Monday, 28 December 2015

A Day of Rest

I got up slowly today and sloth like entered the world.  When the daylight finally began to show I suddenly took it into myself to get on the bike.  This thought tired me somewhat so I pushed it aside.  However later, when the need for fresh things from Tesco arose, I ventured instead onto the bike in spite of my weak and complaining knees.  After twenty or so minutes travelling at speeds exceeding three miles an hour I made it home and then went to Tesco.  
The rest of the day has been spent in bed!
My siesta was forced upon me to make up for the early rise and soon after I woke much later I noticed it was time for Rangers v Hibs so I stayed in bed and watched Hibernian crumple under the bigot boys from Ibrox.  A sair fecht indeed that the Hibs were just not good enough on the day.  It looks like the play offs are their only hope.
However luck was in, not long after this Manchester United played Chelsea so I decided to remain in the filthy gray sheets (I must change them sometime in the new year) and watch this game.  In the few minutes in between I managed to make my tea (how good is the microwave?) and settle back before the start.
Two enthralling games to follow on from the one yesterday when the Heart of Midlothian took on the other bigot side and were held to a draw.  Scottish football is in a good state, only certain power brokers in the SFA/SPLF could disagree (and Mr Milne of course).
Now I note the last game today is not being covered by an online stream so I have time to scribble and then try to get my miniature quadcoptor to work.  Quite what I am supposed to do with this thing (about two inches in length and with no camera) I know not.  Just flying it around might be fun however.  Hmmm maybe I should try this at the, I had better not.
Back to bed I think.


Lee said...

The last time I went shopping was early Christmas Eve morning to pick up the seafood I'd ordered and more fresh fruit. I have no intention or need to visit another store until some time next week; and in reality I probably don't have the need to go shopping then, either. But I probably will have to do a fruit run before then...but I have all else well covered (including myself)! I've enough food here to last me through to Easter!!

I'm already sick of ham, and I only cut into the half leg of ham I'd bought the day after Boxing Day! So this morning I cut off slices and packed them in portions; they're now in the freezer; and a pot of pea and ham soup is simmering on my stove top.

So, as it stands...I won't be going near a store until next year!!!

I've been spending the Festive Season festively lazily and quietly!

Mike Smith said...

They they're calm again? Shurely shom mishtake...

Adullamite said...

Lee, You enjoy the time as well as you can. Make the most of the break.

Mike, She says they become calm, not me!