Saturday, 11 June 2016

Weather, Euro 16, Carnival!

The weather being better and my knees being in agreement I toddled around slowly on the bike early yesterday morn.  The aches from this were noticeable this morning as I tried the same trick once again.  However even though the bright and hot sunshine has dissipated somewhat it was decent enough to trundle around for half an hour on the dilapidated bike.  It is always good circling around early in the morning, better when the weather is sunny, the world is different then.  People are often friendlier, quiet streets make movement easy, the near silence allows birds to be heard and today one cat desperately looking for a mate.  Now I am beginning to feel the benefits of slight exercise the weatherman, nasty piece of work that he is, has informed us rain is on the way.  Don't it make you sick!

The football started last night and many things disappointed.  From what little I saw of the opening ceremony I was once again aghast at the irrelevance to what was to follow.  Banal empty music loudly ringing out while absurd and needless dancers bounced about an even more absurd layout.  Why not have some football connection to this?  How about young kids kicking the ball or playing 'keepie up?'  This stuff is rubbish.
The game itself was not worth paying for.  France ought to be winning this tournament and Romania were well on top of them at times.  Disappointing starter game though the winning goal was superb! Today Wales play Slovenia and I will watch this while later England get beat by Russia, that I will enjoy...

The carnival usually has a band of some sort at the front and this year these imitation guardsmen did an excellent job of leading the parade.  The usual assortment of floats, majorettes and other carnival queens passed by.  Thousands lined the streets, well half the population, there is little else going on and kids love it, the sun came out and we all had a laugh.  Money is collected towards a good deed but unfortunately we were out of reach of the buckets catching donations.

You are asking "What...?"  I am answering with a shrug.

This float carried those deemed 'learning difficulties'  however these two lassies were far from that and just enjoying their time on the float.  how much wine had they before the show I ask?

A large group of scooter fans gather weekly in town and they are always present.  This year they were at the back where the smoke filled the air!
I am so busy watching football, Russia are disappointing me badly here, that I am unable to show more of these - until tomorrow!


carol in cairns said...

Great photos of the parade Adullaman.

the fly in the web said...

Russia could have done with a hand.... or foot... from Putin. How dare they let down the Scots.

Adullamite said...

Carol, You are a woman of taste.

Fly, Disgraceful! Still they stilted the joy around here. I hope all is well with you.

Lee said...

Happiness is a kid in an Afro wig!

A colourful post, Mr. Ad-Man...a lovely way to start the week. I love your bike photo. All the photos are lovely...but I do like that one in particular. :)

Adullamite said...

Lee, I will sell it to you for a small fortune...!