Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Yesterday's Post (I fell asleep)

Tim Peake has reached the International Space Station!
So the media are trumpeting loudly these days.  Who he you ask?  No idea I answer.  However he is 'A Brit' who has gone into space so this, according to the press, is news.  Less clearly stated is the US policy of only using Americans to visit the space station and Tim Peake has had to take US citizenship to get his free ride into space.
So what I ask?
The space station has had limited press coverage ever since it opened years ago, only the science sections have bothered with it, so why all the fuss now?  maybe I am suspicious but what news is being hidden behind this exaggerated story?  It is always wise to look at the hidden stories behind the big headlines.
Anyway who cares he has gone into space outside of his family and those interested?  This is a small thing and years ago a British woman went into space why is this considered main news?  Good luck to him travelling around the world at high speed, good luck to his experiments that are oh so important.  Good luck to him getting back in one piece.  But spare us the large headlines on a story of limited interest. 
And remember he is now a US citizen, so charge him with treason!

Quite surprised yesterday by the US state that closed all the schools because of a terrorist threat received by email.  I was doubly surprised when New York did not close anything after receiving the same threat.  I suppose having endured thrity years of IRA terrorism and attacks on the nation for other reasons many times before that the UK is not so neurotic about threats.  However it was clear even from afar that this was just an idle threat and careful checking elsewhere would have shown this surely?  Something else behind this show I feel, possibly a real scare or a lack of judgement shown by the leadership.  
Some at a distance wonder about the neurotic fear generated by the likes of Trump and the media re Islamic terrorism in the US especially when 30,000 are shot and killed by good clean all American types each year in the US.   Maybe spending less time in 'fearthought' re Islamist and more time in 'forethought' in removing the vast number of needless guns on the streets would be a better way to save US lives? 



the fly in the web said...

Imagine the horror if he'd taken Russian citizenship....

Lee said...

You fell asleep at your post?????? Shame on you!! I thought you were the Guardian of the Watch!! No...not the Omega or Rolex, silly!!!

Adullamite said...

Fly, It would be Corbyns fault!

Lee, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz