Thursday, 16 June 2016

Unending Euros, Boring Work and Murder

These Euro games are unending.  They are on three times a day every day until the sections have been decided and then some form of normality returns sometime next week.  This means I miss my afternoon siesta when I have to enter the historical world and even on my days off I miss the sleep that my beauty desperately requires and it is beginning to show.
Work today was slow, my mind was slower, little happened to keep me awake and with so many missing the place was quiet.  Much time was spent watching threatening clouds pass over.  These refused to drop rain on the town until after I left and went to Tesco's.  On the way home I was drenched thank you so much!   Fair drookit I was and I had hurried home to watch the Wales v England match in the afternoon.

This was a disappointing affair, not only did the referee not allow Wales to win he did allow two lucky goals for England (BOO!) which were not what I or the rest of the world ordered.  Hopefully however the Welshmen can still progress when England (BOO!) lose their last match against Slovakia on Monday while Wales manage to beat shoddy Russia.  Hope spring eternal mush.

Unbalanced gunmen however are not it appears the sole property of the USA.  This afternoon a Labour Member of Parliament, Jo Cox, was attacked in her home town outside her constituency office by a member of the public.  She was it appears both shot and knifed.  A few hours later she sadly died in hospital.  Some reports claim the attacker cried "Britain First," as he assaulted her.
'Britain First' is the name of one of the lunatic far right parties but it could just be that his cry was in some strange way support for Britain leaving the EU which he clearly thought she opposed.  At this time his motives and mental health are unclear however a 52 year old man is in custody and the police are looking for no other regarding this attack.
I grumbled rightly that the gay lobby were using the Orlando assault as an attack on them, their usual 'victim hood' status.  That man chose that club as it was there, and he apparently knew it well, however had that club not existed he would sooner or later have turned his guns on someone somewhere as his problem was not Islamic or gay but mental unbalance.  Today we see the British version of this.  Many questions must be asked, the gun for instance is not something the man in the street here would carry nor find easy to obtain, so where did it come from and what does possessing one say about him?  
What does it say about us?
We tend not to attack people in the normal course but just how much, or indeed little, pressure is required to lead us into a situation where we lash out in anger and destroy another life?   As john Bunyan said when watching a man being taken to be hanged There but for the grace of God go I."
Jo Cox leaves a husband and two children, she was 41 years of age.


Lee said...

It's a sad, sad world we live in nowadays...a world filled with idiots! And unfortunately the idiots appear to be breeding faster than rabbits.

I get more frustrated and angry each day from what comes across on our news bulletins. The stupidity...the unnecessary stupidity...

the fly in the web said...

Given the amount of hysteria from both sides in the referendum campaign - a campaign from which ordinary people seem to have been excluded - is it altogether surprising that it triggers a response in someone unstable?

Adullamite said...

Lee, There are always such things around. However I am glad our gun laws do not allow assault rifles to be purchased, just imaging the result!

Fly, Hysteria and lies from desperate public schoolboys fighting for their own ends.