Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Another debacle ends

Another debacle in my life finishes.
Leaking cistern (the brethren were OK) impossible to get handyman to fix Friday, planned for Tuesday.  Leaks held until then by tubs underneath, emptied every two hours or so.
Turn water off?
If we touch that tap it leaks or possibly explodes flooding house, it has not been used for 25 years
and they tend to do that.
Turn main one off, where?  Will not turn, even plumber struggled.
10’ o’clock Tuesday I should be in museum, no handyman.  He has gone to fix door that fell off.
He is promised for afternoon.
Late afternoon much prayer was answered when real plumber Darren arrived at the  door.
I hugged him!
He was surprised somewhat.
Now all is working, although the sodden carpet has been dumped and the bare floorboards in the loo are not pretty.  I missed the museum as I was trapped indoors, they did not miss me however.  An email arrived ordering me to research WW2!  I still haven't finished WW1 yet!
This was a small thing really but took days and aggravated greatly, especially when the handyman does not arrive and nothing was said!!!  Only after ten when I called the office did I find out that she knew nothing either! 
However all bar the damp floor fixed and that can wait.
Such things cause much aggro, more than war and disease, unless you suffer war and disease of course.
Today I did nothing, and done it very badly.....



Carol said...

At least it was clean water from the cistern ~ not raw sewage.
I am sure that new loo will make you happier than anything Santa could bring you ~ hmmm maybe not.

Lee said...

Poor Darren! Has he stopped running yet?

Things like that (the leaking cistern; not necessarily the hugging of your plumber) certainly do cause a lot of aggro. I have little patience when things go wrong...a failing, I know, but at least I admit. lol

Take care.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I have been advised to take one step at a time. So, I tried it and promptly fell down. Sigh.

Mike Smith said...

Sounds like your 'Water Loo'...

the fly in the web said...

Nothing like waiting in for workmen who seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth, is there...

Adullamite said...

Carol, I'm happy now I must say.

Lee, Darren was last seen at the army recruiting office...

Jerry, I know that feeling!

Mike, I need to draw a thin red line around this.

Fly, Terrible, so frustrating.