Wednesday, 15 March 2017

I'm Sick of Daffodils

I'm sick of daffodils, much as I love them!  I wandered out today in the hope the Spring sun might allow for some pictures.  Not only did all the wee birds hide from me, as did some big ones, but no beastie of any sort was interested in posing for me.  
The flowers for the most part comprised Daffodils, more daffodils and yet more daffodils!  I understand why the park keepers fill the park with them, the bright flash of colour is magnificent, but no other colour is appearing.  On top of this I can wander only around the doors just now and this means there is nothing new or exciting to snap a foto off.  Really annoying.  

A few purple things did appear here and there, mostly not quite out yet, and my attempts to capture the early bees hovering between them failed miserably.  Rather a disappointing flower count today but I expect many more to appear in a week or so.  

Nothing else has happened as I have been resting from my housework all day.  Having cleaned up to no purpose last week I see no reason to do any more for a month or so.  The clean up was successful in that I still cannot find half the stuff I removed from sight.  
Bored yet?
I am with having little to report.
So here is another daffodil and good luck with it!


the fly in the web said...

Your no cleaning for a month regime leaves me feeling jealous. We went out together today...on our return four innocent faces peered at us from a mound of torn paper, plastic bags from the rubbish bin, bones evidently stolen from the big dogs and what looked like coconut husks...well shredded.
Tails wagged hopefully, too, while the big dogs sat grumpily on the sofa with a sort of 'apres moi le deluge' sort of air...

Lee said...

Well, I'm not sick of daffodils! So keep 'em coming! :)