Thursday, 18 December 2014

Drivel Post

Last night I dug out some old, decaying albums and found one or two old pics that I liked.  In fact some were well taken and I was pleased with them, better than those I take today.  These were taken on the old 'Zenit-E,' a Russian camera built like a brick and old by the time it came into my hands, free!   It was the type of camera many learned their photography on and by the use of longer lenses, bought cheaply, and all those other bits I added I got some good shots.  Out here in this small town there is little opportunity for much photography and my wee camera, good though it is, is somewhat limited in its reach.
The problem with old pics is the condition of the print.  This one was taken in the early eighties and is now tainted by bits of dust and other things that I cannot remove.  Not that I bothered of course.
I think that one was taken at Herne Bay on the south coast.  Dusk produces such good skies, especially in summer.

Today I got well away from the Great War!  I met another of my bosses at the museum (all women) and discovered I am now researching World War Two! This is unfortunate as I have not finished the last lot yet!  However I began today and almost forgot to eat, forgot to post this rubbish and forgot something else I forgot.I wonder what it was.....?



red dirt girl said...

Echoes of a Turner painting, Adullamite! So happy to read you are keeping busy at the museum. Hopefully you enjoy what you are doing which is all one can really ask for, yes? Wishing you happy holidays from afar.


Lee said...

I like the "feeling" of that photo.

I was going to say something else, too, but I've forgotten what it was!

Jenny Woolf said...

We had a zenit and it was a very good camera. Those Russian things were often pretty good if a bit clunky.

Adullamite said...

RDG, So glad you are still alive! So happy to hear from you! Ah Turner, if only he could paint as well as I photograph eh? :) I want your Christmas to be fabulous!

Lee, You make me laff!!

Jenny, Super camera, great for Irish weddings. They never broke when used as a club when the fight broke out.

Unknown said...

I do not see where a better camera could have taken a better picture. For it looks great.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, You are so sweet!