Monday, 8 May 2017

Monday Mump

Some time ago the small hut next door to us, used by many local organisations, was condemned because it contained asbestos.  Eventually this was sold at auction and nothing happened.  Nothing continued to happen for some time until a neighbour informed me the building had been sold once again, at a small £50,000 profit to the original buyer.  Nice for some.
Eventually plans appeared to create a three story dwelling rising high enough to block the sun and allow residents to peer into one anothers windows.  
This would not do!
I, alongside others, put in loud and well written objections. 
Our landlord had a fight on his hands as they would be on his land and he was not happy about this.  He as a retired lawyer knew what to do.
Eventually, at local council speed, the plans were blocked.
All went quiet and quite suddenly new plans appeared and were approved and I cannot recall if we had time to object. The new plaans allowed an ugly two story building, garage on ground floor with four 'Studio flats' above.
Nothing happened.
Nothing happened for some time until one day men arrived and knocked down the hut with what I thought was little care for asbestos removal.  Maybe this was a ruse?
Later men began to clear the ground.
Eventually men began to dig holes and progrees was made.
However they did not know, and were not happy, about the sewage pipe from other neighbours house.  This ran right across their site.  Tee hee, he was not happy but thought it funny.  Therefore plans had to be altered.  
Much later concrete was poured into the holes previously dug and the alterations to sewage attended to.
Lorries carrying those gray 'Breeze Blocks' so called because they allow the breeze into your house arrived and dumped them.  One man was seen to be busy mixing cement and mortar and laying a line of said bricks in appropriate places.
Then it appears they knocked down other neighbours fence in the belief it belonged to this property, the trees beside it also were theirs they thought.  Other neighbour helpfully awakened them to the situation as it happened to be, his trees, his fence, your money ta much.
Nothing has happened since.  
Other neighbour has contacted the builder and received promises but no action.  He wrote, he called, he gets nowhere.  He believes the builders company has gone bust or just got fed up with the whole thing and dumped it on the developer, whichever greedy little Tory he happens to be.
We are left wondering what will happen.  
Will a builder appear, will the site lie like some half developed for years?  Will it be sold off to another chancer?  We cannot tell but stand back in amazement at the efficient manner in which housing is developed in the nation.

I love blue flowers.
I know not why but I love blue flowers more than most other colours, bright and cheery though many be.  These small beauties, and blue flowers it appears to me are mostly but not all small, are found in a box outside another neighbours door.  She has spent all her money on alcohol and flower boxes and very pretty they look.  The number of letters that lazy postmen shove through my door for her making me walk round there to pass them on indicate how many people are chasing her for cash.  Her use of a maiden name fooled some but not all I note.  Maybe if she took all the empties back and got twopence for each she could clear her debts, but maybe not...



the fly in the web said...

When will the Tories adopt the Costa Rican solution to planning?

Apply for it and, unless you are very well connected to a cash pipeline, all the formalities costa an arm and a leg.
Build it anyway and the fine is minimal...

Oh, hang on, I think they may have got the drift....

Adullamite said...

Fly, You may be right!