Friday, 3 June 2016

A Tiring Week

It has been a strange week.  Whereas last week I was running around everywhere this week I can hardly climb the stairs!  Mental and physical energy have disappeared this week yet I was up for almost anything last week. 
Tuesday saw the kids arriving at Half Term for the activities the girls have laid on for them.  This is always good as it is the only time I see kids these days and many come back time and again.  Always good ton see them and they clearly enjoy whatever is laid before them and it shows.  Kids are so different from adults.  The emotions are the same but not yet fully formed and these show more and are easier to read and this makes them more fun than ever.  Free from home and school limitations they are here merely for fun and so we hope to see them smile a lot, they get enough put downs at school and home I suspect just like the rest of us.  
Having said that I watch mums coming in with two or three kids and wonder where they get the energy for them from?  One child is bad enough and only for an hour or so, imagine every day like this!  The grandad's and grandmas who come agree with me and enjoy the kids yet are happy to dump them back!   Just watching them tires me out now.
Thursday was very busy as many mums brought kids in unexpectedly, the weather hindering taking them anywhere.  This suits us, the kids enjoyed it and the mums & dad's learned some history also.
An enjoyable day as two 14 year old lassies enquired about local history, another Yank appeared searching for distant relatives and we had a good but unsuccessful discussion on him as no records can be found and also many more talks and much fun with the kids coming and going.  A very good day this!
I was exhausted however getting home.  I am stuffing my face to give me energy for the next week!

Only I have to write things for the museum and canny think straight or be bothered to look things up.  This is, as I'm sure you understand, a bit of a problem.  I must write something we can offer to schools regarding various museum exhibits, WW1, WW2, the 'Lyon,' Crittall's, Lake & Elliott and other businesses and so on.  So far I have got 'WW2...' and no further.  This is not good enough to please their majesties in the museum. 
Aaaaaand tomorrow I have a full day for the US thing, the kids will come in, unless the sun shines, and something else may be occurring rumour tells me.  I may just go back to bed....


Mike Smith said...

Hardly climb the stairs? Is your stairlift broken again...?

Lee said...

It's a sign that you are getting old, Mr. am I, so you're not alone.

Just think - someone probably looked at your mother and at mine and had similar thoughts about how they coped with you and you have about those Mums and their kiddies. :)

Adullamite said...

Mike, Grrrrrr!

Lee, I have discovered what went wrong - I forgot to eat!

soubriquet said...

Would you believe.... It's the end of the school year here in Texas already?

Jenny Woolf said...

I had seen that cartoon before by Larry, remembered how much I liked him when I saw it again.

Adullamite said...

Soub, That explains why the Texan students mentioned in the post I accidentally deleted were hanging around here. Abilene they came from and we saw the film regarding USAF at Ridgewell airbase. Good stuff but I had no chance to talk to them.