Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Today's Thoughts

The afternoon has been taken up with failing to make Macaroni Cheese the way mum used to make it, though mine will bring a lump to my throat, and watching the ongoing constantly repeated coverage of the incident at Westminster.  
Here it appears a gent, large,brown and violent, drove an SUV car into people on the bridge hitting many, forcing at least one into the River Thames, and then crashing into more, possibly a policeman near the entrance to the House of Commons.  From the car he, and possibly one other, entered the MPs entrance waving a knife, two officers stopped him, one was knifed and died at the scene in spite of efforts to save him.  The assailant was warned twice by armed officers then shot.  He also died at the scene.
There is a possibility another man, possibly white, was involved and searching continues around the massive complicated Houses of Parliament.  The House itself ceased work and all members were ordered to remain in the chamber, no-one to move in short.  The Scots parliament, involved in tough Indy2 debate, also ceased work when the news reached Edinburgh.

Now we must cut down another forest to allow the gutter press to talk for days about the 'Terror,' 'Shock,' 'Fury,' and 'Outrage' that will allow them to enjoy smearing as many as possible and giving no thought to those involved.  They will only be seen as opportunities for sensational or sentimental stories rather than treated as people.  
The usual suspects have already blamed Muslims and are demanding they are all sent home, whether he is Muslim is not yet clear though from what I can make out it is likely.  The inept attack, the wild crashing into random crowds, the knife attack all speak of amateur responses to ISIS videos rather than an organised considered attack.  The truth will be known soon enough, I suspect the police already known where he lived and have the place stuffed full of officers.  Muslim people are also quick to provide information, though this is not always mentioned by the media.  I suspect it would be better to keep that info secret.

London will carry on as normal in such circumstances, most places would do so.  Such attacks hurt a few, cost the life of the attacker or end up in long prison sentences.  On no occasion does it alter government policy.
That policy lies behind such attacks however.  While this man may be Arab he possibly is Pakistani.  We cannot tell, there are so many places he could originate from.  However the British then the US abused the Middle East giving no concern for the people and caring only for the oil.  In recent days Iran caused worries, then Iraq, now we have left Iraq broken, Syria devastated for no reason and Iran and Saudi thinking of waging war directly.  We either bomb them or encourage them to bomb one another, why should they care about the west?

Now there will be tears and wailing throughout the West yet almost nothing concerning the starving in Yemen, a war we allow them to continue with, or Somalia, they are just a waste anyway is that not right?  Millions may be starving at deaths door but this event will take what little is on the screen off and allow us to concentrate on poor us - for a change.

How we suffer.


the fly in the web said...

How right you thought for the horrors which lie behind this mad attempt - no thought for the families of victims in the lands our governments have laid waste.
You have the Germania...they make a devastation and call it peace.

Lee said...

And this action by this nut-job proves what?

Lee said...

These drop-kicks will continue doing these brainless deeds...making martyrs of themselves...for what? To prove just how brainless they are?

Jenny Woolf said...

I couldn't agree more with you.

Adullamite said...

Fly, They were wrong about the 'peace.'

Lee, You fail ti understand where they come from. To him this has been a success. He has struck a blow and died happy. He was wrong mind.

Jenny, Good.

Lee said...

Don't assume to know what I understand or don't understand, Adullamite.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Thanks for confirming I was right.