Sunday, 24 September 2006

Neurotic Women

Why must women be so neurotic? Watching a Gran and daughter walk through a park with the six year old boy and his dog I got the impression this kid will never survive the year!
'Watch the road!' they yelled, even thought the road was a hundred yards away. 'Do this , do that!'When the kid was happily running around bothering no-one. I almost cried out 'Leave him alone you stupid women!' 'There is no danger so why the fuss?'
Such needless vexation just irritates the child, and could lead to long term damage. For one thing he is male. Therefore he will not think, act, or understand the world as they do. Will they comprehend this? I doubt it. Does he have a father? I wonder. Too many stupid girls get themselves pregnant, expect the state to provide for them, and raise a child in circumstances God did not intend. There are many unbalanced kids growing up and raising similar kids today because of such poor parenting. Of course not all kids suffer badly, nor do they all go wrong. Many turn out to be excellent citizens. But why is their life made harder by having a dysfunctional family from the beginning?
Mothers need to worry less. Today's mums do show their neurosis all to freely. In the past women recgnised the dangers and made sure kids did also. Now angst is the order of the day all to often. Why? Because they feel for the child as a mother should? No! Because they feel for themselves. It is not the child but them that counts. He is not a child brought into the world to be reared in the right way, he is an extension of her personality. This is not good. The child ought never to leave a mother, but has to be regarded as an individual, not a continuation of the mothers ego.
The answer? Mothers, and women in general need to spend less time reading magazines that feed their deep seated need to be reassured, and more time just getting on with it. Assurance will follow. It is the same for us all. It is the way for millions of women in deprived countries, who have a real need to worry. So why not here in our fat over developed land?

Friday, 22 September 2006

Uttar Pradesh Christians

India is a secular country, so why is it that Christians, and Muslims, suffer persecution?
The present government, the BJP, is a nationalist Hindu party. They see other religions as 'foreign' influence so do their best to oppose them. An anti Muslim feeling has of course been strong in India for a very long time. Independence in 1947 saw some terrible suffering for all peoples.
However in recent times the persecution of Christians has become a major problem. Churches, sometimes long established, come under fire in many ways. Buildings are vandalised, individuals are attacked, in some cases murder has been committed. If this causes difficulties for large churches in major cities, imagine the hassle endured by those in small towns or villages. Areas where authority is poor, or supports the transgressor. State governments and police often offer subtle support for such crimes. While many may keep to the rule of law,the law can be abused depending on the pressure from the top. Pressure from the top, that is local and state government, often comes. For instance in Uttar Pradesh false accusations are laid at the door of pastors. Some are charged with 'converting' people from one religion to another, a crime in some states. Lies and rumours are used to attack the churches. Little is reported in the press, local or national.
Why is the Indian government allowing such things to occur? How come other nations do not attack this abuse of human rights, at local and national level? Violence against Christians is not new, it has occurred since the beginning, but questions must be asked of the Indian nation as to its secular status.
Christians need to give more prayer help to those in Uttar Pradesh and the rest of India suffering such abuse. Governments need to pressure the BJP to live up to the constitution which they are supposed to uphold!

Thursday, 21 September 2006

Job Search

This job search lark is a bind eh? I knew it would not be easy, especially with the leg limiting the work I can do, but even though the internet is a great help it remains a slog! I have just looked through several sites listing a wide variety of work vacancies, few which I could fill I may add, and now I am worn out! Maybe it is just because I am one of natures lazy folks, or maybe I have worn myself out just too much doing the last job I am not sure but this work search is hard work! So, I have searched the web, got the papers, asked all and sundry, and here I am, nowhere! Some things never change eh?

Soon I must report to the Employment folks, sign on and explain myself to the little corporals who infest those places. Then I will be free from their attention for another fortnight. Unless the disability man calls of course.
This disability thing is a laugh right enough. Throughout the nation there are folks who claim disability benefit while they have nothing whatsoever wrong with them! The benefit folks have been active though. Secret cameras have filmed 'injured' men with 'bad backs' working quite happily carrying heavy loads. Successful prosecutions have ended their benefits and made them pay large amounts back to the Benefit Agency. Quite right too! However, many who are on benefit now carry walking sticks, even though they do not need them! Just in case a camera is around when they are out! In some parts of the country I think such sticks must be a big seller for the local shops!
I am not that disabled though, just limited by the arthritis. No more lugging things for me!
Not that I am in a hurry to return to work I must say. This rest is great for me. How I needed it! I really need another two months of this before I go on a real thorough search for work. But for the moment I am content, as long as I have enough to keep me going. But it must be a new way off life. Something constructive and worthwhile. After all, at 55 this is my last chance to do something now!


Tuesday, 19 September 2006


Why is it Muslims get so excited these days? The Pope makes a comment re a 14th century king and riots break out throughout the Muslim world. Why? The Pope apologises, Muslim leaders accept this apology, yet political leaders in some Islamic states press for more. To me it seems to often Islam is used to benefit political endeavors and has nothing to do with religious concerns.
But in recent days we have had many agitations in the Muslim world. Danish cartoons were the cause of riots, now the Popes comments follow suit, Iraq and Afghanistan cause protests in many places. Why the outrage?
If Jews, Christians or Hindus dislike things there are rarely such demonstrations, and those that occur are usually peaceable. Why do the recent demonstrations regarding a comment on 'Islam spread by violence' result in such violence? Posters calling for 'Death to infidels' cannot reflect well on Islam. Does 'Islam' not mean 'peace?'
Quite simply if Islam worldwide wants to be taken seriously and respected then it needs to change. Change in the sense of understanding the West, which it tends to regard as 'Christian,' a term that means nothing to most living in the West! You can have a Muslim country, but you cannot have a Christian country, you can only get Christian individuals. A huge difference and one not understood, nor explained to Islamic societies. A huge cultural gulf exists between Islam and the rest. It is time for islamic societies to comprehend better nations outside their own. It is possible, most Islamic immigrants to Western nations settle in well. Few would actually want to return to their, or their parents origins. That alone speaks volumes!

Islam will never back down, why? Because to many use it for their own ends. As in days of yore Christianity was often used in this way by political leaders, Spain in South America is just one obvious example, Islam is used this way today. In fact it always has been used this way. So the Roman Catholic Pope was right to say Islam was a violently spread religion. He forgot to add, so was the Roman Catholic!

Jesus does not spread his 'good news' by violence, but in the hearts of individuals. You cannot force people into true love and faith in the person of Jesus, it has to be offered freely. That, in itself, is harder than being forced to obey without thinking. The giving of the self, self denying, is the most difficult act any man can endure!

Monday, 18 September 2006

Female Historians

What is it about these females who think they are historians?
Why is it they always write about women, and always, 'feisty' or 'independent' or 'heroic' women? Are they studying history or themselves?
Not for one moment can it be said these women need their stories told to enlighten us about the past. Nothing in the many volumes produced in recent years changes our understanding of history. No, all we have is a desperate attempt by middle class lassies, who have never had a real job, to live out the prejudices built up during their formative years. The benefit to those girls working on Sainsburys checkout, delivering the post or driving lorries is hard to define.
The fulfilment in writing a book that satisfies one girls desire to right a wrong that never existed, except in her own mind, is a vacuous one.
Come on girls, write about a historical subject that is not an extension of your angst, but a subject that will enlighten us all, even if it will not sell to like minded middle class wasters!


Friday, 15 September 2006

First Week of Unemployment Nearly Over

I am so glad I had this week. The pressure is off and I have had some rest. Never realised how tired I had become. The bug still lingers but another week will remove that. The job seeking begins in earnest today when I (at last) get to speak to someone in the job shop! I spoke on the phone to a central office on Monday, was called again the next day and asked more or less the same questions, and received the paperwork yesterday to check it over. Today I speak to what may be a human being. I suspect it will be a bored functionary with an agenda to remove me from their little list and fulfil their main object of paper pushing! If it looks good on paper folks upstairs will be happy, the effect on me means little! The numbers game matters more!
The questions, what can you do? Nothing. What skills? None. Hindrances? Bad leg, dumb, old. Have you considered becoming a suicide case maybe? This will be asked with official blank look.

In truth the future looks bleak but I am too dumb to realise it yet! So I plod along. Once the food runs out, the bills fail to be paid and I am dumped on the street then I may begin to think things are not going well. So while I collect together the vast quantities of paperwork I need for this heartless interrogation you sit back and enjoy the weight increasing as you stuff your fat mouth with foodstuffs you don't need. Don't worry about me, I can survive malnutrition.........

Thursday, 14 September 2006


How lovely it is to have time! Without the requirement to rise at 3:40 a.m. there is the chance to stay awake and watch football, even at ten in the evening! Fantastic! By waking up at six I can face the day, well almost! It must be difficult for some to appreciate these simple things in life. But early risers will understand, and, if still rising early, be very jealous. The relaxation that comes without the requirement to work is just what I need!
The physical side of the job, coupled with my mental tiredness was playing havoc with my life. Bugs would not leave me, concentration was often difficult, energy lasted no longer than the Tuesday, and my temper did not manage that long! I want this rest period to continue for a month or two yet. I hope some money comes to ease the time mind you.
Could this get boring? Will I actually miss meeting people? Time will tell. And I have lots that I can do. There is the feeble attempts at Latin, Russian and improving my written English which could be attended to. Many parts of this flat need attention, where is the Hoover anyway? I could even attempt to write things, and maybe see if I can produce something worth reading. I might attempt the J.Net lads today. They will stomach experiments. And be honest about them!
Of course I may even meet the lovely Blackberry Juniper at the weekend for a short while. Unless her man forbids it, or rain puts her off. We will see.

Tuesday, 12 September 2006



So now begins a new life. Searching for a new job
But in truth I don't want one just now. I just want to sleep for two months and rest my knees. Then I want something worth doing!

Friday, 1 September 2006

Church Traditions

How many differing traditions there are in the church.
If we consider those churches holding to the basic truths of the Gospel we still find a wide variety of liturgy, worship, outfits, and procedures on show.
Should this be so? Would it not be better for all to do things the same way?
Well yes, but then we lose the many cultural differences that exist. And I refer here to the ones that do not clash with Gods ways. All cultures have good and bad.
For me, the simple way is best. No need for dressing up, no need for Episcopal heirachy, no need for anything but useful buildings. Simple, and straight forward is best. The way Jesus himself appeared.
Churches need authority and to cling to the truth. That way we appeal to the majority.