Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hot Sunshine!

Standing outside the museum door yesterday attempting to drag people in off the street I was surprised to discover the sunshine and even more surprised to discover just how hot it was!  The temperature reached 23% and that is 73% in English!  As we were so quiet, well I was the other one was talking a great deal, I escaped several times to feel heat upon me that did not come from some sort of radiator.
Today, having only important things to do, I cast them aside and at almost half past ten wandered over to the public gardens and sat there exposing my nipples to the hot sunshine for half an hour.  As you can expect several young ladies came my way, what...?  Oh!  Well have it your own way then.
This is the first time I have done that for a short eternity, indeed I almost took my shirt off completely but as it happens in my life clouds began to cover the sun.  The temperature rises and soon afterwards in this country thunderstorms appear, yesterday masses elsewhere but none so far over me.  Such a change for us to enjoy this and hopefully it will last a while.

I did have an interesting query yesterday about the Savills and after leaving the museum trekked all the way over the road into the Congregational church graveyard to look for a dead woman.  She was not there.  This little tomb collected many of the family together but appeared full by 1885.  My woman died in 1915 and far from here so I knew it would be a wasted trip but one has to look hasn't one?  Somewhat crumbling now and overgrown as at this time of year graveyards are untended to allow the beasties to live off the grasses and flowers that abound the structure also looks as if it will fall apart one day.  This was once a well to do family, farmers, soldiers and even one who became captain of the HMS 'Hampshire' during WW1.  He it was we were researching, or at least his wife who died before him.  He himself went down in the ship in 1916 when it struck a mine during a storm.  I was left wondering what the various bodies here would think about their tomb?  Would they not expect someone from the family to care?  Indeed if any remain in this area are they concerned with their forefathers?  So many graves over a hundred years old and I wonder if anyone knows or cares who these people are?  Would you visit graves of the long lost relatives?

The museum has a little garden.  Four square brick blocks inhabited by a variety of flowers all tended by a volunteer from the Organic Garden world.  She is very careful about what goes into her plants and each year produces some fantastic results.  So successful she raised funds by selling young plants a few weeks ago to eager gardeners instructing them on the organic manner of tending them.

One day I will train these guys to stand still while I take their picture.  One day....
I now sit here, skin somewhat burning, as my delicate white flab is not used to sunshine.  If I remember correctly the last time I was sunning myself it was 1984 but I could be wrong, I often am.  I wonder if this big yellow thing will hang around for a while?


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I thought your kind could not be exposed to daylight. You must be an exception. Are you also immune to being burned by silver?

Mo said...

We had the hot sun followed by the thunderstorm here too. To train those pesky squirrels to stand still have a piece of chocolate in your pocket. Yes they are rather partial to a piece of nice dark chocolate.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, Do you know there are no mirrors in this house.

Mo, You have been feeding them? Where are the pics...?

Lee said...

I don't visit grave sites of long lost relatives. I have no idea where they are. I don't visit the grave sites of my mother and grandmother. I know where they Mackay...and I am here, miles and miles away - 11 h 31 min (1,027.2 km/638 miles. I never go to Mackay these days and I can't imagine doing so again in the future.

That my immediate Nana, my Mum and my brother who have all passed are in my thoughts every day and remain in my heart matters...not that I go to grave my opinion, anyway.

Lee said...

I meant to say, too...great photos. :)

Adullamite said...

Lee, Along way to go.