Thursday, 18 May 2017


For years I have used the 'Windows Live Gallery' to sort pictures.  It was simple, straight forward and done the job easily and very well.  Since the problems with the laptop my copy of 'Windows Gallery' has been lost and we now have imposed upon us 'Photos' which is neither easy or good! I am irked.
I found one or two other types to play with but these are far from straightforward and not as good as the Windows Gallery.  
When I try to download pictures Win 10 forces them onto 'Photos' even though I have set it to the new, not easy, gallery.  I may eventually find how to fix that but it does annoy.  Not that I can take many pictures as I am now into Spring cleaning and while the rain falls this is the best option.  The weather may be warm but it still rains, at least the farmers are now happy as the rain up till now has annoyed me but not watered their fields properly so far.  It has done today!
You will also note the spellchecker has disappeared.  I only noticed this when someone commented on a Tweet on that Twitter thing.  Now I have to search how to get one of those, in English not American, back on. Ha!  I have just found is does, it just does not appear to work for me.  Bah!  At least Blogger has one.

President May has announced the Conservative Party's lies for the election.  It is noticeable that it was referred to as 'My Manifesto' and not the 'Conservative' manifesto.  Behind her we see the words in large letters 'Theresa May' and 'Strong and Stable.'  Hmmm.  This reminds me of Eastern Europe 'democratic' nations where the individual is prominent and the party behind him, clearly May has allowed ego to dominate while she sets her party on a differing road to filch from the weak and keep the real money in her own hand.
I am becoming convinced we are under a judgement in the west.  Why else would we find Trump as President of the US and May dominant in a UKIP style Tory Party?  The differing style of Conservative she is offering is no different from what went before, it's just that the 'Toff Boys' have been shoved aside for the middle class girl, no difference for the people however.  What a mess politics has become today.  Sturgeon, for all her faults, represents a politician with some idea of what the nation needs, the English offerings are just not up to the job.
One thing I noted was Mays warning that of Brexit negotiations fail the nation will suffer because of this.  Why is she telling us what we told her?   She opposed Brexit because she knew we needed to remain in the EU but when the chance of glory came she jumped ship and now is taking us into disaster, yet she warns us?  How come missus?  If negotiations fail, and your negotiating style has been abysmal so far Theresa, you will be responsible for this mess, you and Dave, Boris, George, Gove and other self seeking wee boys who have been playing games with the nation.  Somehow I suspect you will manage to be alright, you all keep sufficient Cash in Luxembourg and elsewhere to stay afloat while we sink don't you?


the fly in the web said...

I can hear the gobbling from here as the turkeys vote, once again, for Christmas.

Adullamite said...

Fly, They are happy to take pensions from the old!