Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Car, a Band, and an Aircraft

The ability of the readers of this humble page never fail to amaze me.  Soub's request to satisfy his petrol driven mind is answered before I awake from my unsuccessful beauty sleep.  So we know this car mystery is a Lloyd Alexander, a wee German car made for the cheap (my) end of the market. How clever you all are, but I suspect some of you at least, know this.  I now find myself wishing I had such a cheap to run car, even if the Germans thought "He who is not afraid of death, drives a Lloyd."

As the football was rotten, the usual boring English stuff, and there was adventure to be had out in the free world I sauntered about the town hoping the market would be full of good things.  Sadly it was merely full of people!  Walking through the shopping centre I encountered around about seven million people there, every third one intent on walking into me!  With the brass band playing something about 'Merry Christmas,' I took note that not one happy face was to be seen.  Occasional excited children would pass, too young to realise happiness had nothing to do with Christmas shopping, and a few smug looks appeared amongst those who clearly had finished theirs. Otherwise it was not as cheery as I had hoped.  Rather sad as I had quite a good day really, boring but quite good.

I really cannot stop looking at the skies, especially on bright cold days like today.  The dying sun offers great skies, especially when vast numbers of polluting aircraft make their way to various local landing spots.  Some high above are passing on to North America at 35,000 feet, others sadly aiming for Luton Airport, a place not to be confused with Washington of Toronto!  Once again there are arguments about putting another runway at Heathrow Airport, already grossly overcrowded, because business leaders say it must be done! Spread them out around the country I say, not all planes need to land in the south east! As I write a China Eastern Airbus from Heathrow heading towards Shanghai has passed overhead, Another from Luton is on its way to Prague while one from Sharm el-Sheikh (where?) comes in the reverse direction, and this is a quiet time!  It is rare to hear aircraft so high above but just how many pass by daily can be imagined.  Flight Radar is one way of following such adventures.  



carol in cairns said...

Interesting website there Adullaman ~ who would have thought there are so many planes in the sky at any one time and that is not including small aircraft.

the fly in the web said...

I bet it doesn't clock the narcotics plane that goes over here from time to time...

Lee said...

My little car is cheap to run. It's a little Toyota Echo...I bought it second hand after my much-loved Ford Festiva said, much to my dismay, it had had enough. It, too, was cheap to run.

I don't travel footprint upon this earth is very small these days - (purposely so; just around the mountain here upon which I dwell)...and, it's even less so in the skies.

My Lady Echo is incapable of flying, but she's a nifty little thing and I have a sneaking suspicion she could very well have wings! I'll clip them if she starts flapping them!

Adullamite said...

Carol, Thousands of planes worldwide at any one time. Amazing number.

Fly, Sadly those are only noted by the FBI. Try their site.

Lee, If you car starts flying it needs the wings clipped.