Tuesday, 7 March 2017


As a little experiment I began the day by attempting to video the exhibition.  It did not quite work as expected but gives a flavour of what it is all about.   

This was not an easy operation as I had some things to do, the man was vacuuming the floor nearby, and worst of all the kettle was nearly boiling so I had to hurry.  

The first two cover the main gallery, the next the second gallery space.  There was a bit more but surely this is enough for you?  OK, if you wish I may add the few seconds of other bits.

This Bardfield Painters thing is bringing folks in.  They come from miles around, thee art lovers chase pictures everywhere, and all enjoy both the pictures and the way they have been portrayed.  Quite right too she made a good job of the display.
An added joy is the money spent of books, cards and postcards that go along with the exhibition, visiting an art work makes many wish to take a bit of it away with them, so cards it is.  All helps keep us afloat.

Like cats not all pictures move.  
This is just a taste of the exhibition which kept me busy this morning.  People enquiring about the afternoon event, a vintage local film show, were also keeping me from hot tea.  However in spite of the pressure in which we were under Peggy and I managed to find time for gossip and other important things...


Jenny Woolf said...

Looks fantastic! Your museum must be one of the better town museums in the country, they really are imaginative and do such good shows.

Lee said...

If you'd kept your eye on that kettle while you were filming, it wouldn't have boiled!!

A job well done, Mr. Ad-Man. A worthy, well-deserved pat on your back! :)

Kay G. said...

You are so lucky to work here! I would love it.
Thanks for these little snippets.
I know you had to hurry since the kettle was boiling! HA HA, so funny.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, I would not disagree. There are many good ones.

Lee, Priorities!

Kay, Lucky indeed.