Saturday, 13 May 2017

Something Different

Having got fed up screaming at the laptop I laid it aside today only working out how to remove lots of stuff from its inner depths.  This I managed and discovered lots of old photos some of which I quite liked.

Twice this week I have been out late.  On Monday I met with the men at the Liberal Club staying out till nine at night!  Gosh!  I must say walking home the hundred yards I was impressed by the light sky at that time of night.  I love Spring! 
Last night I was forced to visit the museum again for a quiz night that almost never happened.  Too few booked up and a scramble was made to force people to round up family and friends.  We managed to obtain four teams and sat through several bottles of wine rounds of various questions.  I managed OK on the history and Geography rounds but was somewhat lost on the Science one and as for the Eurovision round count me out!  I switched that of forty years ago and feel better for it.  A jolly good night out I thought and wandered home after nine thirty again impressed with the sky.  I might have taken a picture if I had my camera but not having it I couldn't which was a shame.  Spring skies are wonderful.
The number of questions varied and we failed the history round only managing 12 out of 15 there, we must answer for this on Tuesday as we ought to get them all right!

The day has been mostly spent in watching or listening to the football.  I am almost beginning to look forward to the end of the season so I can have my Saturdays back.  Within a week I will be wishing football was back again however.  Once I am free from football I might get out and about as the weather might improve somewhat.  While it rains lightly and annoys the farmers it is almost always cloudy and there is not enough sunshine for my liking.        

I know this is an old picture but leaving the museum last night the sky was again like this but not so light.  Twilight, when the streets are quiet, is a fascinating time of day.  The weather is reasonable, the sky good, the occasional bird still chirps its warnings to possible opponents and the world is at its best.  Our civilised world, with traffic on the roads and in the air passing by all too often makes us long for green grass and silence.  A stream of rushing water at such a time can be a wonderful way to relax the mind after a day of noise and excitement.  This does not mean we do not wish to return to said excitement soon enough but we need these moments to refresh the head as it gets cluttered with worries.  Some like to pretend such moments are 'spiritual' but they fool themselves as this is merely the mind relaxing in the creation God has provided for us to refresh and recreate our minds, how we need this.


Suza said...

absolutly excellent. The first an the last pics are a dream!!

the fly in the web said...

Superb photographs.
I used to like the spring evenings when I would leave work and head for the train...walking through the gardens to the embankment in that soft light was always a delight after a day spent with problems, paper...and people.

Kay G. said...

I can almost smell the fresh air in that twilight. Nice photos.

Adullamite said...

Only an idiot would [ut the same picture in twice!

Suza, Lovely!

Fly, The Embankment can be good when quiet.

Kay, The Spring fragrance can be found.

Lee said...

The cat pictured is very similar to my Remy. :)

Adullamite said...

Lee, He is a quiet soul thta rarely speaks.