Monday, 14 December 2015

Maudling Monday

The whole point of Twitter is that people can communicate short messages, often live from the action, and occasionally with pictures.  This rather absurd idea has been a boon in many situations and a bane for MP's and other criminals caught out by it.
Now however Twitter, in a money making desire, have altered the timeline chronology.  No more do the words of wisdom appear in chronological order instead they arrive as Twitter chooses the 'Top Story' for you.  
Pray tell how they know what my top story happens to be at any one moment?
This is a repeat of Facebook's desperate money making as they too insist on offering absurd 'Top stories' if you don't click the right button.  All this does is make a mockery of the whole idea and now the new boss at the top of Twitter is doing the same.  
I have Twitted to him my opinion (@jack I believe is his address) and informed him of my thoughts.  It makes no difference but something needs to be done.  Twitter has an important role in indicating whether football players will be fit for Saturday or not and therefore must be forced to work properly.  They cannot be allowed to continue like this. 

My kind of people!

I was going to go off into a wonderful description of my day but I have been interrupted twice by phone calls on my not very good new ansafone.  At least it works even if only hesitatingly.  Once I begin to understand what all the squiggles mean I will be able to fix the volume, remove the squeaks and work out how to hear the messages.  
This could take some time.  

Instead I am off to watch football bed to prepare for my day at the museum tomorrow.  I need my sleep and wish to be at my best for my public ready to help.  We will be busy as a school will be in, Xmas shoppers not knowing what they want will follow and no doubt some woman will decide to want a day off and dump it on me.


Lee said...

It's good to see you're still keeping up the Christmas spirit, Mr. Ad-Man. :)

I love the sheep cartoon! :)

Unknown said...

Your tweets might be better received if you did not squawk so much.

Jenny Woolf said...

These top stories are both stupid and boring, I agree with you. I hadn't noticed them on Twitter but I have seen that many of the tweets are really boring. I try to only have followers who have something interesting to say, which is a bit of a nerve of me really since I don't think my own tweets are interesting at all!

Adullamite said...

Lee, Bah!

Jerry, Squawk? Me???

Jenny, The timeline is back for me tonight but will change later as it has done for days. I generally ignore it at the moment until they see sense. It is useful, as are your tweets, and it works best when things are in time order. Bah!