a glance. And the Christians who profess to know their God are often not so popular. It seems to me that there are two reasons for this. One is the clear difference holding on to Jesus can make to the individuals life. In that by no longer sharing the lifestyle of those around you, the Christian stands out, and does not fit in so easily. This need not make them unpopular, just different. But by holding to a stricter moral code ca cause untold conflict at work, home, etc.
The other reason is that some make themselves unpopular by the way they express their faith.
A closed minded dogmatism which does not listen, only points out the faults in others, and is cold, harsh and unloving. Such people make themselves unpopular.

It is possible to stand out from others and have your own opinion on the way of the world and not be hated by one and all. Though this does not always happen. Sure if you hold on to Jesus you will have enemies, but by being yourself and one of them (in the world but not Of the world) you can be generally and truly standing for Jesus, and make him acceptable to those who would otherwise ignore him. Too many, far too many, try to be different from the world and either appear as a throwback to the 'Waltons' or a cold stuffed shirt.

Why did Jesus come? To bring life! If you are born of his spirit you can enjoy life! It is there for you to enjoy, and in a much more fulfilling way then the unbeliever can! While the world gets worse, and it will only degenerate, it will never improve, you can have life amid the mess around you! Fun and joy are allowed! Terrible things are happening, and will continue to happen in the world, the poor are with you always, but life brings light to those places so go out and bring light!!!

Nothing is easy in this joy filled life. Worship is difficult (note how often I have used that word) because it means putting yourself aside and Jesus first. That is hard! Very Hard! But when we do and allow him his place life blossoms within and around us. Nothing is harder than letting our self go and putting Jesus in his place as boss in our life. Nothing is harder than the joy filled life he brings. But look at the joy he always possessed! It can belong to the believer too!

Sunday ought to be every day for the Christian. At home, at work at play. Worship brings life.
Worship, and enjoy life today!