Monday, 22 May 2017

There's Nothing on Tonight!

I am sitting here vacantly staring at the laptop.
The screen is blank.
There is nothing on.
Nothing, not one thing.
There is no football to watch anywhere!
The season has ended.
All players are off on holiday bar those awaiting a cup final of some sort or an international game.
Unless their agent wishes them to discuss money with a club possibly even the one they already play for.
This means there is no football tonight.
I am beginning to see spiders....

Looking up from the eye strain caused by looking down at the laptop for twenty years I note the election is still under way.  I have discovered a simple means of not getting wound up by this I don't watch the TV news (bias towards the Tories) I ignore the radio except news highlights (Tory bias) and have stopped reading the online press (Crap).  At least that's what I said today but I forget in the morning.  By listening to Radio 3 in the morning I seldom get excited.  Music may soothe the stormy breast or something but it does not get you excited over politics and the lies bouncing about everywhere.
In truth I just canny be bothered today.
The Spring bug is still hanging around, my eyes are strained, me head fuzzy and few notice any difference.  However i cannot be bothered listening to the political arguments which as always are half truths and lies with added whataboutery all the time.  
So I have been working on the Spring clean and managed to pull the tap apart sending water gushing up into the air all over me.  That dealt with I spent time drying off and contacting the landlord.  His man has known for a while that the sink unit will need changed and did not fancy the hard work involved, tomorrow he gets to decide if he does change it or get a plumber to do so.
This will be after I have spent the day at the museum, short staffed and I think with a school in. 
Oh joy.



the fly in the web said...

Pulling the tap apart is one way to get action....

Adullamite said...

Fly, I got wet action certainly. He has not yet arrived to inspect I notice....

Mike Smith said...

You're beginning to see spiders? Did you see that on the web...?

Lee said...

And how do you pronounce "Mackay", Mr. Ad-Man? "Mac-kay" or "Mac-ky" (rhymes with "high")?

When we were kids and lived for a short while in Slade Point, a beach-side suburb of the Queensland town of Mackay...and then later on through the years when living elsewhere we called the town by the former pronunciation..."Mac-kay".

Most people other than those who lived in the town pronounced it by the latter pronunciation. Rarely these days is the former used.

Adullamite said...

Mike, I got tangled in something sticky...

Lee, Mack-eye is correct pronunciation!