Friday, 5 May 2017

The Result

This result has been repeated all over England & Wales.  The Labour & UKIP vote collapsed, UKIP racists voting for the original right wing party, the true blue Conservatives, and those disgusted with Labour also rushing to vote in the same Conservatives!  What does that say about this nation?
Note the numbers eligible to cast a vote in our constituency, 14,367!  Look how many cared enough to vote,  3741!  Certainly County Council elections are not interesting but even so that is appalling when you know these people sitting at home will be the first to grumble.  The fact the Tory vote would have won even if the other candidates joined together speaks volumes about this area.  The two other town constituencies were giving similar results.
In spite of cut backs, tax increases, stealing from the weak and poor people still voted for the Tories, I cannot understand why.

According to the media the Conservative Party swept Scotland, the SNP have been humbled, yet the story in final results appears somewhat different.  While the SNP did not sweep all before it many successes were recorded and while the Conservatives have 161 gains that almost equals the 160 losses suffered by Labour, Lib-Dems and 'other.'  The SNP gained 6, that is not bad.
Again those unionists not voting Labour now vote Conservative, why?  Do they really think they will make them better off?  
It was pointed out that just before the EU referendum an announcement concerning a royal baby appeared, on the day before the Council vote the English queen calls an emergency meeting just to tell us Prince Phillip is 'stepping down' in August!  'Emergency Meeting' for that?  A 95 year old is slowing down and this is an 'emergency?'  The pages of arselicking in every paper and all over the media must have influenced many small minds as they went to vote.
The English queen interfered in the Scots Referendum also, the EU referendum and now the Council vote.  I think it is time she abdicated for not following the constitutional role.  She can take Greek Phil to the races, shes been taking us in for years.

The sky has been gray for several weeks now.  Rarely does the sun shine and when it does I am found inside!  This state of affairs is poor and I have not been out and about for months.  This is wearing me down and I can understand those folks in northern Scandinavia who go mad during the six months of darkness.  Six months of summer light is brill but cold, bleak, darkness, no thank you!


the fly in the web said...

UKIP returning to great surprise, nor, to be fair, is the vote in your area. The Tories can always rely on general apathy in local elections...from people who moan that they don't vote because their vote doesn't matter....

Lee said...

Blue skies and sunshine are need to stop us from feeling blue. (But I do love rainy days and nights)!

Adullamite said...

Fly, Apathy is something they rely on in such elections.

Lee, What's a Blue Sky?

Dave said...

A similar turn out around here too, and probably the same reasons for not voting in that its "the my vote wont make any difference" attitude. I think that in Australia not voting is an offence.!!