Sunday, 19 March 2017

Spring Sunday

I cheered myself up considerably this morning by not reading any of the lying online papers.  This was a good idea, though one or two things that appeared on facebook did niggle.  The woman at the Kirk who follows slavishly the UKIP line was close to getting my thoughts this morning but I managed to control myself and twice avoided expressing my opinion.  Coffee time would not have been so enjoyable for some if I had  mentioned my opposition to the hate filled messages she thinks acceptable.  I must write something biblical about this, it shouldn't be too difficult. 
The morning was good otherwise, these people are becoming family to me now, whether they see things that way I would not like to say but "You know how awful family can be," is a phrase I have heard in my presence...   

Plodding home from Kirk I noticed the Spring weather at its best.  Sun bright over there, black clouds over here scudding along at speed.  The football in Manchester I watched today began in teeming rain and soon afterwards the sun was shining, typical Spring weather.  Tomorrow I go out in sunshine but if the weather report is fulfilled I will drown on the way back. 

Is there nothing but Daffodils in this country?
These I believe are nearer the colour of the wild daffs that Wordsworth saw when wandering 'lonely as a cloud' though I have yet to see a lonely cloud in this country myself, usually they come with many friends.  
Small flowers, blossom on trees, milder temperatures in spite of high winds and occasional blue in the sky indicate better prospects.  Life is getting better.

It is noticeable how scared Westminster is of the IndyRef 2.  The media campaign is well under way already while the problems with the failure of Brexit negotiations and the Northern Ireland danger are pushed aside while Scotland is attacked on all sides.  The referendum has not yet got a date you notice!  England needs Scotland to keep it afloat yet will not accept this.  Instead the usual lies are offered and the usual suspects brought before the biased TV and radio programmes.  Today, in the week the SNP had their Spring Gathering the Andrew Marr show offered the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, not someone from the SNP!  Possibly they were at the Conference "cough."
There is however a great deal of hope for Scots, the greatest weapon we have still exists, Theresa May!  Her patronising attitude, her intransigence and contempt for Scotland will offer Scots an insight into England's understanding of Scotland.  I see that here all the time, and this from well meaning folks, they have a total ignorance of Scotland and its people, a total misunderstanding of why Scots require to be a nation again.   With their media being what it is this can be no surprise.

With the lighter mornings I am awakening at six these days.  This means I must begin to get to bed earlier for my much needed beauty sleep.  As it is past eight at night I suppose this would be the right time to head off for that is around the amount of 'beauty sleep' I require!


the fly in the web said...

Better take your snorkel with you tomorrow...just in case.
Should you wear the lum hat as well it would make a wonderful 'selfie'....

Lee said...

How beautiful that first pic is! And, of course, as are the daffodils. Love the cartoon, too! :)