Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Laptop Shaped Eyes

Having spent most of the day typing the wrong words into the laptop I am not willing to type many more.  Pictures, yes, moving images, yes, line after line of words, no!
Once I shook of the early morning lethargy, around ten, I began scribbling away.  Naturally I had no idea what I was talking about (The Somme and our local men's involvement) and all the links I looked for turned out to be useless!  My ever helpful array of books did not have the information I wished, the Google search was fruitless much of the time but eventually I found the lost links and got what I required.  
I was writing about five dead men killed under a hail of bullet and shell, why do I grumble when little things go wrong and nothing makes sense?  
Anyway I wandered away to address other problems and returned to the by now switched off laptop.  Coming back to life it went haywire and I found myself with my old 'Word' asking which saved copy I wished.  Neither were the one I was working on, that had disappeared.
I chose the best, returned to rewriting the whole thing and by long after the curfew I managed to scramble something together that will not do at all when she sees it in the morning.  
Muttering things of the top of my enormous head here is one thing, writing for others who can read and think at the same time with no understanding of my mental outlook is quite another.  When I enter the premisis tomorrow I expect blank looks and rude words for my efforts.

An almost twenty year old picture there, but the weather has not changed much, except for getting worse of course.  How can I excercise when the wind outside is so strong it blows my bike back the way I have come?  Worse on a hill!
So instead I exercised inside today as I hoped this woudl stimulate the brain.  
It failed but it did stimulate several muscles to screech blue murder as I did so.  Now other areas are indicating they did not like such efforts either.  It's not as if I did much is it?  Yet I fear for the morning as it will be rougher when I wake.


carol in cairns said...

Another great photo there on top, Adullaman.

Lee said...

We all have our grumbles...I know I do...and then I read distressing stories of tragic events like one here over the past few days and I'm brought back to reality...that I really don't have it that bad after all.

A 12 year old girl suffered severe burns in a house fire in Gympie early Monday morning. Yesterday the dear little soul passed away. She lost her fight. So very sad and so very wrong when there are so many deadbeats roaming around causing havoc to others. And then there was a silver lining to the very sad story....the little girl's organs are being, she will live on. One would hope the generosity of this family who are suffering from their loss of their child brings them some peace, somehow, their lives.

Kay G. said...

Did someone say strawberry jam? I am there!

Kay G. said...

Not to overlook the seriousness of life today, sometimes it is too much with us, isn't it?

Adullamite said...

Carol, Just for you!

Lee, t keeps things in context.

Kay, Jam? Yes come and get it!!!

Kay, You are indeed right.