Sunday, 12 June 2016

More Carnival and Euros!

The fashion of today often passes me by.  This one is something I have heard of but do not understand.  I did not ask him to explain as I did not wish to be seen talking to a green box!

The theme was 1960's and some of the kids appeared a little bewildered by what was on offer.  The suggestion they should 'ask grandad' was not appreciated by the granddad's in the crowd!

All beamed happiness throughout the day!

This flash piece of American tin was the only fancy car to arrive this year.  Essex is full of such vehicles but I think there was a car show about ten miles away which will have drawn them to stand there and show themselves off to the crowd. 

In between trucks featuring majorettes and their appalling dance music there arrived these excellent musicians who's name I missed sadly, who offered the best beat off the day!  Super stuff, proper music and I wish their vehicle had been held up rather than those playing the guff stuff.

Some found it a bit loud however.  I suspect had mum suggested she ought to come down this lass would have rejected the idea just the same.

All attempted to collect money for a local charity, one is selected each year, and all did their best to gather the cash from the happy to pay populace.  Sadly we were too far away...

Some of course could not take the pace...

The weather was there but it behaved itself until today.

Dank indeed it was this morning but I surprised myself as well before you were up I managed to climb the slope to the village.  Three days ago I hardly made it round the corner yet today it was all go, slowly that is.  

Few dog walkers and a couple of individuals only, how I love the early morn when I can wake up and see it!  These posts tell the walkers where they are on this route and a jolly good idea they are too.  Not that I understand much about the symbols.  Agriculture and spinning makes sense but why is the man hoovering I wonder?

The abundant rain has at least given abundant vegetation.  Grasses and wild flowers are everywhere and this beauty stood out from the greenery around it.  More dank damp grasses tomorrow up that way I fear.  I need the exercise to be fit for the Euros!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love those scenic nature photos...beautiful!!

Adullamite said...

OE, Thank you, it's much better when the rain stops!