Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Rickety Ride

The rickety bike carried my rickety bones up the rickety old railway line this morning and left my rickety muscles more rickety than before.  I suppose this is called 'health.'  The sun shone and the people taking the week off took advantage to walk out with the dogs alongside the regulars.  This is fine as the dogs are happy, tails wagging and full of enjoyment at the aromas around them, some not always pleasant I fear.  For the first time in ages I made it all the way to Rayne, a full two miles of uphill slope and stopped just afterwards at this memorial to a deceased person.  Look closely and you note it is shaped as a crocodile, something which we have lots of in the pond nearby, and made out of one tree trunk.  Very well made I must say.

The plan to build hundreds of houses along here has met with much abuse and you can see why.  I understand why a farmer would willingly sell his land but this is a chance to escape the town and walk in a small bit of countryside, thousands of newcomers would not ensure a happy world here.
Note the old chapel now turned into a house.

The horses in this field never appear full of life.  I wonder if they are bored, tired or just not quite awake yet.  They always appear to be different horses, I wonder if he rustles them from somewhere?
They glanced up as my brakes squealed and quickly ignored me.

I cared not for their indifference as I was just happy to have reached this far and not had a heart attack.  The sun shone, people appeared friendly for the most part and I avoided all the dogs and got two children in one go!  A good day! 
The world appears happier when the sun shines and I had to make the effort this morning as another of those storms arrives tomorrow bringing wind and rain across the sodden parts of the country.  I feel for those soaked through yet again and join their despair as more rain arrives.  There is hope that this will be the last but all that water has to be dispersed yet.  
Now, where is the number for that lithe blonde lassie masseur...or is it masseuse?


Unknown said...

Perhaps "rickety" has more to do with the rider than the bike or the route?

carol in cairns said...

You have crocodiles in the UK? Why am I just learning about this?

Lee said...

You did well with your bicycle riding. I'd be flat out making it to the entrance to my driveway...and that's not very far away! I'd be flat out (literally) trying to climb aboard it! lol

So congratulations to you!

I think I'll just stand there with the horses and ponder the meaning of life.

Jenny Woolf said...

Looks like a really lovely place to go on a sunny morning. I agree that it would be a huge shame to build houses there. It makes my blood boil that most of the housing being built in and around London is for sale to investors, so the rest of us have to put up with our green belt being sacrificed so as not to upset them.
Those horses look like the kind travellers have. They sometimes leave them on unused bits of ground as this is free grazing, but if the land is farmed then maybe the owner of the land knows what is going on.
I hope the good weather comes back soon so you can get some more cycling in.

Jenny Woolf said...

As for the crocs, I know, they are really becoming quite a problem in Essex. We have parakeets invading here and I am sure I saw a troop of baboons in Green Park the other day...

the fly in the web said...

Sympathy with the knees....by the time the dogs have hauled me up to the cafetal and back down again I am wondering whether the fitness lobby is just the Final Solution in a new guise.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, I have to agree with you grrrrr!

Carol, You doubt me...?

Lee, I am still trying to recover.

Jenny, Most housing in London is for investors, Chinese ones! They horses do look gypo like but I suspect the farmer knows what he is doing.

Jenny, Baboons in Green Park indeed, they may just have been tourists of course.

Adullamite said...

Fly, LoL! Indeed I know what you mean.