Saturday, 27 December 2014

Dead Town

The problem with having Christmas on a Thursday is that it leaves the feeling of two weekends placed together.  While Christmas Day sees folks visiting one another and Boxing Day offering more visits or crushed in shops for shiny things the town remains quiet.  Today it was so quiet the market did not take place, a rare event that, possibly because some stalls had been here for the previous week, but few were to be found strolling through the few open shops.  Sunday tomorrow so a quiet time for those not watching football on TV on visiting the churches.  
The weather does not help.  After the remarkably warm year the weather girls have been telling us of the 'cold snap' that has hit us now.  'Cold snap?'  It's Christmas!  The Christmas type pictures show heaps of snow everywhere so how come we face a 'cold snap' in December?  This reminds me of the 'Daily mail' story warning of three months of bitter cold weather lay ahead.  As one of their commentators pointed out that meant December, January and February! Usually in the UK this refers to what we call 'winter!'  It is possible the people at the 'Daily Mail' were not aware of this, thinking is not their strongest attribute.
However the north wind howling through the window has meant me leaving the curtains in place today, darkening the inner sanctum but avoiding frostbite and the need to keep the heating on all day. However that pullover is not as yet being put to use!
I started my diet today, have you begun yours....?



Lee said...

There's wonderful moisture falling out of the sky here (I think it's called "rain))...and similar has been doing so for the past 40 hours or so....and I'm just loving it!

The holiday-makers down at the coast are probably hating it, but that's the breaks...even if there has been very few breaks in the weather over the past day or so.

We need the rain...and the cooler temps that it has brought with it. So this little black duck sure ain't complainin'!

I hope you had yourself a lovely Christmas, Mr. Ad-Man. Mine was very laid-back and relaxed...just me and my two furry rascals...doing a what comes naturally...being lazy....and making no excuses for being so! :)

the fly in the web said...

Diet? If you're not careful I'll be sending you a Red Cross parcel of tamales. These are dumplings made from lye treated maize flour filled with chicken, pork, tomato, spud and sweet pepper then wrapped in banana leaves and boiled.
All very nice - one at a time - but as all our friends have taken pity on us for not making them and have brought piles of them the fridge is full of square banana wrapped parcels...
As yet I have seen no fad diets featuring tamales....

And I can see no reason not to wear THAT pullover...warmth and light at the same time...what could be better.

Adullamite said...

Lee, You enjoy rain? You sick child! So glad the cats enjoyed Christmas, in spite of the heat! I notice you have drizzle at 7% at six in the morning! Bah!

Fly, I am touching 16 stone again! I was on 125 before I stopped exercise, at times below this. tamales I fancy indeed, in about six months time! Mind you they would fit a Scots diet as they must be fattening.

I was out tonight in the dark and that pullover stayed at home!

Lee said...

That's not in the spirit of Christmas, Mr. Ad-Man calling me "sick"! I'm hurt to the core!