Thursday, 9 June 2016

Newsworthy, No!

I watched the headlines on the 6 o'clock TV news and lost interest in the full stories.  
This nation is obsessed with the EU Referendum, or at least the media is, the media is of course almost entirely controlled by Conservative types or self made billionaires on the make.  The slanted half truths and lies never end and real facts are hard to find however these two sites may help 'Reality Check' or 'Kings College.'
The rest of the news was typical of the times, worthless space filling.  How limited and controlled the media are, sometimes by governments, often by rich media bosses on the make and all influenced by the need to sell and all the while listening to each and every lobby group that appears.   "Facts, Facts, facts," said Mr Grandgrind!  No chance today unless you search the web.
Mostly these days I hear the news on the wireless via Radio 3 as this is short, well read and tells us we need to avoid listening to the drivel that longer news programmes offer. 

I dreampt about buying a new house again today.  It's not that I have bought a house, it's just that I dreampt about it once again.  There are two problems with bringing this dream into reality, one is the need to find £500,000 (that's half a million!) against my bank balance of £47: 23p.  The other problem is the man who lives there at the moment.  For entirely selfish reasons he refuses to move out and let me move in.  Indeed he was keen to strongly make the point he would move out only 'over my dead body.'  This I offered to help him with but he demurred.  Pity as it is a nice place with a nice garden.
Quite how anyone can buy under this grasping government beats me.  The lowest price here is £62,000 and that is for a pokey wee flat in an 'Over 50's only' block.  I would not want that!  The cheapest one bed flat is £84,000 and that is appalling!  Fine for one, not for two.  The first 'house' turns out to be a narrow one bed place costing £170,000 and for £185,000  you get a modern mid terrace proper house (in which I suspect you hear the neighbours easily).  How can a workingman afford this?  A mortgage may give four times your salary, around £15-25,000 for most, that gives a total of £60,000 to £100,000 as long as you don't become sick, over 50 or unemployed.  
The answer they say (or at least developers who bribe MP's say) is to build more houses on green belt land.  These people already have plans for Brown field sites use them first I say.     


Lee said...

I wish I was a self-made millionaire or billionaire instead of having to rely upon the Aged Pension to live and get by...I really do. I'm not against anyone who does well for themselves. We don't or shouldn't live in a "give me-I deserve it" society without doing anything to deserve it. Money doesn't grown on trees, unfortunately. Just imagine if it do...the world's rain forests would be depleted entirely. That'd give the Greenies something more to whinge about!

I don't like having to be on the Aged Pension...I wish my situation/position was otherwise, but it is the way it is. I don't like having to put my hand out, even though I did work all my younger life from the age of 15 years and paid my taxes. I still pay taxes today on everything I purchase. I wish I was a self-funded retiree...but I'm not. That's the way it is, unfortunately.

Without taxes where does the money come from to run a pay people in similar situations as my own? Those slices from that imaginary cakes get thinner and thinner as more people expect everything for nothing. It doesn't work that way.

Oh, to live in a perfect world...I dream about that, well as owning my own home...a little home...I don't need a huge mansion on a hill or in the lowlands even. Hold on to your dreams, Mr. Ad-Man...I do my own...they're what get us through the day. :)

Lee said...

And I should get into the habit of proof-reading my responses!!! I apologise for my typos! :)

Adullamite said...

Lee, Aye indeed, but we are doing OK as it is. One day it will be different.

What typos...?

Jenny Woolf said...

I am starting to feel with all this EU stuff that I am not living in Britain any more, it's like some totalitarian state full of thugs yelling abuse. Don't think I'm the only one sick of it. It all seems so corrupt and yes I am sure you are right about the green belt, I'd bet my head on the chance that someone - like a big developers and donators to the party - would do really, really well out of it. What gets me is the number of empty £1m flats in London that are horrible enough nobody in their right mind would actually want to live in them, they're for investment only. And then we're supposed to lose the green belt that is for us all - !
Better stop now. I'm really turning into a big ranter these days.