Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Down the Pan!

So the Prime Minister who opposed Brexit because it was foolhardy and would destroy the nation has handed in the notice and is racing to enforce Brexit before anyone can stop her.  She does not believe in it but is doing it just to keep her job and spite Boris and the other public schoolboys.
Of such attitudes are nations destroyed.
Scotland will have a proper referendum soon, Northern Ireland will demand one soon and seek union with Dublin, Wales will so as it's told as it has nothing to fight back with and the little englander racists in this area will rejoice - until they lose their jobs and then blame everyone else!
I have written off to my friend Nicola asking when the Scots passports will be issued.  Then when mine arrives I will boast to the locals trapped in UKIPland that I am off to Torremelinos or Majorca while they will be visiting Skegness or Scarborough.  (Actually I will go somewhere interesting but tell them that to let them stew.)

I'm fed up with all that so here is a relaxing video well worth watching.


Enjoy this, it has kept me sane for hours.


Jenny Woolf said...

Sickening, the whole scummy business. I am sure May did everything for purely political reasons. I'm supporting the Good Law Project. Makes me feel a bit better.

Lee said...

'Tis nice to relax...