Sunday, 7 May 2017

Sunday Again

Sunday without politics was in my mind today.  However I did manage one or two comments on the papers early this morning.  The 'Daily Mail' and it's readers really are not interested in facts are they?
However I put all this aside for better things and hobbled to St P's to find the stand in preacher talk about social justice.  This no doubt inspired by his many years experience of social inequality and the sloth amongst previous churches when it came to taking action.  It may also be inspired by the Archbishop of Canterbury's round robin letter reminding people to vote as this was a duty not to be avoided.  This may stop short of telling you who to vote for but a reading of the 'Book of Amos'  shows how important social justice is to God.  He created all people and cannot see why we do not 'Love our neighbour.'
There are many Church of England churches where he would be asked to leave for offering his thoughts.  Most Evangelical would agree, but whether any actually appreciate what is required is hard to tell.  Some do great works while others sit on their hands a wee bit.  However the book does say 'Faith without works is dead.'
I of course listened intently, and now sit on my hands...

Nothing else has happened.
Life is boring.
The sky spends its time being covered in gray cloud and has done for weeks.
It's cold.
The footballs rotten.
My dinner was worse.
I accidentally got involved in an argument re Independence on a railway site on facebook.
My tea is awful.
Heart of Midlothian fell to another defeat.
This was not on TV so I could not see it!
Radio is awful.
It was awful when I woke at four this morning, it was awful when I woke at six.
It was still awful at 7:15 when I rose.
My knees hurt again.
I am not getting out and about and I am therefore bored!

I was happy when I rose this morning... 


the fly in the web said...

How on earth did you get embroiled in a row about Independence on a railway site on FB?
Crumbs...can you imagine what the personality profilers figuring in The
Guardian today would make of that? ' attract his vote we need to hint that the government of our choice will introduce steam on the new High Speed line to Manchester...'

Adullamite said...

Fly, Yes that Guardian piece was interesting. Not that they are doing anything the media has always done, this time however it covers a ot of ground and can be used in years to come ubder the Gesta...police of the day.
The Scottish Railways site did offer an opening and one or two jumped in. Most unusual on there.

the fly in the web said...

Another reason I'm glad we moved....

Annie Cameron said...

Glad to see that you're in your usual good cheer! :D

Also that there's so much fun happening the world over... ;)



Adullamite said...

Fly, It may be others will follow you over there if this comes to pass.

Annie, My life is full of joy....