Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Nothing Happened Again

Nothing happened today.  
This is good.  I did walk all the way to the Post Office to post a small packet but nothing else.
The packet contained a small gift for a baby who weighed between 11 and 12 pounds when born.
I enclosed a small cuddly elephant.
Mum and dad are slim and this is the result of allowing a 17 year old to go to Spain with her boyfriend.  Hmmm is it just me that wonders how fat the postman is around there...?
Anyway I slowly pottered my way home via the grassy bits and took in some sunshine.  I am not too keen on this as the day I sat in the sun, shirt wide open to attract women, has left me with a blotched red facade which itches, hurts and reminds me of what a stupid man I can be.  Hot sun is a good idea but not when you are imitating Moby Dick!
Nothing happened on the way back.
Traffic past hastening to important events.  A woman trailed across the field behind a dog, a youth passed stuck to a pink iphone (pink!), and a couple of men in a parked car laughed nearby giving the impression they were coppers watching someones house very badly indeed.  It is no fun being a copper in such situations.  Years back my brother ran a newsagent shop until it nearly killed him and his wife forced him to forget it.  The normal procedure for him was to leave the house at four in the morning where a police car ending his evening shift would almost always collect him and run him down to the shop.  One chilly day this did not happen.  He wandered on down and as he turned the key in the shop door several men flung themselves at him and barged him into the shop.  They were frozen policemen who had been spending the night in the cars watching for an event that did not occur.  Instead of opening the shop my brother was forced to make breakfast for several half dead bored officers.   
The sun shone on the way home, the large clouds gathered and threatened yet more short lived downpours, yesterday the museums lights dimmed and the alarm system went mad as thunder rolled and possibly a lightning flash hit the building.  It took three hours to put that right, I watched.
Nothing continued to happen here however.
I ate an early lunch, around 10:30 and by eleven I was asleep, a point I have since indicated to all those hard at work at that time.
Their replies I do not publish.
Nothing has happened since because the Euro games continued.
Slovenia swept aside Russia, although they almost through it away at the end and another game is about to begin soon, Romania and Switzerland, how wonderful!  I feel sympathetic to those in Aussieland who have to get up in the middle of the night to watch these games I really do, however I suspect none of my friends are among them!
How lucky for the Americans who in between local shootings can watch these games early in the morning while having breakfast!


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

You could rent yourself out to sit outside of building without your shirt to keep terrorists at bay.

Lee said...

I don't watch football/soccer at any hour of the day or night. It interests me not at all and I will never understand the idiotic behaviour of the unruly spectators at the games.

I hope you did some "slip, slop, slap" with the sunscreen lotion while you were out there sunning yourself in your unsuccessful attempt to attract the ladies, Mr. Ad-Man! Next time put a lei around your neck and strum on a ukulele. Don't sing, though.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, Your practical ideas may not be meant for my good...!

Lee, Wots wrong with my singing...?
I may add some one day!!!