Friday, 18 December 2015

Friends Tire

It was the 'Friends of the museum's' Christmas Raffle Draw today so I passed by just as it occurred.  I had after all spent 50p on a ticket, that's ten shillings in real money, and I was hoping for the bottle of whisky they always have on offer at such draws.
I got nothing!
There was no whisky.
I still got nothing!
I did however do the washing up, cart the tables back from where they came and generally got bossed about.  All this on two glasses of wine and two mince pies.
As I woke at five this morning and could not lose the tendency to sleep I was struggling to keep awake at one point.  Now however I am not struggling, I am asleep.
Saturday tomorrow, the last before Christmas and hordes planning to come into town tomorrow.


Lee said...

I'm sorry about the lack of whisky, Mr. Ad-Man...but at least your sorrow (and, partially, your thirst) was dampened by a couple of glasses of wine.

the fly in the web said...

No whisky! What is the world coming to! (But did you rely on custom and neglect to check?)

Now,guess whose husband forgot that it was Christmas week and arranged to pick up the monthly bread order in the middle of San Jose on Saturday morning....

Adullamite said...

Lee, Wine is no compensation for a whisky bottle I canny afford!

Fly, I checked!!! Port yes, whisky no. How the middle classes live!
Leo astounds me more each day, what a man!