Saturday, 25 March 2017


A Saturday without football is boring!
Nothing to do but shop and mope around the house.
My knees don't need exercise they ache well by themselves so I only wandered round the corner.
Nothing to see bar kids filling the park and spoiling the view.
TV dead.
News still on about the bad guy though some jeering Trump failing to remove Obamacare as promised.  Tsk!  This man is so used to bullying folks in his business he has not yet got round to the ways of the real world.  Politics is not like his world, these folks have power also.
L.B.J. was the greatest US president since the war.  He knew Congress and how to make use of the people he knew in it.  Urging them with near threatening late night call, three in the morning was a good time, enforcing his ideas and getting them to do his will by almost any means he forced through radical legislation.  JFK gets the plaudits but in a remarkably short time LBJ done the work.
He failed in Vietnam simply because of a Nixon dirty trick.  LBJ had arranged an armistice but at the last minute Nixon convinced the South Vietnamese to withdraw claiming he could get a better deal.  He failed, or just lied, and the war went on costing 20,000 more US lives.  LBJ gets the blame.
Trump does not have that sort of ability.  He can bully his own but not Congress.

 Our friend Mo recently took off for a trip to India and returned with a second blog this time about the school there where she taught them photography, and some excellent photographs came out of this.  The blog is Children of the Illam and worth a look.  Some of the pictures are better than any I ever took and many of the kids are indeed young!  It's no fair!  I blame them having sunlight all day, that's not always the deal here as you know.
Naturally there is a need for cash to keep the project going.  The photography does not just give them pleasure it can open a real opportunity in life for them.  Many have problems that require care and this can develop their minds and give a chance not always available. Have a read and see what you think, it is a genuine need without money being wasted on 'administration' rather than need.



Jenny Woolf said...

Mo is such a talented photographer. And what a brilliant photo that is which the girl is holding - I will certainly take a look at the site. Anyone who can take pictures as vivid as that deserves support.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, They take good pics and this does them a lot of good.