Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Iceland Make me Giggle.

The sad faces around town today after England's ignominious defeat by Iceland in the European Championships has really made my day.  All the vehicles yesterday festooned wth little England flags are suddenly  without them and nobody wishes to bring them back to memory.
It's a giggle innit?
Naturally I have said little, few at work care, but it is clear if I play my cards correctly I can wander round to the 'Iceland' supermarket and carry one of their bags for a few days in an irritating manner just for fun.  Well fun for me anyhow.
The TV & radio appear disinterested in the result.  An attempt at hanging them all has been underway but there is no real heart in it.  Before they went they knew deep inside they would fail so resentment is hard to collect.
In fact so little trouble was caused in this small town that it took over an hour before a set of blue flashing lights made its way towards the pubs.  In the past it would take around ten minutes for trouble to brew.  
Ah well, real football begins on Thursday anyway.

A hard slog today.  Suddenly I was ordered to dig out material so that we could put something in the local paper.  
"When do you want it?" I foolishly asked. 
"By three!" Shae replied.
 Yikes! It's half one now!
Coming home the workman was next door and he started to ask about his dead uncle who served in the war.  Foolishly I began a search.  Finding nothing Idiscovered I had ten minutes to send something I had not done by email.
Doing said project I discovered it was a daft idea.  So I did another relevant one and sent it on.
"Good."  Came the reply,  "I can make use of this mess and rewrite in English."
Happily I relaxed.
"And I want a full blog on this NOW!
I have started it and have been given the impression it must be in by tomorrow or bits will be cut off.
Women are such hard taskmasters.
I have not had my siesta because of this and I feel the lack of it now.


carol in cairns said...

Great photo .. Is it a special place to walk?

the fly in the web said...

You are clearly in need of Nurse Evelyn's ministrations....she'll have you leaping like the high hills in no time - if only in terror.

Lee said...

We're halfway through Wednesday here so you'd really be up the spout and would have to dig up something already written so you could be able to make it on time....if you follow what I'm say....oh, never mind! :)

Adullamite said...

Carol, That is the old railway line. An old pic but I like the place.

Fly, I have sufficient experience of nurses to understand Nurse Evelyn, and I wish not to be taught more by her!
Don't give her my address.

Lee, I wrote it (eventually) on Wednesday which is Thursday but I could dig up something and reuse it yesterday which is today but it's too late now...