Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A Normal Day

An eye opens slightly noting the grayish sky seen through the break in the grubby curtains.  The ear picks up a monotone voice offering violence, death and destruction, clearly the news so it must be the hour or half hour.  The body and brain continue to attempt sleep even though it will not come. It reaches half past five, a clear two hours before awakening was planned.  Turn to the other side, turn back, repeat process, still the voice continues monotone like spreading fear and anxiety with a gentle tone, the energy required to change channel not yet appearing the voice continues, the body still awaits seven thirty, the mind continues degenerating.  The other eye opens, looks around, does not like what it sees, closes again.  Sleep is supposed to be continuous for several hours, why then does my sleep run out before my body has finished with it? The grayness now possesses a blueish tinge, the radio has been changed to music and gentle Haydn soothes the brain but sleep does not return.  Vehicles begin to rumble past the window, feet, wearing iron shod boots clump down stairs, slam the main door shaking the building and clatter up the road.  Voices murmur as they pass, probably on a phone, trees rustle as the chill wind rushes down the street.  Thoughts run through the head, fears, dreams, hopes, wishes, all muddled, unclear and heading nowhere.  In the far distance dogs bark cheerfully, aircraft pass high overhead taking lucky folks to sunshine or maybe just Aberdeen, an early morning schoolchild drags his feet unwillingly towards his daily prison. Quarter to eight, still waiting on that last needed thirty minutes the body struggles up into the cold air, another day of joy and happiness will begin if both eyes open and find some degree of focus.  

The box was not big, I was paying, the contents disappointing, I was paying, the one receiving my sister, this was her present plus the cards for everyone else in the vicinity, thus saving me postage. The Post Office was all the way down the road.  I hobbled half asleep and upset that bus driver when I walked in front of him and he missed.  Surprisingly the place was not busy, unsurprisingly one woman was at the counter taking all day over various forms.  However the young lass took my parcel with her constant smile and showed excellent customer service by coming round the counter and helping me back up after she told me the price!  That was my last Christmas item posted and the lass has got used to me now as I have been in several times recently and I am glad that is all over.  From now on the postmen will be very busy and my stuff is on its way. Next week your stuff will be delayed!  Ho Ho HO!  



Lee said...

Boy! You sleep in until late! I'm awake before 5 and out bed very shortly there after every day...particularly in summer!

Well, I guess men need more rest than women. They spend so much time complaining and procrastinating it must be exhausting for them! :)

Hey Mr. Ad-Man...I posted, the other day, Christmas presents for my nephew's two young kiddies (a girl 10 and a boy, 8) box holding a gift each for them (books) and...oh dear, naughty me...a combined gift filled with of all things...wicked candy canes, jelly beans, M & Ms and some old-fashioned boiled lollies (those should keep them active all day long on Christmas Day)!

The parcel cost me the kingly sum of twenty dollars plus change! A pauper's Christmas for me now!

the fly in the web said...

Re the pic of the dog and tree...there's a lovely American blog about one man and his many collies which I follow in which it appears that the collies are of the view that the man brings in the Christmas tree in hard weather to provide an indoor toilet facility.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

It's just as well they'll be delayed. Arlynda doesn't like hoes coming in the mail, anyway.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Let me make clear I rise early usually. However the freezing cold weather saps the strength and I must lie there awaiting help. In summer I always rise BEFORE 5. (and make the most of falling asleep around noon!)
Men need more sleep because they do brain work!

Fly, I reckon lots of dogs think that way, who can blame them.

Jerry, Nothing for you this year, you forgot the stamps on the ones you sent me last year AGAIN!