Monday, 27 March 2017

Monday Prattle

How nice to get out in the sunshine again.  Much of the time I have been holed up in this aroma filled dwelling so walking in the park has been a delight.  I realise we have had enough Daffodils but in truth there are billions of them lying around at the moment, one of the councils better ideas, and each park and green space has a variety of them livening up the day.  These ones poking through the park bench are good I thought. 

The introduction of the new Pound coin that begins tomorrow caused me to examine the fancy designs on the coins in my possession.  It was then that I noticed this on the back of the Fifty Pence piece.  Here we have a coin of the realm, on one side as always the head of the monarch and on the reverse either a tribute to 'Beatrix Potter' or Jemima Puddle-Duck one of her characters!  These are the coins of the realm with fictional characters on them!
A quick squint online shows some folks might wish to purchase these in time to come so they will rest on my shelf for a while to see if price rises.  As nobody is clear as to how many are out there I may be in for a fat profit, possibly a new pound perhaps?  But really, children's characters on the coins, what next, Jane Austen's people?  

Jemima and her mate did not appear too fussy about being on the back of a coin.  Happily settled into the pond in the gardens these two would prefer people not to throw 50p coins to them as they find them hard to digest.  

I note Theresa May attended Scotland today to ensure Nicola Sturgeon does as she is told.  The few comments noted afterwards indicate intransigent Theresa did not realise that Nicola comes from Ayrshire, I think she knows now.  Clearly a second referendum, IndyRef2, is on the way, Theresa by her continual high handed attitudes will ensure a YES vote far more sure than anything the snooty David Cameron could have produced.  People fell for the lies last time, they surely can tell the lies this time around.  BBC & SKY I note have placed this story reluctantly on their agenda trying to put the Westminster madman as more important even now.  Hmmm that tells you much.

Today I had to march against the biting east wind in an almost hot sun to St Paul's for the last of our Monday meets for a while.  The knees do not like exercise these days, how come it has come to this?  Tomorrow I have a full day at the museum, which means missing my siesta, something that means much to me these days, and assisting with the many 'art lovers' drawn in to hear the talk in the afternoon.  Too many folks on holiday at once in my view.  I suppose we ought to be glad so many showed up for the 'Oscar Ceremony.'

Oh look, more Council Daffs!


Jenny Woolf said...

I am really glad daffs are the kind of thing councils plant, they are among my favourite flowers becuase they absolutely represent Spring and are always so cheerful. Imagine if they cost £5 a bulb! It would be terrible!

Lee said...

It's not only my knees that don't like exercise...all of me doesn't like it! :)

But all of me does like the flowers and the delightful ducks!

Adullamite said...

Jenny, They are a delight at this time of year.

Lee, I'm with you!