Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Quiet Tuesday

My view, almost all day today.
Certainly people came in, two to donate, two to browse, one to ask re a query, two to visit the exhibition.  
Not exactly busy today.
However the good news concerned the girls replacing things in the renovated kitchen ensuring my supply of tea will resume promptly.  Surely that is a good thing?  Of course no-one can find anything now.
The highlight of the day was the chat with a couple donating stuff and with the chap later donating a book relevant to the Americans who once blossomed around here.  Good stuff to receive. 
Otherwise it were a bit boring, just what I required today.
My women behaved magnificently as always, I got a bit stale cake with my tea after they finished, they worked hard all day leaving me to deal with the hordes of people not coming in.  I managed that and the one phone call for someone who was not in!  I scrambled through that one.

This is one of the creations people come to see.  Somewhat spoiled by not changing the filter on the camera actually and creating a kind of yellow light rather than the proper one but it leaves a nice pic I say.  This small camera does not work light the proper one.  

The early morning saw the sun appear for a while so I took advantage and wandered about the garden.  These orange things (I forgot to look for the name) in our organic garden are doing well and in real life give a bright colour to the place.  One lass does all the garden, she belongs to an organic society and ensures plants are tended properly.  The results are excellent and there is a wide variety of colourfull plants at all times, even in winter it is a decent show.   On occasions she runs classes for kids and they go off with plants and instructions how to make them grow.

"Wash me with Hyssop and I shall be clean," the well known biblical phrase from the psalms.  This refers to the once a year 'atonement' when the High priest went into the Holy of Holies and used Hyssop to spread the blood of the sacrifice over the ark as a means of propitiation.  This was the first time I had ever seen Hyssop regarding it as something found only in the middle east.  How little I know.  Jesus today stands before God the Father pleading our case in similar fashion using his own blood of his sacrifice, no Hyssop required.  This has been there for a while yet I never saw the plant as I was walking with my eyes closed, I note only the coloured things.

The sky above was blue, the wind a light breeze, a visitor mentioned how nice it was and I thought 'How long will it last?'  Within 30 minutes the clouds came over!  I do not foresee a long hot summer ahead, just a normal one.

No news as always, just elections in France, local elections here on Thursday and Theresa May hiding from everyone while her yes men hide behind her and blether their election slogans, most of which mean nothing.  Weeks of this to come yet...


the fly in the web said...

Good to have a quiet day sometimes...life can become too hectic...and as long as your tea supply is restored, all is well.

As to Theresa May, in all the years I have followed politics I've never yet seen a campaign modelled on hide and seek.

Lee said...

You and your harem! Tsk! Tsk! Let him eat cake, I say...stale or fresh, cream-filled chocolate cake, or cream-jelly topped sponges...let the man eat cake!!

Lee said...

By the way...once again...your photos are brilliant!

Adullamite said...

Fly, She appeared to make a quick bid for the UKIP vote then ran off again!

Lee, Indeed, that's what they are there for...