Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Nothing Day

The early sun lies low at this time of year but can give excellent skies.  This picture does not catch the brightness of the sun coming through the clouds but it was dramatic and spectacular.  How we wander around, our heads down, our minds on the daily grind, when just sitting for a moment looking at the sky would freshen the mind and relax us.  Such an activity is easier in some parts of the world of course but the sky is always changing, light is a fantastic happening and just looking in different directions gives dramatic changes of sky.
This was sadly not seen from Tesco where I ventured this morning.  My brain did not follow too well and while crossing between points I dropped the basket I was carrying on the floor.  A passing lass asked if I was OK and I just had to tell her it was just 'early morning stupidity!'  I managed to buy lots of reduced priced overpriced stuff mind.

Nothing else happened.
Much ought to have happened but it didn't.  
I couldn't be bothered couldn't find the time for all that was awaiting attention, so I just read the papers, fed my face and fell asleep.  
Naturally I discovered I had to send more cards, also must send one more wee packet, but the good news is cheap presents and cards are falling through my door now.  None of these contain money I should add, and for any member of my family who may look in (as if!) I repeat NO money was found in the cards!  
I suspect this is a situation that will not change any time soon.

Ah well, I will again stuff my face and watch more football.
It's a hard life....



Lee said...

Some wild weather has been causing havoc up your way, so I saw on a news bulletin last night. We're still having storms, and some lovely rain.

I doubt I'll be receiving any presents unless, of course, Remy and Shama hightail it with their paws pounding the pavement off to the shops....or, when I'm not looking, let their paws doing the purchasing online. It worries me not the not receiving of gifts.

I'll buy a treat or two for myself. I always do. :)

the fly in the web said...

Beautiful light!

Lee said...

Yesterday morning it was pouring with rain here, so like you, Mr. Ad-Man I hopped back into bed and had a sleep-in...and it was nice! :)

Adullamite said...

Lee, The weather up north has been the usual winter stuff. Just wet and cold here. The cats using the laptop are not a good idea, unless you wish tinned cat food to arrive.

Fly, It is, innit?

Lee, I wish I could have done that today.