Monday, 25 December 2006

Christmas Day

Time to remember that Jesus loves me! Wondering why can wait a bit longer. Time to rejoice within at his choice of sinner. Time to wallow in his love and allow self to love in return. Doing it by 'law' will not work. Time to sit back and enjoy a day.
Lunch of leg of lamb with all the trimmings. A beer, or two, coffee, and feet up to watch Christmas Day TV. And if you want to waste time, Christmas Day TV is a complete waste of time!
At this moment we celebrate the coming of the Son of God into his world by watching 'The World at War' series. We could be watching one of the many awful films that fill the day elsewhere. Mostly aimed at kids, but they are much too busy breaking thousands of pounds of gifts that arrived only a few hours ago. There will be at least one Dickens story, usually the Christmas one.
Dickens, renown for his tales of Victorian woe and vileness, yet impressed on kids as a 'must see' each Christmas.

At least the traffic is slow. Few vehicles have passed by today. However quit a few have walked past, in groups and singularly, often walking the dog. Some duties change nought!
The gray, overcast sky cheers no-one on a day like this. It never snows, but that does not stop every other advert in the land featuring that awful substance. The grayness makes depressing viewing, causing the leafless trees to look stark and bare and eerie. Hardly celebration skies!

Jesus was of course born far from this area, and nowhere neat Christmas. if we done our homework correctly we could celebrate in a warmer climate. But those who took over the northern midwinter festival, while understandable, have done us no favours. Still, could be worse.

Christmas greetings to all my readers.....if any!

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Christmas at the Cave of Adullam

Once again it is that time of year. The time when shops are crowded with self-seeking, pushy, pig ignorant folks preparing to celebrate the time of goodwill to all men. The time of year when shopkeepers raise their prices so they can reduce them later by a fraction, always calling it a ‘great saving’ before Xmas is over. The time of year when daft folks spend thousands of pounds covering the outside of their house with fairy lights and plastic Santa's. Always claiming they do it for charity, and not just because they are stark staring bonkers!

This is the time of year when countless TV adverts are stuffed full of snow scenes, often Victorian. Ignoring totally that it never snows at Christmas, that snow is bloody awful stuff, and that the cheery Victorians displayed actually died in their twenties of Rickets, consumption or malnutrition! We wish you a merry Christmas, oh yes indeed! Come try carol singing at my door in Victorian dress oh yes!

Apart from the requirement to spend vast sums of money that does not exist, on goods that are not worth the expense, on kids that will forget them almost immediately and adults that give back presents that come nowhere near the value of the gifts handed to them, thus leaving one considerably out of pocket, apart from that, Christmas can be a happy time. Unless you take sick, fall down the stairs or have lost your keys/wallet/mind! All of which are possible at this time of year!

The arrival of Christmas means of course that another year is nearly finished. Once again the hair has turned a more blatant gray, the stiffness in the muscles increases, football players earning £40,000 a week look like children, policemen call you ‘dad’ instead of ‘oi!’ and the energy levels that once took you up hill and down Mrs Dale have gone and left you exhausted while watching televised football. This weariness results in an ever increasing irritation at the amount of ‘pap’ pedalled as worthwhile in the press or media. Societies incessant demand for meaningless trivia sticks in the throat like Moms apple pie. And we know what sort of cook she was! ‘Reality shows’ showing as much reality as a six pound note, find audiences in the millions. While most tend to be small minded, pig ignorant adolescents with malformed brains grown ups and intelligent folk have been known to watch, with glazed eyes, the deviants, attention seekers and psychopaths who thrill televisions high earners so much.

‘Why Should Britain Fear!’ as they used to say.

The high heat of summer saw an opportunity to obtain a red skin and itchy arms for a while. Holidaying by trundling the bike five miles up to a local village of wife swappers and business frauds made for variety. Usually this occasion brings contact with drug dealers and ‘Eastender’ species. You have met them. These are the folk that complain about those foreigners (e.g. blacks) who have moved into the area. To avoid contamination with such immigrants these folks roll up their ‘Daily Mails’ and run off to the Costa Brava to mix with thousands of others of similar mind. No curries in Spain mate, just good old fish and chips!

The accommodation continues to inspire love and devotion. Except the tiles falling off the bathroom wall into the bath, when I am sitting reading my books there. The draught round the bath since the failed attempt to line the rim has been more noticeable as the outside temperature has fallen. The video plays now, one day it will once again record, maybe. I would Google for instructions or repair on the PC but that collapsed and left me with a small laptop, which has several troubles which googling does not answer. The building itself does have a strange smell now, one I had not noticed before. My neighbour mentioned that this has been noticed only since the washing machine broke down. He moved recently. The machine is still broken....

Another Christmas bringing to an end another year of joy and happiness. This leaves us looking forward to another of the same.
Another year of mistakes and breakdowns, of disruption and those needless police raids just before dawn.
Another year off sitting in the park with a can of ’Special brew’ and muttering and growling at passers by.

It’s tradition!

Another year looms bringing the opportunity to be caught outside in a thunderstorm wearing nothing but summer wear, the same summer wear now worn for several years. Another year to find Visa bills falling through the door in a heap, another year of ‘Asbos’ caused by sitting on that bench in the park, of late night noise from folks nearby, of sniffling away at that cold that has hung around since 1987. Another year of finding the milk has run out and the shops have closed, another year of past intimates telling of their success once they have moved on. Another year of wandering round the market at closing time picking up moth eaten cabbages and such for lunch. Another year to look forward to the same as the last, and the one before that, and on and on and on and on back to time immemorial.

Another Christmas. Another cup of ‘OXO’ followed by a mouldy tangerine. Another attempt to drown sorrows in that £1:25 wine form Somerfield. (Two for £1:95) Another Christmas to look forward to, I must go and prepare......

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Prostitute Killings

Five dead prostitutes naturally leads not only to a massive police hunt, but also to a media frenzy.
Nothing pleases the hacks more than sex, and sex connected to murder, and a serial killer at that, is glorious for the muck raking press of this nation. How they have enjoyed dredging up all the stories they can concerning the lives of these girls. Almost twenty four hour coverage on SKY News alone! This has gone for over a week and already there are indications of irritation among the hacks that so far no one has been found. Not that they would be trying to force the investigation eh? Claims of some being interviewed are rebutted by the police, yet those claims still appear in a press desperate to fill pages with 'Revelations!'
Suddenly prostitutes, usually regarded as 'dregs of society' are seen as 'our sisters and family.' Those who would not want them within a hundred miles of their homes tell us of their concern for the girls welfare. Those claiming to represent what they call 'sex workers' appear on every channel and paper. Concern for the girls well being is promoted at many levels.
But do they really care?

As has been stated, while all want to stop the killings and few if any would wish the girls dead, there are none who who welcome prostitutes either walking their street or working from brothels nearby. Where they operate problems of anti social behaviour mount! Women living in the area are accosted by men looking for women, the same girls worry that their men are accosted by those women working the streets! Most want them far from their children. Legalising brothels to keep the girls safe sounds a good idea. But who runs the brothels? Gangsters? Where do the girls come from? Too many here already are sex slaves from all over eastern Europe! Would they not be put through such brothels?

More important must be the actual people involved. How can it be acceptable that women should use men for money? The implication today is always that men use women, while the idea of the reverse is ignored. Human nature teaches us otherwise. If not kidnapped and used as sex slaves where do the girls come from? Most in Ipswich are drug users, 98% according to one group working among them. Girls from a variety of backgrounds hooked on Heroin or cocaine. Can it be acceptable to allow them to use 'safe' brothels while not saving them from drug dependency? We must not forget some girls go on the game for other reasons. Lack of love in their life, from childhood upwards. Inadequacy feelings, maybe they just realise that there is easy money to be made out there! Nothing in such a lifestyle is straight forward.

Legalising the 'oldest profession' would not help anyone. Care for those involved, men or women, as men prostitute themselves also, is required. Those who sell themselves have many problems and unless we recognise this we cannot help them. Allowing them areas to operate just keeps them trapped in a world that dehumanises and destroys them. The false liberals who wish to allow them freedom to operate do not wish to help prostitutes, they just dump the liberal lifestyle on them and run off and let them fend for themselves. This is not care, it is selfishness!

What sort of man or woman needs to use prostitutes? Again we see broken lives and desperate needs. Again care and understanding is required, and a more positive acceptance of responsibilities will lead to a satisfying life.

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Cruel World!

For over a week now I have been suffering! Suffering such as no-one can imagine! Well, no-one but those who endure such a sickness like mine. It has threatened for weeks and eventually broke on Saturday. I was trapped indoors until yesterday, unable to sleep till last night, and that with difficulty, unable to enjoy anything that life has to offer.

Yes,I had a cold!

The 'common cold' seen by some as a mere trivial event is to those who suffer these things at their worst a cruel, demanding, destructive force that permeates the entire being and reduces the strong and mighty to dust! Yet my favourite checkout girl in Sainsburys yesterday muttered disparagingly 'Man cold.' I indicated I was dying but this received nothing more than a derogatory ' Huh.' The cruelty of women knows no bounds! Even now, my head hurts like an axe has been used on it, I can't stop coughing, menthol type sweets to enable me to breathe have left me sick to my stomach, concentration levels are feeble, and the temperature still affects me whatever it is!
The Christmas shop has been hindered,the box has not been sent, stamps not bought, other things left undone. Naturally the place stinks, all is dishevelled, and I really do not care a whit!

But I am not one to complain!

However, the cruel world that thinks a 'cold' is of no matter will soon be knocking on my door for sympathy. Then I will become like the checkout girl, 'I don't do sympathy!' Then they will be telling me how serious their 'disease' is, while I had a mere chill!

Over two hundred cold virus can be found. Each one constantly mutates and every single one has come by my door! I am convinced this one has been hanging around since that day in 1987 I got caught in the rain! Everybody suffers from them, none can escape! Yet there is no way to cure the thing? Colds and Flu, the real thing not the type of suffering I have just endured,costs the nation millions each year. Days off from work, loss of production, the suffering to young and old, even death in the already sick or feeble. Yet we dismiss this as nothing much. However, when I was working if I put 'Cold' on the sick note the manager would scowl. If however I wrote 'Chronic Rhinitis' they accepted this as a disease. That tells us how they got the job!

I have been suffering badly and getting no sympathy whatsoever! This cruel world owes me an apology!

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Anti Christian Indoctrination

The rise in the attacks on Christianity is notable. While in days gone past Christians or church goers were seen as inoffensive and taken for granted, today they are opposed more and more.
Possibly the rise in the church numbers causes a reaction. Nominal churches lose members but the rise in numbers occurs where Jesus really is Lord and this always has a spiritual opposition.
Of course the change in behaviour seen in the UK in the last twenty years has led to a growth in what some call 'disrespect!' In short, consideration for others, not always a strong point, has reached a very low point. There are many who do show respect and thought for those around them, but in general the attitudes of selfishness and confrontation shoved down our throat by soaps like 'Eastenders' has been a major factor in producing a more thoughtless world.
The secular liberal attitude of the media, staffed with the, ever proud of themselves, middle classes, has encouraged a derogatory attitude to Christianity. One main reason being the loose sexual attitudes in which they wish to indulge and excuse. Another type of media is less concerned with liberalism and concerned only with sales. With twenty four hour news on Radio and TV the 'newspapers' are no longer the place to gain information in today's world. Instead 'the tabloids' encourage either 'love' or 'hate' in their readers. 'B' celebrities love lives, their doings and all around them are built up as important revelations. While in fact they are the detritus of broken lives. Readers are told to love them or hate them, but consideration of them is never ever allowed. These are people, but to the 'tabloids' that means nothing. No respect, just use them and take the cash!

These attitudes destroy decent society, and one thing that encourages this is Christianity. But in doing so it steps on the popular wrongs and suffers abuse form the 'democratic' liberals. The murder of the unborn child ad sexual deviation which destroys is opposed. As indeed are many other wrongs, but folks care nothing for that. What matters is their emotional response to those who indicate the destruction loose sexual, attitudes produce. One should know that this will always bring opposition, based on selfishness, nothing else.

This will increase in days to come, let us be aware of that.

Friday, 1 December 2006


What is it with television and eyes these days?
Every programme, each and every football match, every other advert shows us a needless, and cringe making, close up of someones eyes, or eye, as it usually is. Why? Are we supposed to see deep into their soul? is this yet another trendy shot the director or cameraman has read about in an art magazine? What does it tell us about Alex Ferguson that we do not already know when we see a close up of his eyes? One shot concentrated on just one eye, what do we learn? Nothing!
It's a football match and he is a loud aggressive manager. his eyes tell us only that those covering the game have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Instead of watching the football they are playing at art photographers. And that is of course something we all know makes no sense whatsoever!
It is perfectly possible to gain an understanding of an individual by looking at a normal head and shoulders portrait of them. Not only possible, but better! Since the dawn of TV the full face shown on screen has produced countless complaints. Why then do TV folk feel the desperate need to continue with it?
Show us the people, let them keep their eyes, and their dignity!