Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dusk Phone Calls

With the dark blue sky at dusk, such a change from the fifty shades of gray that have covered us for days, I was strongly tempted to find a 'night' view somewhere.  The only one suitable was 'The Bull.' I admit this is not a picture I would take later in the evening, especially at the weekends, as the crowds leaving the premises are not always as sober as wisdom would hope.  There is something attractive about deep blue sky and bright lights.

Sadly after I wrote that I returned to watching Southampton play Manchester United and forgot to finish it.  I blame late nights and weak head.  The weak head gets many votes around here, just ask the man who brought an old fellow in a wheel chair into the museum today.  I made it clear the way to do it was charge the disabled one £1:50 and the carer goes free, other wise he pays £ and the chap goes free. This is the best way so I took his money and gave him change of £3.   It was as he questioned this I realised I had got it wrong.  I explained as I gave him the proper change that in this manner we often made money.  
I expected to be busier as Christmas is approaching and while some browsed and bought nowt I did manage to collect a good sale from one of the town's well known respectable gents.  I did my best to avoid the rest of the staff as they all suffered colds and I did not wish to add another to my year.  
I came home, ate and slept!  That indicates how hard I work, doesn't it...?

I almost forgot this again!
I just spent an eternity listening to my sister on the phone, how women talk! There is of course regular chat between us, I called only last July, and she dropped a note not long ago to me.  The communication would be better as she now has one of those 'Tablet' things but cannot connect it to anything.  If I receive an email she does not receive the answer, now he aged computer has died and her daughters husband is attempting to rectify the situation I reckon she will be computerless for a while yet.  He being a mere welder will know little about the gentle art of making computers work. 
The purpose of the call was to inform her her the huge parcel will be posted tomorrow, that is if I get it wrapped up tonight, and now the football has come on, what will I do I wonder......

Being bored at one time during this morning I attempted to capture the interesting sky in the distance by picturing the butterfly sticker on the window. All it shows it that the window requires cleaning!  I just remembered my back is aching, I'd better leave that to another....



Lee said...

All around us turned black here yesterday afternoon; the thunder raged and lightning was ferocious...and then the rain came down...thankfully not bringing hail with it. Thunder storms are paying frequent visits this week, having started a couple of days ago. The rain is most welcome...but I just hope the storms that are bringing it don't cause any damage. Areas of Brisbane received more than their fair share a few days ago. Much damage was done.

During yesterday afternoon's storm about 2,000 lightning strikes were recorded across the Gold Coast region.

I thought it was my monitor that was dirty and started wiping it! Never fear, Mr. Ad_Man...my windows are a good match for yours! :)

Kay G. said...

I like both of those photos.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Ah Edinburgh summer weather! How nice.
I hope the roof survives.

Kay, A woman of taste!

the fly in the web said...

Now that the summer has arrived I realise that the rainy season was not quite as grey as I had thought...out with the newspaper and vinegar for the windows!

Adullamite said...

Fly, Ah newspaper on windows, my way also.
Well, annually actually....