Thursday, 11 May 2017

AAURGH Continued!

Having contacted Microsoft the chap helpfully offered a link that would reinstall Win 10.
This however needed to be downloaded to a memory stick of at least 5GB, naturally the only blank (and it had to be blank) stick I had was 4GB.  A slow trudge to Tesco led to another £7 leaving my pocket, I smiled at this, and returned to spend hours downloading (quick) the relevant link and then applying (slow, oh so slow) the link to the hurt laptop.
 Hours passed.
Eventually after many false starts the start screen appeared, I logged in and waited.
It didn't work.
I lunched badly, siesta'd well, then started again.
This time I amended things slightly and waited.
Hours passed.

The machine trudged to a finish, I needed to shave again by this time, and the result appeared, 
no difference, it still didn't work.
Tomorrow, with less hair and a very frightened neighbour, I will try again one more time with a couple of different ideas.
I'm not one to complain...

Outside the sun is shining.
Inside is darkness and gloom.
Outside pretty girls skip past half naked.
Sadly so do men who ought not.
I sit by laptop urging a response, to the laptop, not the girls.


Lee said...

You're a far more patient person than I am, Gunga Din!!!

I would've taken the easy might have cost a bit more, money-wise, but it would have been worth it. My sanity and patience would've remain intact, as would have my fingernails. Also there would be no scratching marks on the walls from said fingernails - from where I'd been climbing up the walls!

Lee said...

PS....Your "Approval Cookie Monster" gobbled up my response just as I was about to read it again. I was about to check if I'd written that I would've spent the money paying my computer guy to fix the problem, not put myself under all the stress.

So if I'm repeating myself, I apologise...I will shoot out and get some antacid pills! :)

Adullamite said...

Lee, I'm climbing walls....

Lee, No it didn't it worked!