Thursday, 23 March 2017


It is almost ten this morning and I sit here trapped!  Trapped while I await a man to fix the boiler that worked OK this morning but that he claims requires a new part.  This he decided after a brief view the other day.  Hmmm, good job the landlord is paying.  On the other hand he might be right, the water does not heat as it ought so maybe he has found something by his cursory glance.  We shall see if he is right.
However as he comes from the far distant coast of this county (clearly cheaper than the local guys) and I suspect he has also 'found fault' with one or two others in the building I am now sitting here in an almost clean but not quite slum while I await his presence.  This means I canny go out, I canny begin those jobs that require doing until he has been, and worse still I cannot dare to fall asleep again as I so wish to do.  I wait, and wait and wait...

Eventually he arrived!
Triumphant was I as he and his mate unpacked their heavy bags and began work.
Then we ran into trouble.  He produced a large round, red item which he claimed was to be inserted into the boiler, replacing the burst one.
"Did you not fix that two or three years ago?" Asked I.
"Yes I did," he said memory slowly coming to him.
Out came the phone as he called his brother (the one who came last week to check the boilers).
Several calls and many minutes later we reach the conclusion - he ought to be next door!
So the goods were picked up again, the left for next door and I reset the residence back to the normal mess in which it resides.
All morning I waited in for nothing!  The only good thing was the postman bringing Amazon's latest offering, that is Amazon the book folks not Amazon the woman down the road we all avoid bumping into!  
If the boiler goes off tomorrow there will be trouble...

While waiting the TV offered the usual non stop repeat of all the information from yesterday plus the debate in the House of Commons.  Once again we hear from people who were not actually eye witnesses but 'heard something' often from a distance away.  Quite what the purpose of these non witnesses can be I fail to understand.  
The story becomes clearer, the usual 'loner' with a family and surely someone who aided him as yet unknown to us.  The swift police operation raiding premises in Birmingham and elsewhere as the net widens and energetic police take action.  All this is good and acceptable.
What is less acceptable is the people offering their half baked opinions, TV celebs telling us of their 'Terror' or 'Horror' or anything else to get their name involved.  It certainly appears to me that we did not respond like this to IRA outrages, and there were many of those, the population today is steeped in emoting as opposed to reacting.  Let us know your feelings rather than an objective thought.  
Maybe it's just me.   
Anyway while the social media is full of praise for the police and their wok we all know that in a few days they will return to being "Pigs!" and "Have you not got a Muslim to find?" When they stop a dangerous driver using his mobile phone while driving.  Once again our 'Brave Boys' will become the ones who 'stop our fun' or 'do not appear when we need them.'
See my cynicism is out again.


Suza said...

beautiful flowers and the picture with the sitting men is great! So funny!
best susa

the fly in the web said...

I see that Lee is at fault again....

The media coverage just whips up a frenzy instead of reporting what facts are known or what can reasonably be surmised.

Mark you, they could have kept the Houses of Parliament on permanent lockdown for all the difference it would have made to life in general....

Adullamite said...

Suza, Fun indeed!

Fly, The Daily Mail is in raptures having so much to scream about.