Monday, 15 May 2017

Monday Meeting

The day has been dreich!  
On top of this I had to saunter down to the museum for a meeting regarding the next few exhibitions and other matters.  This meant sitting around a table being informed except when one talked about the garden and the need for water and another spoke about the new Water Butts.  this was exciting and one kept speaking and the other takes ages to explain in a roundabout way a straight line.
Then he discussed pictures on walls of the Hall and an exhibit on the Civil War even though there is almost no material in this area to display.
Back to exhibits and one or two spoke, one or two dozed and I merely wrote 'HELP!' on the paper provided and pointed to it every time certain people spoke.  My own dig at our partners elsewhere was shot down by the boss who had a wonderful political answer to my point.  

So it was back home to the laptop which had been running all day reinstalling Win 10 supposedly.  This time (Fourth time) I had accepted there would be losses and scraped out what I could from the 'File Explorer' which worked and installed the programme alone with no files or apps retained.
It worked well enough so the brute is working and much has been reinstalled alongside.  It does mean hundreds of links from my museum work have been lost but I will just have to find them all again I suppose.  Ho hum.  There again I have to reinstall several useful items such as 'Avast' & 'Malwarebytes' etc. 
I'm not one to complain.

Hopefully this will be the sight when I wander out tomorrow.  The wind however is howling from the southwest bringing half the Bay of Biscay with it.  This pleases the farmers and the ducks but does nothing for me personally. 

You will note I have nothing to say, just like the folks at the meeting however they kept on saying it.
Had I been a local councillor I may well have enjoyed the use of precious time, however I live in the real world and just wished to be at the other meeting I was missing for this!  Oh JOY!


Lee said...

Thank goodness, some semblance of normality has returned to your computer world! So frustrating...and when these hiccoughs occur they make us realise just how dependent upon our computers and the Net we are. Well...speaking for myself, anyway...

Onward and upward with few problems...fingers crossed!

Suza said...


Adullamite said...

Lee, I am so glad but oither things will go wrong.

Suza, Rain has its uses.