Monday, 21 December 2015

At Last

At last the shortest day of the year has arrived.  From today the nights get shorter and the days longer.  No more staring into the dark longing for sunshine, from today we stare into clouds full of rain awaiting sunshine.  This morning I caught the sun low down struggling to rise, at least he will not get any lower now. This was long after 8:30 and the chill in the air revealed December was still winter even if it has been mild by comparison.  
Spring is a coming.
Nothing else happened.
Again I ventured through the supermarkets for things forgotten, again I forgot things.
That sums up the day.
I looked for exciting happenings but none were seen.
Christmas shoppers with worried looks passed by, I smugly smiled and mentioned mine was all done and got a smack in the face or two from those who were not there yet.
The afternoon gale blew in, the rain swept down, I closed down and ironed some shirts.

I am not sure I can continue with this exciting life.
My nerves cannot stand much more of the thrill.
Roll on work....

The 'World's End is an Edinburgh pub!


Lee said...

My nerves are jangled just reading about your exciting life. Cut it out! They're already a jangled mess from my own exciting life!!!!!

carol in cairns said...

I am forever forgetting that's when I go to the shops. Lists don't help. The thing has got to make it to the list to be remembered. I came out of the supermarket the other day after paying for the groceries and realised I had forgotten something really important so went back in. Silly woman. I ended up collecting another 4 grocery items that I had also forgotten and forgotten that I had forgotten.

Unknown said...

Whoa, that's quite a bargain on the Aussie snowman. For I have never seen them less the $40 in worse shape (carrot have eaten) before now. Do you think it may be a Chinese knock-off?

Kay G. said...

Hey! Cheer up, mate! It's almost Christmas!

the fly in the web said...

Bring on the kids in kilts - The Neighbour won't last a minute under the onslaught...

Adullamite said...

Lee, I suggest resting by the sea to calm the nerves, but not here!

Carol, The real bind is making a list and finding the security man asking if you are all right as you stand staring into space trying to remember the 20 items on the list. I canny tell you how I know this...

Jerry, It's a Japaneses electronic one!

Kay, Bah! Humbug!!!

Fly, Oh that would be fun!