Sunday, 2 April 2017


Life in the pre Brexit world has been busy.  
On Saturday I spent the full day at the museum and much enjoyed being on my feet all day. 
My knees are now informing me of their opinion on this.
It was busy and I had spent the days before this running around.
One deed was to buy a new laptop, the old one giving too much trouble, slowing down, bits beginning to fall off, and other glitches that annoy.  It is a few years old now and I suspect unable to get the best out of updated software.
So on Friday morning I spent much time installing things.
The wi-fi would not connect, the plug fell out, the wrong connection appeared, I mistook another for the right connection and spent several long minutes fighting with it before I realised my mistake.  Eventually I got connected and had to follow the Microsoft blue pages asking if I wished to be kept private or be connected direct to the FBI/CIA?/Special Branch/Scotland Yard etc.  After a short lifetime I got things going and now slowly I am converting it for my use.  Sadly some things, such as '' are no longer available and I used their gallery for my pictures.  Now I need another way to connect the camera to the laptop without using their phot thingy.  No doubt other problems will arise.
So I have one suitable picture on here, taken in 1844 from Edinburgh Castle looking east.  The new Walter Scott Memorial can be seen sticking up into the sky, gleaming white stone, now somewhat blacker ebven though cleaned in the 70's.  On the hill in the distance Nelson's Monument, an upside down telescope you notice, standing high above on Calton Hill.  In the foreground the early Waverley Station takes shape, the buildings under the camera soon to be destroyed, I wonder how rotten they were by then.
Today I made it to St P's, had a good time, wandered back to watch the Heart of Midlothian lose to Celtic and fell asleep.  The Spring sunshine tempts me outside, well the evening aor now does that, but sleep will be a better idea.  You may be surprised to know that I need my beauty sleep.
Day off tomorrow, I may just sleep on...

 I was sent this....


Lee said...

Nope...cats make me very happy, too. My two are my best mates and are very precious to me. They keep me highly amused...and I think vice versa may apply, too!!

I, too, need my beauty sleep...although I doubt there's enough sleep around! :)

Jenny Woolf said...

I love old photos, imagining what the view was like in full colour and full size when the camera shutter opened

Adullamite said...

Lee, I like cats, someone doesn't like me! It must be family...

Jenny. It must have been a summer day for him to get enough light in 1844. That in itself is unusual!