Thursday, 30 March 2017

Morning Has Broke

Stupidly rising long before I ought I thought to myself that riding the bike in the quiet of the dawn might be good for my knees.  So at 6:30 I trundled somewhat shakily down the road heading straight into a fabulous sunrise.  One thing that cannot be missed is the number of aircraft coming, going or passing over up above at this early time.  I fail to comprehend what time people have to leave to board a flight in far off places if it brings them into one of London's overcrowded airports at six or seven in the morning.  Fine if you have come from China but not so good if the departure point is say Vienna.  

There again the standard of public transport in this land is such that to leave from Stansted Airport at six in the morning and having to be there long before boarding means arriving the night before to await your flight, possibly delayed, or get some family/friend who owes you one to drive you there in the middle of the night. This of course is not helped by the dozen or so protesters who made it through the fence (again) to block a flight to attempt to stop a deportation.  Several flights delayed, this would affect other airports and a wee bit annoying for those catching connecting flights elsewhere.  I suspect these passengers will hope the courts decapitate the protesters rather than merely fine them.

It was difficult to tell, when slowly heading up the wee slopes, who was creaking most, the bike or me.  I suppose I must put some oil on it, maybe rub some on myself, and judging by the mushrooms growing on there this morning I think I may need to clean it also.  Still much to my surprise it worked and there was sufficient air in the tyres, just.

Half an hour on the bike and still stiff but now stiff all over.  Riding a bike in the quiet of the morn is a delight, unless you are wrapped in a Hi-Vis jacket and heading for work.  I always cheerfully greet such men. (Note no women passed dressed this way - again!)  Back to bacon rolls and seeking what I have failed to do on this laptop for the museum.


Suza said...

fantastic morning light

Kay G. said...

That's a nice bicycle, I would be riding it all the time. You are so lucky!

Lee said...

After a very, very wet and windy day and night I woke this morning to a clear blue sky.

Many areas below this mountain upon which I live are flooded; evacuations are rife. Schools everywhere have been closed from yesterday morning forth, today included.

It's been quite a weather even here in Queensland this week. Cyclone Debbie didn't want to go without putting up a fight. Once she crossed the coast a very heavy rain and wind systems headed southwards affecting all areas in between.

Adullamite said...

Suza, Morning light is always good!

Kay, I'll send it over.

Lee, So the rain came to you? Stay home for the weekend till it ebbs away.

Carol said...

Nice photos of the flowers with the back light. Hope you are well, apart from the knees.

Adullamite said...

Carol, How nice to know you are not yet blown away or worn out educating!