Saturday, 11 March 2017

I Need a Cook.

It was when packing the card to my great niece I realised something was wrong. 
The expensive gifts (I say) were placed in the envelope, an address was written (and checked) and as I lifted the envelope I realised it was possible to see the contents if the card was held up to the light.  
A larger brown envelope was procured from the dust covered pile.  The old white envelope was inserted, the address added, a stamp (first class) placed in the top corner and satisfaction was guaranteed.  
Then I noticed the card was still sitting on the desk!
Ripping open the brown envelope, ripping open the white envelope, ripping to bits and dumping both the ex-envelopes in the pile of refuse at the side of the desk.  Card inserted, with expensive (I say) gifts into new envelope.  Address added, stamp affixed, sudden realisation first class stamp on other envelope wasted and lost!  Card checked, passed and placed for posting.

I contemplated the situation.  Several days running such situations had arisen.  Something was wrong my mind was not working.  I often found myself wondering what I was doing and questioning where I was.  Either dementia was here or it was the more usual cause stupidity.  
Poison was considered but the price of cyanide these days was beyond me.
Then I realised what was wrong.  A combination of the wee bug that folks have found difficult to shift was hanging around (no news there) and my inability to eat was the main cause of the trouble.
I had eaten but was forgetting some things like meat, fish, etc.  Last night I felt rough and there was I enjoying a delightful Saturday night stuffing Corned Beef down my throat as I lay in bed watching the wee team playing Dundee United in an effort to rescue some comprehension in my head.  It worked!
There is a obvious need for Matron to ensure I eat properly, it might help me lose some weight also.

With Monday being the day the boiler gets serviced I have been busy 'Spring cleaning' early.  Until recently I got on well with the Landlords manager but after 13 years she left to make money.  The new staff I know not and I am tidying the place in an effort to ensure they think it is well looked after.  The problem is I am off out around midday and it is likely he will not arrive until then.  This allows her, and it will be a 'her' to snoop around and no doubt make her own conclusions.   Hmmm I suppose I had better hide the whisky also in that case...
If the weather is good she may not notice the windows have not been cleaned since the scaffolding was placed outside when the building was repainted two years ago.  Maybe I ought to suggest repainting the place...?   
This afternoon I ought to be cleaning the kitchen but I have been accidentally trapped in my bed listening to the football on the wireless.  I will attend to the other things later - if I have time...


the fly in the web said...

Wasting a first class stamp? Yes, you have been ill!
Do stop all this eating fruit and veg nonsense and stick to meat and fish: the fish will be good for your brain in any case.

I notice with my mother that if she is off her food for a few days she goes downhill: now, I am aware that as a one hundred year woman she is in better shape than a younger man would be but I would suggest that going off the nosebag is not good for you either. Keep stuffing the corned beef...

Suza said...

very beautiful.

Lee said...

Have you nothing better with which to amuse yourself, Mr. Ad-Man? Being enveloped by cards and envelopes is not the way to do it!!

It's terrible when one gets trapped in bed watching something on TV. I find that happens to me often...only yesterday afternoon, in fact...and into the evening! 'Tis a trap!

I watched the best episode ever of "Vera" TV series starring Brenda Blethyn...usually I just bear with it, but this particular episode was excellent, as was she. Then I watch "Broadchurch" (I'm a huge fan of David Tennant and would watch him in anything...perhaps not the shower)...followed by "Black Work". Both good programmes...I'd recorded I just settled in for the duration.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Eating well today but ready for sleep - since lunch time!

Suza, Thanks

Lee, I might try making a habot of getting trapped in bed for a few days...

Jenny Woolf said...

I do that kind of thing all the time, I mean with the envelopes. I recommend steaming off the stamp. You've paid for it after all. But who can it be that is trapping you in bed? Whoever it is, I suggest you let them get on with it, there is no point in arguing!

Adullamite said...

Jenny, I feel the need to be trapped again today.